Eco Park Cherrapunji


Eco Park Cherrapunji in Meghalaya provides spectacular views of Cherrapunjee and its lush Green Canyons and waterfalls. Additionally, there are crystal-clear water streams and viewpoints. Eco Park Cherrapunji is also well known for housing many indigenous orchid species.

At Nohsngithiang Falls, commonly called Seven Sisters, adventure awaits at every turn! It is one of India’s highest waterfalls and an ideal location for exciting adventures.

It is a no-vehicle zone.

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya offers stunning waterfalls from afar and up-close alike, including Eco Park waterfalls for closeup views and numerous other picturesque treks that provide panoramic mountain and valley vistas.

Eco Park Cherrapunji offers visitors a no-vehicle zone to experience nature fully. Perfect for family outings and weddings alike, booking at least a week ahead is highly recommended as numerous activities, such as hiking and picnicking, keep visitors occupied in this gorgeous space. In addition, there is even an interactive gaming zone.

Eco Park in Meghalaya is one of the state’s most visited tourist spots, designed by its government on one of the high plateaus and offering breathtaking views of Sohra Canyons and waterfalls nearby. Furthermore, it is home to hybrid and indigenous orchid species displayed at its Green House at its entrance.

The park boasts many monoliths, viewpoints, footbridges, and water conservation structures, making it an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Its peaceful atmosphere and picturesque mountain views will ensure an unforgettable visit.

If you plan to visit Cherrapunji Park, check the weather forecast beforehand. Cherrapunji is known as an area prone to heavy rainfall and monsoon season can often bring with it flooding and landslides – yet still an ideal time for visiting since rains will likely be less intense compared to summer visits.

There are various methods of accessing the park, including buses and cabs. It is best to book tickets ahead of time to avoid crowds; additionally, bring a packed lunch as there are no restaurants inside the park.

It is a must-visit place.

Cherrapunji Eco Park is one of the most beautiful parks around. Conceived and designed by the Meghalaya government on one of Cherrapunji’s high plateaus, this park provides breathtaking views of Green Canyons as well as waterfalls of this area. Additionally, the Shillong Agri-Horticultural Society donated many beautiful orchid species, which makes this an absolute must-visit when traveling through Cherrapunji.

The park has numerous activities to enjoy, such as hiking and spotting rare orchids. You can also explore relics from the Civil War era bridge and temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and souvenir shops selling locally produced crafts and souvenirs. Monsoon season offers ideal conditions for visiting this park as the grounds become lush with green foliage.

Attractions include the Nohsngithiang Falls (known locally as Seven Sister Falls). As water flows over these waterfalls during monsoon season, their beauty becomes even more stunning. These falls are located in East Khasi Hills district and rank fourth highest waterfalls in India.

If you’re up for an adventure, check out Krem Mawmluh Cave near Cherrapunji in western India. It is the fourth-longest cave in India and features many chambers, ponds, and streams for exploration. Crawling through this majestic space will leave you completely spellbound!

Be sure to visit Nohkalikai Falls, situated on the eastern side of Eco Park. These breathtaking waterfalls are among India’s highest, making an unforgettable impression during the rainy season, and are perfect for taking amazing photographs. Spend your day here enjoying nature while making memories!

There’s a fantastic bridge in the area made entirely from branches and leaves, offering visitors a memorable viewing experience and providing the ideal spot for picnicking or to appreciate the scenery. Don’t miss it; make time to visit this must-see bridge.

It is a place for adventure.

Cherrapunji region in Meghalaya is famous for its heavy rains, creating massive waterfalls that make stunning natural beauty. You can observe these from a distance, but hiking might be your answer if you want a closer look. Various treks offer breathtaking views of these incredible natural attractions, while you could also visit the Eco Park of Cherrapunji to take in more.

Eco parks provide a welcome respite from city life. Visitors can relax while admiring beautiful waterfalls, natural pools, living root bridges, mesmerizing scenery, and enjoying rock climbing and trekking activities in this tranquil haven of nature. Furthermore, some of India’s best waterfalls can also be found here!

Cherrapunji offers many popular activities, but one of the most memorable hikes is the iconic double-decker living root bridge – a UNESCO heritage site. The hike can be challenging but rewarding and provides an ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in nature – from beautiful gorges and forests to incredible waterfalls along your route!

Cherrapunji offers many must-see attractions, with the Seven Sisters Waterfall standing out among them as one of them. Renowned for its picturesque beauty, India’s second-highest waterfall boasts seven streams cascading down its cliffs into the Seven Sisters Waterfall. Mawsmai Cave also stands out with its limestone formations and unique rock structures that attract tourists.

Cherrapunji offers a variety of accommodation options, from hotels and guesthouses to homestays and family-friendly options. Additionally, travel websites often provide seasonal discounts and special offers; early booking can save time and hassle!

It is a place for relaxation.

Eco Park Cherrapunji offers lush landscapes and a tranquil environment, making it the ideal setting to unwind and unwind from daily stressors. Recreational activities offered here include boating, swimming, and ziplining – with scenic waterfall views also provided! Plus, it is close to other tourist spots, such as Seven Sisters Waterfall and Mawsmai Cave!

Cherrapunji offers visitors one of India’s highest waterfalls: Seven Sisters Waterfall is an absolute must-see attraction during monsoon season when its breathtaking splendor can best be appreciated. Watch as its stream cascades down the majestic cliffside for an incredible display!

Notable attractions include Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Double Decker Living Root Bridge, and Thangkharang Park – each has a distinct story and appeal. Hiring a guide would help maximize your experience of these places and help you gain deeper insights.

Cherrapunjee offers an abundance of accommodation options. Ranging from luxurious hotels to budget guesthouses, there’s something here for every traveler in this unique tourist destination. Most accommodations provide an idyllic retreat amid nature’s splendor. At the same time, some even boast spa or fitness centers – some popular choices being Cherrapunji Holiday Resort, Polo Orchid Resort, and Sa-I-Mika Park Resort.

Cherrapunji offers numerous attractions and activities, but one of the best activities to experience here is trekking and hiking. Visitors can traverse lush jungle landscapes while admiring breathtaking vistas abound. Additionally, adventurous visitors may even try their hand at rock climbing!

Cherrapunji offers many exciting activities, but one that truly stands out is riding the cable car. This experience offers unparalleled views of pristine forests and breathtaking waterfalls while exploring this gorgeous area of Southeast Asia. If you are planning to make reservations for this activity, double-check weather conditions before making your reservation.

Cherrapunji stands out among other places with its captivating combination of natural landscapes and fauna, from lush forests to majestic mountains and waterfalls, creating an extraordinary setting that attracts nature and adventure enthusiasts alike.