Glory Nights Tour – KB, GAWVI, Blanca, and Nobigdyl


KB will embark on his Glory Nights tour this Fall. Joining him are CHH artists Trip Lee, FLAME, and Nobigdyl.

Glory Nights is a band that aims to please their audiences by staying true to an organic and down-to-earth sound. Avoiding overextensions that can often plague House of Indie acts, these artists primarily aim to please an organic crowd with their brand of indie rock music.


KB is an award-winning Christian hip-hop artist and music producer with chart-topping albums to his name. As an accomplished music producer, his productions have hit artists such as PJay, Alpha Romeo, Tsean, B’flow, Judy Kantu, Ozzy Jae Cash, Tyce Dambisa, Cleo, Ice Queen, Petersen Zagaze, among many more. Additionally, KB presented radio shows on Rock FM Lusaka.

KB was raised in a military family and did not experience much stability during his childhood years. Often engaging in street fights and becoming a troubled teen, his life took an abrupt turn when one of his friends introduced him to Christian rap music and changed his outlook on life.

After high school, he attended Bible college and formed HGA (His Glory Alone). This group soon gained popularity and signed with Reach Records; from then on, KB released a number of albums (most recently, His Glory Alone II in 2023) along with several mixtapes and his debut mixtape, Who Is KB? He also appeared on projects by other Christian rappers like Lecrae’s Rehab and Trip Lee’s The Good Life, as well as writing books about Jesus Christ himself.


GAWVI, an award-winning producer and rapper who has spent over a decade composing chart-topping hits, is known for working with some of hip hop’s most influential figures and earning them Dove Awards as well as millions through innovative production techniques. His music has been played on MTV VH1 BET, making him an authority within his field.

Gawvi is the son of immigrants from El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, giving him an extensive Latin cultural background, which serves as the source for much of his music. His style combines hip-hop, reggaeton, dance music, and spiritual elements into unique compositions that reflect this rich heritage. Gawvi incorporates his faith into many of his songs, too – something evident from listening to many of them!

Gawvi recently made headlines for his controversy with Reach Records and announced on Instagram that his marriage to Brianna Azucena ended in 2020 and that he has been dropped from an upcoming tour; Lecrae and Trip Lee expressed their regret at Gawvi leaving Reach. Meanwhile, The We Are Unashamed Tour will carry on without Gawvi, featuring artists including KB, Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, Wande Hulvey & WHATUPRG, among others.


Flame is a GRAMMY-nominated and Stellar award-winning Christian hip-hop artist renowned for his mix of hip-hop and reggae music with lyrics that cover topics such as racism, life in Germany, and marijuana laws. His signature sound includes his deep voice accompanied by his catchphrase of “aaaoooooo,” used as the opening to many of his songs. His most recent album release is called Captured.

Flame has also made appearances as a guest on numerous comedy shows and provided voice work for animated television programs. She hosted Krispy Kreme for five consecutive episodes and currently stars as part of Tiffany Haddish’s Netflix comedy special They Ready.

Flame is an interdisciplinary artist, poet, and educator with residencies at Hedgebrook, Baldwin for the Arts, Vermont Studio Center, and Seattle Art Museum. Her work explores themes of spirituality and sexuality as they intersect with narratives of motherhood and magic; her poetry has been published in venues like Def Jam Poetry, Nailed Magazine, Winter Tangerine Black Heart Magazine, as well as Write Bloody Press, where Ordinary Cruelty was released full-length for publication in 2017. Additionally, her art and literary criticism have been showcased at various exhibitions, including the Art in the Twenty-First Century exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, among many other shows.


J Raul Garcia, better known by his stage name WHATUPRG, is a rapper whose music transcends genre and speaks to an entire generation. His distinctive style merges Latin rhythms and trap soundscapes to animate memorable lyrics that speak volumes about modern American life. His latest EP, RAUL, calls upon listeners to adopt more constructive political positions while showing more compassion towards neighbors living on the margins.

“4 AM,” which details his own experience with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as he and his family awaited his father’s release, serves as a testament to freedom and reminds us all that God gives it. Additionally, his upcoming tour is intended as an avenue for spreading this message; more details may be found on his website.


Blanca Blanca is a Contemporary Christian music singer and former member of Group 1 Crew. Now solo, Blanca possesses the same strength and power she did as part of an ensemble while still being able to express herself freely through her solo material. Blanca’s 2022 release, The Heartbreak and Healing, details her resilience through challenging times – such as grieving her mother’s passing away and divorcing her former husband.

This project marks her debut as a solo artist, and while her years as part of an influential group have prepared her well for solo performance, she still experiences all the butterflies, nerves, and uncertainties that accompany any first attempt. Utilizing a diverse blend of pop, Latin, hip-hop, and Gospel styles – from intimate soul ballads to high-energy hip-hop tracks – she bravely exposes herself through emotive lyrics with unstoppable vocal power.

She offers fans an intimate glimpse into her profoundly personal record with “New Day,” featuring five-time GRAMMY nominee Jekalyn Carr. Listen HERE. Her album will arrive September 23 via Word Entertainment; fans can preorder, add it, and save it here.


Derek Minor is an American Christian hip-hop artist, record producer, entrepreneur, and actor. Born December 16, 1984 in Pontiac, Michigan and raised by musical parents – Gospel songs were often played while his mother sang choir solos – Derek went on to study at Middle Tennessee State University, where he co-founded Christ-Like Entertainment music production company as well as writing/producing various mixtapes including Black Out (2004) that became widely popular and Redemption (2010) and Dying To Live (2011) which both charted highly across both Christian Gospel music charts respectively before eventually recording Minorville (2013) was his greatest triumph yet!

John Legend is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and innovative beats. Using his platform to raise awareness of social issues and inspire positive change, his latest album, Nobody’s Perfect, explores themes such as healing from trauma and overcoming hardship.

Derek Minor has expanded beyond music into business and philanthropy, amassing an impressive net worth and making waves within the music industry. His commitment to making a difference remains strong as he endeavors to build upon it through entrepreneurial ventures and active philanthropic pursuits.


Hulvey, 24, hails from Brunswick and now works at Publix as a toilet scrubber scrubbing toilets before becoming one of Reach Records’ latest hip-hop rising artists. His music speaks volumes about his faith; Hulvey finds solace in worshiping His Creator, and they create tastefully refined music to reflect it all onto Him.

Hulvey’s songs range from intimate, soulful ballads to upbeat faith songs that echo faith and trust, yet their message remains consistent: Hulvey strives to speak truthfully through his lyrics in hopes that, even if his messages can’t free people immediately, they point them in the right direction. Hulvey credits music as helping refocus his priorities; now spending much of his time working on the City of Refuge ATL community projects while mentoring at Crossover Church ATL as well as representing Reach Records officially as Reach ambassador – 2022 looks set to become Hulvey’s breakthrough year with three singles landing on Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart!