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No matter your gardening experience or passion for plants, an elegant planter elevates any room in your home. Explore antique and vintage planters on 1stDibs that showcase the organic beauty of your greenery.

This hourglass-shaped planter exudes luxurious elegance and adds an unexpected accent to your living area. Display one as an eye-catching statement piece in the entryway vestibule or group multiple together for maximum sculptural impact.

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Ferm Living’s hourglass-shaped planter pot offers a striking statement for any room in your home. Resembling a goblet in shape and structure, this unique decor piece makes a grand statement with its regal luxury aesthetic. Crafted using a sturdy iron sheet that has been heated and bent into an hourglass shape before being painted matte black for texture and upliftment of aesthetic. Perfectly suitable for indoor use and contemporary and midcentury modern design styles alike!

This stylish planter comes in various sizes to fit your space perfectly. From smaller options for succulents and small plants to tall plants and ferns, its durable wrought iron construction can withstand even harsh outdoor climate conditions and weather, making this piece suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

These planters are inspired by Swiss designer Willy Guhl, whose midcentury designs became immensely popular during the 1960s and 1970s. His hourglass-inspired farmers offer curves and height to any garden or home setting. This design makes an elegant addition to adding angles and size.

Handcrafted planters made of wrought iron are genuinely one-of-a-kind. Each piece is created individually by skilled artisans who pay meticulous attention when shaping and molding metal into robust yet sophisticated forms. This classic design never goes out of style; its corrosion and rustproof properties make maintenance simple!

The sleek lines of this planter make it an eye-catching piece, perfect for any living room or kitchen. Use it to fill an empty corner in your bedroom or as a statement piece on an entryway vestibule. Combine it with other wrought iron furniture from its collection for an integrated look in your home.


Your choice of material for crafting a planter will ultimately dictate its durability and ability to withstand inclement weather conditions. Fiberglass is one of the best choices, as it can withstand high temperatures and humidity without losing structural integrity; wood can also make an attractive option with stainable or painted finishes, creating unique finishes for more personalization.

No matter the material of your planter, priming it before painting is vital for successful results. This step ensures the paint sticks securely to its surface and lasts longer, leaving your surface clean of blemishes or rust spots. A high-quality water-based primer such as True Value EasyCare Ultra Premium Exterior Primer/Sealer should do the trick – apply one light coat of primer and allow it to dry thoroughly before painting your project.

Are you looking for ways to add personality and color to your planter? Consider adding a stencil and some brightly-hued paint. There is an assortment of stencil designs online, or you could make your own using masking tape and paint. Once dry, carefully peel away both masking tape and stencil to reveal a personalized touch!

Add a luxurious touch to any space with this polished wrought iron planter that features a lustrous coating for an eye-catching display of low-profile succulents or other plants and adds visual interest in corners or on staircases. This sophisticated piece makes an excellent centerpiece.

When choosing a planter, it will need to be moved around regularly for you to tend to your veggies or flowers; otherwise, it can take up a lot of space and become cumbersome to move. Thus, it is crucial that its size suits both dimensions of your room and allows easy transportation.

If you prefer more permanent solutions, concrete may be an ideal material. Strong and resilient, it can easily be stained or painted to blend in with its surroundings while remaining stained or paintable for aesthetic purposes. Unfortunately, concrete is less mobile than fiberglass and could damage surrounding structures if moved improperly.


An hourglass planter makes a grand statement in any space, whether indoors or out. At 1stDibs, antique and vintage versions bearing Mid-Century Modern, Modern, or Scandinavian Modern hallmarks add flair to living rooms or foyers while perfectly matching other decor items, from shapely seating to rustic benches.

Before painting your planter, take some time to consider what color palette would work for both interiors and exteriors. Depending on your wall paint hues and the amount of natural lighting in each room, the appearance of different shades of planters may differ significantly from each other. If unsure which hues match best, purchase several color swatches and place them alongside your farmer to help select an ideal shade. Once found, prime the surface to ensure smooth application of a fresh coat of paint.

Though primer can be purchased and applied online for optimal results, opting for products designed specifically for your material is wiser. Such products typically utilize high-grade resin with an automotive-grade finish to resist chipping and fading.

If you decide to paint rather than purchase your planter, choose a neutral hue that complements your room’s existing decor – for instance, gray or white will work perfectly with existing sofas, chairs, and window treatments in any space. Plus, these colors make mixing and matching other decorative items simple!

Add texture to your fiberglass planter by customizing its finish with something unusual, such as rust or gold spray paint finishes from spray paint kits; these finishes create an industrial yet rustic aesthetic for an eye-catching display of plants.

Add a personalized touch by stenciling words or images onto your planter with paint and masking tape for a customized design. When finished, seal off with decoupage sealer to protect it while maintaining the surface – you may even find stencils online that feature geometric patterns or flowers!


With antique, vintage, and modern planters available on 1stDibs, pots featuring charming neo-rustic designs can add vintage charm. At the same time, more contemporary concrete pieces come with neutral finishes for maximum flexibility – planters can elevate your floral display. Browse their broad collection today.

Ferm Living’s Hourglass Flower Pot Medium provides your plants with an elevated stand and a spacious container to root themselves. Depending on its use, its reversible planter features shallow or deep sides to accommodate the different flower needs of other potted arrangements. Its elegant hourglass shape and simple design create an eye-catching centerpiece in any home, while its durable metal construction stands up well to outdoor elements.

Ferm Living’s blackened hourglass-like planter offers an imposing silhouette, ideal for displaying floral arrangements. Display a single plant at the lower half for a dramatic accent in your living room or master suite sleeping area, or cluster multiple planters together as entryway vestibule frames in your home.

Made from durable metal with a matte finish, this contemporary indoor/outdoor planter boasts an understated and minimalist design suitable for any aesthetic imaginable. Perfect for a relaxing bedroom retreat or conversation-generating patio seating areas.

Ferm Living’s blackened planter, with its distinctive sculptural silhouette, offers the ideal home for your ferns, palms, and more – perfect for an entryway ledge or dining room table! Available in two sizes for easy placement – one large in your foyer/dining area and several smaller ones as a vertical garden on balconies/porches!