Black 80s Fashion


Maximalist fashion from the ’80s is returning, including slogan tees, barbie pink, and biker jackets. Movies and celebrities enormously affected style during this decade – singers such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper spearheaded an edge movement, while actresses Carrie Bradshaw and Whitney Houston epitomized glamour.

Fashion trends among black and African American communities were equally vibrant.

Big Hair

Black 80s Fashion saw big hair as a significant trend. This style was popular with both men and women; whether you wanted a straight bob or bold spiked styling, there was something suitable for every taste. Today it has returned as the ideal hairstyle to match jeans and a T-shirt or add an accent of color with vibrant lip tinting!

Black 80s Fashion was known for its vibrant colors and striking patterns. It was influenced by teen films like Pretty in Pink and Heathers and hip-hop culture – particularly baggy silhouettes with bold color combinations inspired by hip-hop culture that could still be found today and make an impression statement. Today these trends can still be found among fashion enthusiasts as a great way to make a fashion statement!

Another famous black 80s fashion trend was the high-top fade. This hairstyle became incredibly fashionable among rappers and hip-hop artists to show their personality and express personal style; additionally, it served as a symbol of black pride – its angular shape still resonates today among black men who wear their hair in this manner.

Black males from this era wore high-top fades and donned mullets, perms, and shaggy cuts, taking risks with their fashion choices, such as wearing mullets, perms, or shaggy cuts. Due to this trend, modern styles often incorporate elements from black 80s fashion such as those seen here – this includes music videos featuring these styles or appearing at red carpet events!


The 1980s was a decade that fostered self-expression through daring fashion choices. Women donned vibrant shades of blue, pink, and green; men donned pastel hues with eye-catching patterns. Such bold choices set apart the decade from others while continuing to influence current trends.

Black 80s fashion was defined by bold prints, oversized clothing, and acid-washed denim; skinhead and rude boy styles popular in the UK were inspired by bands such as UB40, Madness, and the Specials; rugged jeans, basket weave shoes, sta-prest trousers, polo shirts, Doc Martens and pork pie hats were staples for this style.

Body con was a prevalent trend during the 80s for both women and men alike. This form-fitting look that hugs the body is an effective way to showcase sleek physiques. Look for tops or dresses in vibrant or neutral tones paired with black or white for maximum effect.

Recent runways and celeb sightings have highlighted a resurgence of popular accessories from this decade’s style – such as chunky jewelry, oversized hoops, earrings, and layered chains – popular during this era. Chunky jewelry, doorknocker earrings, and nameplate necklaces can create the Black 80s aesthetic, while snapback hats or Kangol caps were an integral part of Black 80s fashion as well.

At any event involving 80s-themed attire – a costume party or an ordinary evening out – a theme is sure to wow guests. A few minor adjustments can transform any normal look into something funky from that decade! You could add classic arcade games such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 3, Elite Gauntlet Robotron 2084, etc., to give guests a chance to prove who has the most skillful player among them all! This will allow your guests to test their skills against other guests and show who the winner is!

Over-The-Knee Boots

The 1980s was an era when hip-hop culture flourished at its highest. Women began adopting seductive styles such as thigh-high boots. Also known as cuissardes or thigh boots, this footwear can either be high-heeled or flatform and covers all calf areas for warmth. Perfect for cold climates, these boots pair nicely with dresses or skirts!

Combine black over-the-knee boots with a fitted black dress to achieve a stunning 80s look on your next night out. This will show off your curves while making you stand out. Alternatively, add an eye-catching floral or shoulder pad blazer for more formal occasions that’s sure to get noticed by others!

Try pairing a mini skirt with thigh-high boots for an eye-catching, playful, and feminine look. If you’re feeling bold, opt for bold hues like pink or green, as this makes a statement at clubs and dance parties – plus, this looks great when worn with skinny jeans and leather jackets!

Slouch boots were an iconic fashion staple of the 80s, and they’re back! Cavalli and Chanel offer classic versions, while lesser-known brands carry this trend. If you need help styling your slouchy boots, take some inspiration from Olivia Culpo; she pairs hers with tights and mini skirts to achieve an ultra-feminine look; Singaporean street-style star Yoyo Cao also favors this style; she wears them with high-waisted mini skirts and box clutches for an effortlessly chic ensemble.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads in black 80s fashion were an eye-catching statement that stood out. Worn on dresses, suits, and tops – often overstuffed to give an illusion of an elongated torso – shoulder pads made them appear strong; popular among icons like Tina Turner and Janet Jackson it made them appear strong; combined with other trends like over-the-knee boots and body con ensembles it created an unforgettable style meant to draw stares and make headlines.

At its height in the late 1980s and early ’90s, broad-shouldered blouses were a fashion trend worn by politicians and pop stars alike. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously adopted this fashion trend and helped define power dressing. Her outfits–which often included padded, wide-shouldered blazers–emanated her confidence and authority before the public.

Anne Klein, Donna Karan, and Emmanuel Ungaro followed suit by adding large shoulder pads to their dresses and claims during the 80s, further propelling this trend. Additionally, movies featuring women in influential roles also contributed to its rise.

Today, shoulder pads have returned to runways, and celebrities like Rihanna and Kelis are turning them back into fashion trends. Paired with body-con or sequin outfits, shoulder pads add feminine charm while subverting the male gaze and giving women power.

But as is evident through #BimboTok and related gender-bending trends, performing feminism doesn’t translate into real empowerment for women. However, if the aim is genuinely empowering them, then all their shapes, sizes, and identities should be honored rather than just those conforming to narrow definitions of beauty and masculinity.


Black 80s fashion featured many eye-catching accessories. Rosary beads and crosses were particularly beloved among Madonna fans, often combined with cross earrings or rubber bracelets to complete her iconic look.

Leg warmers, particularly those in black, were also widely worn during the ’80s. Initially worn by dancers to prevent their calves from cramping while exercising, legwarmers became an accessory worn by people wanting to stay warm such as aerobics enthusiasts and many dancers alike. Legwarmers came in many vibrant hues and distinctive designs.

Ripped jeans were another fashionable look in the ’80s for men and women alike, usually combined with colorful belts or skinny ties, sneakers, shorts, or tutu dresses for girls.

In the ’80s, hip-hop culture witnessed its meteoric rise. Inspired by stars like Salt-N-Pepa and Queen Latifa, hip-hop fashion of this era featured baggy silhouettes paired with vibrant metallic colors like cobalt or fuchsia; hairstyles included long hair slicked back into extreme curls or waves for dramatic hairdos and make-up looks.

The 1980s was an exciting and groundbreaking era that revolutionized fashion with bold styles, neon hues, and statement accessories that continue to shape today’s trends. We offer everything you need to recreate that vibrant era and bring back its colorful fashion through outfits from this colorful decade. Get shopping!