5 Fun Things to Do in Eco Park Gate 6


Eco Park is an idyllic place that provides respite from city life’s hectic pace.

The Seven Wonders Park features replicas of the Taj Mahal, Petra, Christ the Redeemer, the Eiffel Tower and Colosseum, water bodies, and several gardens.

Sabujsathi Island

Kolkata Eco Park is a large lake featuring a 7-acre island at its core. Attractions on this island include a 2,800-square-foot glass house featuring three open-air viewing galleries that give visitors a 360-degree view of the park, built to host government, private, and corporate events with up to 100 attendees at once. There is also a food court featuring budget-friendly offerings.

Eco Park features several unique attractions, including a Butterfly Garden and golf course. Plans are underway for an eco-resort featuring handicrafts from all corners of the state as guests stroll along paved pathways or dine at its restaurant.

Mask Garden, located near Rain Forest Garden, is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 pm. Additionally, visitors can visit Biswa Bangla Haat, where various handmaid products are sold.

Cafe Ekante can also be found within the park and serves a range of Bengali foods for families to enjoy during a visit. In addition, guests may reserve one of the cottages on the island for overnight accommodation.

Eco Park can be reached easily via bus. Routes run directly between Ultadanga, Kolkata airport, Salt Lake, Chingrighata, and Chingrighata to Gariahat for direct service, while the C8 bus will bring you now. Bikes and cars can also access this park – for those using their vehicle, enter through gates 1 or 4, where parking lots for both are provided; the entrance fee per person is Rs 250, with children under five admitted free. It can be found in Rajarhat New Town Kolkata.

Paddle Boats

Paddle boats offer a fantastic way to enjoy the water and stay active, perfect for families and individuals of all ages. Paddle boating should always be done wearing a lifejacket for safety purposes, and bring sunscreen and stay hydrated throughout your paddle boat trip.

Paddle and pedal boats may appear similar, being person-powered boats; however, there are a few key differences. Paddle boats typically utilize one gear, which converts pedaling into movement. In contrast, pedal boats often provide multiple packs with different levels of power for pedaling action – this difference could make the difference between an enjoyable or frustrating experience.

Paddle wheel boats are small vessels with large paddles that turn on an axle, providing smooth sailing across rivers and oceans. Standard in the 18th century, this form of transport later gave way to steamboats, which offered superior maneuverability and could navigate stormy seas more effectively.

Today, paddle boats are predominantly used for recreation on lakes, reservoirs, and other calm bodies of water. Popular among children and adults alike, paddle boats can be operated almost without requiring a license – however, these vessels can quickly capsize if not adequately maintained or overloaded with passengers.

Paddle boats are popular vacation activities that provide visitors with an enjoyable waterborne experience. They’re relatively inexpensive, and many tourist locations rent them out; their easy operation allows families to spend quality time together on the water.

Paddle boats are recreational vessels driven by multiple people in a circle sitting atop one another in an enclosed container. One person sits at the helm, while others use paddles to propel the ship’s forward movement. Paddles may be connected directly or via chain drive for forward propulsion – although most paddle boats utilize simple paddle wheels. Paddle boats are found throughout public parks, recreation areas, and resorts.

Shikara Riding

Shikara rides on Srinagar’s serene lakes are an exhilarating experience that will bring great peace to your soul. While drifting along Dal Lake or Nigeen Lake, nature will amaze and charm your senses with mesmerizing views of snow-capped mountains and charming Mughal gardens that will transform you into a blissful state of serenity.

Lakes offer an idyllic retreat, further enhanced by the presence of colorful Shikaras that populate them. These rowing boats with colorful sails add charm to their idyllic settings, and experiencing one is among the most enjoyable activities available in Kashmir, so make sure you give this experience at least once.

If planning a shikara ride, remember some essential tips to stay safe and comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes and dress layers accordingly; additionally, bring along sun protection such as sunglasses. Pack plenty of water to keep your body hydrated throughout your journey.

Shikara rides are available throughout the day on Dal Lake. Still, for optimal experience, it is best to visit early in the morning or after 6 PM when temperatures are more relaxed and more enjoyable for sightseeing tours.

On a shikara ride around Dal Lake, visitors will experience its remarkable floating vegetable and flower market with vibrant colors that will enthrall them. Additionally, vendors on the lake sell local products like saffron or traditional Kashmiri jewelry, which make for memorable purchases.

One of the highlights of shikara rides on Dal Lake is their proximity to two magnificent Mughal gardens – Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh – both created to resemble paradise with meticulously maintained lawns, cascading fountains, and vibrant flowers – that will take your breath away.

Be sure to visit Nehru Park while on your shikara ride – an island with an idyllic park. Additionally, Char Chinar offers numerous shops selling various goods on Dal Lake.


Those seeking an adrenaline-packed boat ride with friends and family should come here. The lake’s water is crystal clear, and you can feel its cool breeze blowing against your skin as you sail. Plus, take photos of all the lovely birds and animals inhabiting this park while riding!

Lake Baikal is an ideal spot to spend an enjoyable day with someone special or unwind by its shores. There are several excellent restaurants here – Cafe Ekante serves delicious food alongside providing great coffee!

Mask Garden, located near the entrance of the park and accessible for all to visit, offers something truly extraordinary: recycled material masks in all shapes and sizes! This fascinating exhibit makes an unforgettable visit.

There are also other attractions at the park, such as the Butterfly Garden and Mist Walk, along with several festivals like Kite Festival and Vokatta that take place there. It is open Tuesday – Sunday.

If you plan to stay nearby, New Town and Rajarhat offer plenty of hotels close to Eco Park Gate 2. Both provide convenient accommodations that could meet your needs.

Eco Park Gate 2 can be easily reached by car and bus, and travel via New Town/Chinar Park for best results to avoid traffic jams.