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Many people want to know what I do to maintain my 52-year-old body. Anyone who has seen me work out will attest that I do not keep my “girlish” figure by lifting “soup cans” or parking my car 100 feet away.

It’s assumed that I’m either blessed with good genes, put in excessive effort at the gym, or eat so healthily that it hurts. A common misconception is, “Oh, it’s easy for you, Lauren.” It’s simple in some respects since, to be honest, I no longer consider this to be work. The way I live is just that, my way of life. That’s just the way I am.

Whether you choose to call it work or play… I do eat five meals a day, spaced out every 3 hours. Lean protein is a staple at every meal. While genetics may be on my side, it is not an acceptable reason to continue being overweight. Even if you have a family history of being overweight or unhealthy, you should still do everything possible to avoid it.

The process of goal-setting is ingrained in my daily life. I want to do 12 chin-ups with no rest breaks as part of my strength training… I’m on seven now. The organic food movement has inspired me to take my diet to the next level.

Running intervals (all-out sprint for one minute, leisurely jog for two) for 30 minutes is my go-to aerobic exercise method, but on lovely days I also enjoy power walking for an hour.

I undertake an aerobic fitness routine three times a week and lift weights three times a week. I write it down in my weekly scheduler to ensure I complete it. It took me roughly six months of “work” to establish and maintain these practices to the point that they are now part of my lifestyle. I certainly am not flawless every single time. My routines have changed over the years.

I didn’t become interested in fitness until my late 30s, and it wasn’t until then that I began regularly lifting weights. I was never a fan of physical education class, and I wouldn’t say I liked having to do laps. I was among the worst of them! Honest! My diet is gradually getting better over time. I made a significant change when I stopped buying pre-packaged foods. Becoming a certified personal trainer was the defining moment in my life when it came to making healthier food choices.

Cooper Institute is where I earned my certification in personal training. Cooper’s research in exercise physiology, obesity, hypertension, epidemiology, behavior modification, pediatric health concerns, nutrition, the aging process, and other areas of preventative medicine has garnered international acclaim. If there were one thing to take away from the certification, it would be that adjusting one’s lifestyle can significantly impact one’s health and that most of the primary causes of death are preventable through such measures. Wow. So, with apologies to Stephen Covey (I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing and modifying his title), are you interested in learning the 8 Habits of Highly Healthy People?

1 – Set aside some time to make a list of what you need and what you want to cook for the week. Check if you are running low on food before heading out for the day.

Make a large batch of food and divide it up into individual servings. You may relax for the rest of the week without worrying about cooking. This need not take a long time or be complicated. Make a meal while you’re on the phone or listening to some music or an audio CD (for instance, bake a 913 casserole dish of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, a pot of soup with lots of vegetables, some raw vegetables for snacking, some brown rice, or a cereal blend of oatmeal, oat bran, and flax meal so all you have to do is measure, add water, and heat it). If you have travel plans for the next day, pack all your supplies the night before in Tupperware or zip-top bags. Avoid giving in to the allure of vending machines and fast food. Do not forget that you will feel exactly as you eat.

3 – Enlist the help of a friend, a wellness coach, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or a running/walking companion. Get involved in a gym or workout group. Avoid associating with negative people because they will only derail your progress.

Four, when going to the gym to build strength, you shouldn’t wander from machine to machine. Document your progress and be aware of when you should add more weight or more reps. Include cardio in your planned workouts. Prepare a weekly workout schedule and follow it religiously.

5- Use a free app or website like “Fitday” to record your daily food consumption and reflect on your progress. Get it done whenever you can. This resource is excellent and will teach you everything you need to know about organic foods. If you use Fitday honestly and keep track of the amounts you eat, it will calculate your calories and nutrients.

Sixth, learn to control your binge eating habits by brushing your teeth after meals and removing, or at least making it difficult to access, any food that might entice you. Get your mind off of food by keeping yourself occupied. Learn to distinguish between true hunger and the need to fill a void in your life that can’t be filled by food. Create a to-do list of 5 items the night before, and review it first thing in the morning. When you feel the cravings for binge eating coming on, try doing anything on your list. Stay away from places and events where bingeing is common. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can avoid being lonely.

7- Eat breakfast shortly after waking up and schedule the next 4 or 5 meals at least 3 hours apart if needed; set the alarm (on your phone, watch, or computer).

Goal-setting is step eight. Put them in writing, inform others about goals, and hold yourself accountable.

Lauren Miller focuses on helping her clients lose weight as part of her work as a Professional Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. You Can Count On Her to Be Your Change Agent.

Lauren found that her clients were more successful after she shifted her focus from personal training to wellness coaching and just made frequent coaching phone calls. Why? Getting the desired results has nothing to do with your diet or workout program. The most critical factor is whatever drives you to stick to your strategy. Lauren’s guidance will help you achieve that.

If you go to, you may enroll in her 7-day Best Body Makeover course and get a FREE 30-minute strategic coaching session.

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