Best 3 Travel Trends For Agents Of Today


“You have to set an example for others to follow.”
Muhammad Ali Gandhi

1869–1948: Prominent Indian nationalist leader

First trend: Internet

Everyone knows the internet has altered almost everything, particularly the travel industry. Online behemoths like, Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz have transformed travel. While the average public searches for and purchases their holidays online, even travel agents and agencies make reservations online. 82% of all reservations for travel are reportedly being made online right now. The journey is one of the most profitable and heavily explored internet topics.

The travel business is ideal for the straightforward, seamless nature of the Internet. We only need to point, click, and begin packing. However, before the internet, commissions from business travelers—mainly flights—were an agent’s primary source of income. Since more business travelers were discovering better bargains online as the internet started to take off, American Airlines was the first to stop paying commissions on trip sales.

Over 200,000 agencies have closed their doors since 1997. Due to the internet, more than 1 million travel agents lost their jobs. After 9/11, that number increased. Click & order swiftly replaced the days of brick and mortar as a much more effective technique. To keep as much of their clientele as possible, the extremely few agents and agencies that could predict the advantages the internet could bring them seized the momentous chance it presented. Ten years ago, very few people chose to embrace change. Everyone today recognizes the permanence of the internet. We thrive—and make money—when we can adjust to change.

The online travel agency is also home-based, thanks to the internet. Today’s travel agents are your mother, cousin, aunt, neighbor, best friend, etc., and they make 60-100% of the vendor’s commission thanks to the enormous opportunity, ongoing industry development, and #1 industry training. Everyone can use it.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing, the second trend

The best way to promote anything has always been and will always be word-of-mouth advertising. Statistics show that recommendations from friends, relatives, or coworkers account for 80% of all trips (and most other types of travel). Consider the last time you returned from a trip. You kept it a secret, right? No way! We discuss it for two months before departure and two months following our return! And we display images and videos to everyone! And we tell everyone where we found our fantastic price and whether or not we recommend the location and hotel!

Word-of-mouth advertising is greatly aided by familiarization trips (FAMs). Agents can only truly understand the products they market by actually using them. Cruise lines, hotel chains, and travel places all over the world put together FAMs. They typically include lodging, excursions, food, entertainment, and transportation. Prices have been drastically reduced, making it feasible for agents to travel frequently… VIP!. When agents arrive, the vendors lay out the red carpet for them. Vendors give them the most exclusive experience since they know agents will talk about it when they get home.

Once a year, the average consumer will buy his trip online from a retailer.

For pennies on the dollar, agents will travel several times every year, anywhere in the globe they choose. FAMs are still one of the main benefits for agents in the industry today because of this.

That leads us to…

Three: Home-based businesses

Travel is being brought home by Baby Boomers, travel students, and everyone in between!

Leading travel companies who were savvy enough to keep up with internet trends have gone online and now give almost anyone a chance to receive expert training to manage and market travel from home! Woohoo!! That is correct! YOU can work from home and earn money by selling travel!

Doesn’t it make sense to pay for your travel if you’re going to do it anyhow—especially if you travel as frequently as Baby Boomers? Or earn money from the vacations your friends, relatives, neighbors, and coworkers are already taking? Yes, of course! Most people prefer to conduct business with someone they know and trust. I mean, you might as well be that person.

The franchise phenomenon online was rapidly recognized by agencies, who have now made the possibility available to almost anyone with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn. Word-of-mouth advertising is a great combo when combined with this! More benefits, FAMs, FREE trips, upgrades, etc., become available as your expertise increases… cha-ching!

I’ve been promoting travel for a long time. Everyone who knows me is aware that I work in the travel sector. I’ve been asked, “How did you come by this work?” for over 20 years.

But I also frequently get asked, “Where should we go for our honeymoon?” or “Can you suggest an itinerary for a Caribbean cruise?” or “Which hotel on the Mayan Riviera should we stay at?”

Hey, it’s not complicated at all! If I know the solutions and I can make money from the selling… Hello??

Thanks to the internet, I started my online travel agency, allowing me to take advantage of all the fantastic benefits offered to travel industry experts. I don’t have to be home because I can accomplish everything online. Since my company operates online, I am available around the clock every day of the year! While I’m trekking with my dog, friends, and relatives can make reservations on their own! Even from my BlackBerry, I can immediately book flights or all-inclusive getaways! WOW! Consequently, my home-based travel agency provides mobile travel services! Very cool!

We must not overlook the beautiful advantages of running a home-based business!

In addition to the apparent travel benefits, almost every family vacation is now a FAM. When we as professionals evaluate and inquire about the lodgings, excursions, and restaurants that we experience while on vacation, we are actually educating ourselves for our clients. Thus, our vacation is now considered a business trip and is a cost we may deduct! Super cool once more!

Specifically, it takes me just 45 seconds to get from my bedroom to my office.

Owning your own business, working from anywhere globally, and being eligible for excellent travel-related benefits are beautiful. It’s accessible to everyone with a can-do attitude, a strong work ethic, a passion for learning, and high self-motivation. Retirees, stay-at-home moms, students on the go. You may make hundreds to thousands of dollars in just a few hours daily! No boundaries, no bosses!

With 25 years of experience in the travel industry, Andrea Nadon, founder and CEO of, has written a book that is currently in its second edition, coaches on how to land an excellent job in the field, hosts webinars, has a podcast radio show, has a full schedule of coaching & motivational speaking engagements, and runs a highly unique one-of-a-kind “reality” training program on board cruise lines that guarantees the student a

In addition, Andrea dedicates time each day to her wildly popular Membership Forum, [], where she assists others and offers valuable resources, including films, audio, articles, interviews, and—most importantly—a network of other like-minded travelers. Andrea inspires, educates, modifies, helps people overcome their worries and doubts, responds to inquiries, and discusses current happenings in the sector.

Andrea effectively manages, empowers, and trains a network of more than 100 online, home-based travel agents. Every agent on the team is provided with the tools they need to work successfully and earn significantly while taking advantage of all the benefits the industry has to offer Travel Professionals by keeping the team informed about developments and programs in the travel industry.

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