Eco Park Hyderabad, Gandipet, and Osman Sagar Lakes


Gandipet Park is an iconic park boasting walkways, an open-air theatre with 1200 spectator capacity, art pavilions, a flower terrace, gazebos, picnic zones, and eye-catching lighting for an incredible nighttime vista.

Kothwalguda near Himayat Sagar Lake will see another 125-acre landscape park built, featuring India’s largest aquarium, aviary, and boardwalk.

It is a perfect place for family outings.

Gandipet Eco Park offers the ideal place for relaxation and family fun, featuring trees, plants, and flowers that are beautiful to see and smell. Furthermore, the park boasts Japanese gardens, Roaring Cascade, a toy train ride, a car cafe seating area with free fall, a machan tree, free fall for kids, souvenir shop offerings, and an exotic fruit restaurant!

This park is one of Hyderabad’s most beloved picnic spots, boasting lush green surroundings and a scenic lake to provide a tranquil environment to unwind. Additionally, visitors can find solace by exploring its sand castle or water slides!

There are also numerous activities for children at this park, including water cycling, land zorbing, and E Byke. Furthermore, Baul Gram offers live performances from Bengal’s rich musical traditions to enrich the cultural experience and break from city life.

Kidwai Garden in Hyderabad is another popular park, boasting stunning water fountains and decorative lamp posts, making for an idyllic scene when its roses bloom. As a major tourist destination, this garden draws people from around the globe.

This place, commonly called Bagh-e-Aam, houses many historic and political structures that offer learning experiences for children. School picnics can use this area as an educational experience; its garden provides a lovely spot where families can spend quality time.

Kothwalguda Eco-Hill Park will span 105 acres at an estimated cost of Rs 55 crore and features restaurants, resorts, and attractions like restaurants and an aviary as part of its amenities. Other proposed features are landscaping features like the largest aviary in India as well as viewing points, a boardwalk, and an adventure zone – plus suspension bridge connections across Outer Ring Road as well as a luxury resort with a mini-convention center – planned features which should please both kids and adults alike! It will open its doors to the public sometime during 2019. It will offer numerous activities designed to make both kids and adults happy!

It is an excellent place for picnics.

Osman Sagar Lake should not be overlooked when planning a picnic with family or friends; It is located just on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. It offers breathtaking sights, built by Hyderabad Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan to supply water to both cities of his twin empires. Lush greenery, tree houses, gazebos, and numerous treehouses surround it. Sunrise or sunset provides spectacular viewing; for the best viewing conditions, visit early or late on an overcast day. Nature enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts can take advantage of this fantastic site with hiking trails, mud pathways, and open gym equipment like cross trainers and twisters!

Jalavihar Amusement Park provides an ideal family outing, featuring numerous dry rides and swimming pools – such as Frog Hopper, Kiddie Train, Wave Pool, Pendulum Ride, and Twister are among their most popular offerings. There’s even an interactive DJ Rain Dance where visitors can dance to popular songs! Furthermore, it has separate pools for both kids and ladies!

Telangana Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao recently inaugurated a landscape eco-park on Osman Sagar Lake. They announced development plans for aquariums, aviaries, and boardwalks at Kothwalguda and Himayat Sagar lakes.

Golconda Fort is another iconic Hyderabad landmark and one of the city’s favorite picnic spots, boasting 17th-century architecture that’s unparalleled. Clapping at its base will elicit an echo echoing back at its top! Furthermore, Golconda boasts an incredible collection of paintings and artifacts, so bring a camera along!

If you need a break from city life, visit Nehru Zoological Park – India’s most significant. Home to lion safaris, butterfly gardens, dinosaur bones, and numerous birds and wild animals, this park will bring peace and relaxation back into your day.

It is an excellent place for parties.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has decided to transform a rocky terrain, long exploited by stone crushers, into an eco-friendly tourist destination. Eighty-five acres at Kothwalguda near Himayatsagar Lake will become a conservation zone with facilities including a botanical garden, rose garden, cable car ride, and theater, as well as cottages for renters, party zones, picnic spots, and a bird sanctuary.

On Tuesday, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Agency (HMDA) unveiled another Iconic Park in Gandipet covering 18 acres as part of Osman Sagar Lake development and beautification efforts. It features an entrance plaza with 12 welcome arches, walkways, and a flower terrace. A 1200 seater amphitheater, as well as art pavilions and gazebos, make up part of its attractions – plus there’s an adventure zone, suspension bridge to link sites across Outer Ring Road as well as luxury resort with mini convention centers are among its features!

K T Rama Rao, Minister for Urban Development and IT in Telangana State, recently opened Gandipet’s Iconic Park with great pomp. He thanked HMDA and appreciated their hard work on the project, noting its contribution to greening Gandipet City’s landscape. Additionally, he encouraged people across Telangana to visit it and enjoy its beauty.

HMDA recently invited bids from bidders interested in setting up an Aqua Marine Park within Kothwalguda Eco-hill Park at an estimated cost of Rs 300 crore. However, environmentalists oppose this project, fearing an artificial pond may do lasting harm to their ecosystem.

The Eco Park is India’s largest ecological and urban park. It has quickly become a favorite venue for family and corporate events, including engagements, weddings, receptions, Sangeets, Mehandis Ring Ceremonies, Birthday parties, etc. It features a spacious lawn that can comfortably seat up to 3,000 guests, with its banquet hall available upon 50% advance payment.

It is an excellent place for shopping.

Eco Park Hyderabad is an exciting new development south of Pitch Hama cricket grounds and west of the Government Office Civil Apply Office for Ration Cards in Hyderabad. Designed by an award-winning architect, this project boasts numerous modern amenities – including an expansive garden – and easy highway and public transportation access, near entertainment parks and temples, offering apartments, flats, and villas at competitive rates compared with Pune properties. Due to increased job opportunities and lower living costs in Hyderabad city center, many individuals are flocking here due to moving from Pune – leading them here with all sorts of properties available here being more desirable! This project promises more people coming here from Pune than ever before due to better job prospects and lower living costs than anywhere else! This upcoming project boasts top-of-the-art architecturally designed apartments, flats & villas at competitive rates of 11% rise due to migration from Pune due to better job opportunities and reduced living costs! This 11% increase comes as more people migrate here because of better job prospects and reduced living costs compared with Pune, consequently increasing residential property demand by 11% annually due to people relocating here from Pune due to better job opportunities with lower living costs! This rise was caused by increased residential property demand among these people moving there being offered a 111% increase due to demand resulting from increased demand;

The new eco-park will be a wonderful attraction for families in the city, particularly for children. It will feature botanical gardens, water lakes, skating rinks, large play areas, food courts, and mini-theatres to provide families with ample shopping and dining opportunities.

An outstanding feature of the park will be its six-acre Aviary, featuring several species of birds and animals that will attract visitors throughout the state. Additionally, HMDA plans to develop landscape eco-parks at Osman Sagar and Kothwalguda, both ancient Nizam-era reservoirs.

Urban Development Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar recently visited Kothwalguda to prepare the groundwork for the park’s construction. He commended HMDA and called on residents to work with authorities to remove Nala encroachments at the proposed site.

This park is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM, making morning visits the most pleasurable experience. As parking can be limited and weekends can get very crowded at its entrance, however, the entrance fee remains minimal, and well-maintained park facilities.

Hitech City railway station is about 6 kilometers away from Eco Park. For best results when planning to visit, the metro or bus is recommended as they can transport visitors quickly to the park; also, consider renting bikes or scooters from there to explore the city further.