Eco Park Ticket Price in Kolkata


Eco Park is an amazing way to spend an enjoyable day in Kolkata, offering many activities and delicious dining options.

The park, situated in New Town of Rajarhat is an excellent spot for family outings. Additionally, its Urban Museum showcases eye-catching art and craft work pieces used for Durga Puja pandals.

1. What is the ticket price?

Eco Park in Kolkata is an expansive urban park featuring activities for both adults and children alike. Situated in Rajarhat Newtown, it features green areas, parks, gardens and a lake for visitors to enjoy as well as a zoo and children’s park to keep them amused for hours on end. Tickets to Eco Park are relatively reasonable – well worth a visit with all members of the family!

Kolkata Parks & Zoo are great spots for kids and families in Kolkata to spend the day. Offering plenty of exciting things to do – from playing to watching shows – and featuring various species of animals for visitors to enjoy, the park serves as an invaluable way for young ones to gain knowledge about wildlife and nature. Plus there’s the tea garden, sculpture garden and rose garden as extra draws!

Eco Park’s Ice Skating Rink is a favorite family destination. Capable of accommodating up to 45 skaters simultaneously, there are coaches on hand for novice and amateur skaters as well. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 AM-7:30 PM.

Eco Park visitors will also appreciate the “Seven Wonders” exhibit, featuring replicas of seven classical structures around the globe that are considered world-renowned landmarks. This offers visitors an easy and inexpensive way to witness these legendary structures first-hand without needing to travel far away for them.

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Hiranalya Mini Zoo at Eco Park. Home to various species such as barking deer and turtles, it provides the ideal setting to take photos while watching these fascinating animals interact with each other. Plus it makes an excellent spot for taking selfies!

Eco Park also provides many other activities to enjoy, including boating and ice-skating, with costs ranging between 50 and 300 rupees for boat rides depending on which ride type is chosen. Zorbing can also be done here; costs for land zorbing start at 200 rupees while water zorbing begins at 150 rupees.

Bus is the easiest and quickest way to reach Eco Park from Howrah or the airport; simply hop aboard L238 bus and transfer at Barasat Kazipara or Newtown bus stands.

2. Which Eco Park gate is best?

Eco Park in Kolkata offers visitors a fantastic day of family and friend fun, and is one of its main tourist attractions and recreational spots. Offering several rides and Japanese cuisine as well as seven wonders of the world, Eco Park’s best approach is taking a bus from either Salt Lake or Airport and getting off at New Town bus stop before entering through gate number 2.

Eco Park admission is free for children under three years, while adults pay an admission fee of 30 Rs per person – this applies equally for both Indians and foreigners alike. The park is open Tuesday to Saturday between 2:30 PM to 8:30 P.M.

Park activities offer entertainment suitable for people of all ages in the city centre. One such activity is riding the toy train through the park – visitors can ride for one hour at Rs 150 each time! Boating also can be found here with single tickets costing Rs 50 while couples must pay Rs 300 each to access its large water body.

The park offers an idyllic environment to unwind and recharge, with lush gardens and breathtaking waterfalls providing the ideal setting. There are also food stalls offering delicious dishes. Plus, there’s a shopping arcade and Biswa Bangla Haat to showcase Bengal’s traditional handicrafts!

Eco Park in Kolkata is an essential tourist destination for anyone seeking an escape from city life, offering peaceful natural respite and creating lasting memories with loved ones. Don’t delay planning your next trip to Kolkata and visiting this remarkable attraction; Adotrip can assist in organizing an effortless tour experience!

3. Can we have a picnic in Eco Park?

Eco Park is a beloved picnic spot among both locals and tourists, especially among children looking for some time in nature. There are plenty of activities for visitors of all ages at Eco Park, from water rides to Japanese dining experiences – not forgetting cottages that can be reserved for personal or business use!

Visit the park from October to February when temperatures are mild and pleasant for an enjoyable experience. However, make sure you book tickets online in advance to avoid last-minute hassles; the entrance ticket for adults costs Rs 30, while children aged three years or younger enter free of charge. In addition, additional tickets for rides and attractions can be purchased from the ticket desk within the park itself.

Though there are numerous attractions within the park, one of its most beloved is undoubtedly the Seven Wonders of the World exhibition. This display shows miniature versions of seven architectural marvels such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, Petra in Jordan, Rome’s Colosseum, Moai statues on Easter Island, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, and India’s Taj Mahal – among many others.

The park also features numerous food kiosks and restaurants serving various cuisines, with Ekante Cafe providing traditional Bengali fare. Shopping opportunities can also be found at Biswa Bangla Haat market which showcases regional handicrafts; Additionally, battery-powered E carts for transport between gates 1 and 3, as well as bio toilets located throughout the park, are provided.

Eco Park is open all days except Monday. However, its hours may change during a pandemic, and for more information, it’s a good idea to visit their website call customer service, or check Facebook updates for the park.

4. Which is the nearest station in Eco Park?

Eco Park is an ecological tourist destination popular with locals and foreign travelers. The park showcases seven wonders of the world in one location, such as the Taj Mahal, Petra, the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum, Moai sculptures from Easter Island, Christ the Redeemer, and fun activities for families and couples to enjoy together.

Bidhan Nagar Railway Station is approximately 20 kilometers from the park, although other means of travel, such as taxi and rental car services, may also be an option. To save money, tickets can also be bought online or directly at the station.

Eco Park boasts more than seven wonders; visitors will also find many other attractions here, such as a large lake and a botanical garden filled with various plants. Cultural events, including music, dance, drama as well and open-air theatre performances, take place regularly at this park.

Children love this park’s children’s playground, which offers multiple rides and games, as well as a water park, with some animals, such as giraffes and elephants roaming freely on its grounds. There are also restaurants within its boundaries that serve a range of foods for guests to enjoy!

Visiting the Eco Park? Wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat or sunscreen if visiting during the day; evening visits tend to be much hotter! Also, remember to bring along your camera to capture plenty of images!

The Rajarhat New Town Eco Park is one of India’s most prominent parks – even larger than Hyde Park in London! If you plan a visit, Adotrip’s online booking can help you plan and save money when making reservations to visit this stunning attraction. Plus, we offer attractive tour packages and special offers that could save money along the way!