How to Properly Organize Your Garage


When do you realize the garage needs cleaning? It may be time to get organized if people are always remarking on how you squeeze your car into the garage despite the mountain of boxes, tools, ladders, fertilizer bags, and seasonal decorations. When you find the Halloween stuff in December, it might be time to clean up the garage again. If a family of squirrels decides they need extra space, it’s time to clean out the garage.

Start With This

Get out of the garage absolutely everything. This applies to every single tin, bottle, and nail. Make three heaps in the driveway marked “KEEP,” “TRASH,” and “DONATE/SELL,” and go through each one. Throw away any items you won’t be using again. Do you need eight bicycles for your children if you only have two? Giving to charity is an excellent method to show kids how to share what they have with less fortunate people. You should find a new purpose for a treasured relic instead of getting rid of it because of sentimental value. An antique wagon that Grandpa constructed can be repainted and used to transport stuffed animals, books, and toys from the garage to the bedroom. When the clutter is cleared away, things will start moving more rapidly.

Phase Two

The next stage is to paint the inside of the house. For example, walls and ceilings painted a light metallic gray will reflect light and give the impression of a larger room. Heavy-duty garage floor coating can be sprayed on, or thick vinyl or rubber sheeting designed for garage floors can be laid down and secured with double-sided tape. Modular garage floor tile is yet another viable flooring choice.

Third Stage

Garages were initially designed to house automobiles, but today they serve various additional purposes. Taking use of ceiling height is critical. The most excellent strategy to avoid garage clutter is to keep as much stuff off the floor as possible.

The best solution would be a track screwed into the wall. A single way can be set up around 7 feet from the ground to accommodate goods with highly long handles. About three feet off the ground, another track can be set up. Put the broom, mop, hose, and sprinklers here.

Tools, gardening supplies, and cleaning materials can all be neatly organized on hooks, shelves, drawer units, and baskets integrated into tracking systems. The hammer, pliers, wire cutter, jars of nails, and screws should all be kept in the same basket or drawer. Include a metal garbage can and another that can be used to store rock salt for those chilly winter mornings.

Another functional wall solution is a pegboard with hooks and add-ons. Any wall shelving system that prevents clutter from accumulating in the garage is worth considering.

Small shelves can be mounted on the open frames of walls. Lanterns and another seasonal yard decor can be stored on ledges erected above windows and entrances.

Phase Four

Create a potting station in a space that’s easy to access. The best location would be next to a sunny window with a garden view. Placing heavy plant containers near a doorway facilitates moving them in and out. You can use a long garden hose attached to an outdoor faucet or a lightweight, four-gallon metal watering can to keep your potting station well-supplied with water. While the area sees the most foot traffic in the warmer months, it can still be used during the colder months by caring for indoor plants, storing bulbs, or growing seeds.

Gardening implements like twine, shears, and labels can be easily accessed from metal buckets or wire baskets hung from the wall. Hedge shears and pruners, for example, can be stored vertically on hooks. Hanging tools like a rotary spreader and wheelbarrow from the ceiling with bungee chords leaves floor space for the lawn mower. When storing ample fertilizer, grass seed, or potting soil, galvanized metal or plastic bins on wheels are your best bet.

An area to work on is essential for a potting station. A desk or table can serve this purpose, as can a tabletop without legs that is mounted to the wall using a hinged bracket. When not used, the tabletop can be folded flush against the wall.

Fifth Step

Build a wall to house your seasonal decorations, extra groceries, sporting goods, and other stuff you use occasionally. A long, high shelf is ideal for storing bulky items like a picnic basket, a cooler, or fishing rods and reels. Bottled water, rolls of paper towels, cleaning supplies, and dry food can be stored conveniently on wall shelves. A metal cabinet could be used instead of brackets. Golf bags can be stored in a separate, shelf-less cabinet or a portable closet.

A painted pine chest with compartments inside is ideal for storing balls, rollerblades, and helmets under the shelves (or next to the cabinet). Family members or the seasons might be used to categorize equipment. You may also put a wire basket and some string nearby to recycle newspapers and plastic, metal, and glass containers.

Heavy hooks on the wall or the ceiling can be used to store bicycles. A middle support beam is another viable option; this beam can hold two bikes.

Seasonally appropriate holiday decorations can be kept in a designated closet or metal cabinet. If things are organized into containers, shelving can be an alternative.

When you have found a home for every item in your garage, you can relax and delight in its appearance. Time spent seeking in vain will be eliminated. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly access whatever you require, whether for business or leisure. When you get your life in order, you can say goodbye to clutter and yes to a more pleasant way of living….and your automobile will no longer feel like an intruder in your driveway.


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