The Garden Hod – A Multi-Purpose Tool For Harvesting, Cleaning and Organizing Your Produce


This multipurpose hod is constructed with lobster trap wire armored with food-grade vinyl to make rinsing produce outside accessible before storing it. Perfect for harvesting leafy greens and fruits as well as enormous melons!

This mini Mod Hod is ideal for gardens, garages, and mudrooms – corralling toys while stowing hats and mitts!

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Garden hods are multi-functional tools designed to make harvesting, cleaning, and organizing produce simple. Constructed of wooden framing with wire mesh sides, allowing dirt and water to flow through, making rinsing vegetables and fruit easy before bringing them inside. While initially created to aid New England clam diggers in collecting and washing their catch before returning it inside – their popularity quickly spread among gardeners, farmers, chefs, and cooks.

The Pike’s Original Maine Garden Hod is the ideal solution for effectively rinsing up to two pecks (16 quarts) of plants, fruits, and veggies in one container. Inspired by clam diggers, its design includes pine ends with pine needles on each end for easy gripping and steam-bent oak handles for ease of use. Equipped with food-grade vinyl-coated (Aquamesh) weather-resistant wire mesh, it is safe for edible use and can either be sprayed down with a garden hose or submersed into larger containers for maximum rinsing effectiveness.

Pike made use of his Yankee ingenuity to craft an innovative solution, using the same caging solid material he uses to construct lobster traps – including armoring with a vinyl coating that withstands marine environments – to craft an innovative lightweight basket suitable for picking and rinsing produce, carrying garden tools or storing kindling at the fireplace.

A traditional hod is versatile enough to serve multiple functions: laundry basket, picnic basket, or holding books or magazines in your guest bathroom. Its flexible yet sturdy construction makes it an excellent way to transport flowers from the garden or farmers’ market! Plus, you can stack multiple hods for efficient storage in your kitchen pantry, mudroom, or shed!

Garden hod trolleys may provide the ideal solution for those struggling with back and mobility issues, holding three hods quickly on its lightweight aluminum frame and rolling smoothly along its smooth interior basket. Fold-out legs keep their contents elevated off of the ground to allow them to air-dry before being brought indoors for consumption.


Garden pods are made from wood and wire mesh, providing the ideal combination for harvesting and washing vegetables. Their wooden frames offer support and durability, while their mesh allows dirt and debris to pass through easily so that produce can be rinsed directly in the garden without tracking it inside your house. Plus, with its wide opening, they also make great tools for dumping out soil instead of pulling it up by its roots!

Pike Bartlett created this multipurpose tool from industrial-strength wire mesh covered with vinyl for his company’s lobster trap production line, using this same tough vinyl coating that endures marine environments. Pike quickly discovered this rugged material is also ideal for a filter to wash produce utilizing a garden hose, keeping dirt outside where it belongs.

These durable baskets have become an international favorite among gardeners, clam diggers, and outdoor workers, both here on New England’s coast and elsewhere. Perfect for gathering vegetables from your vegetable and herb gardens and cutting flowers and herbs used in cooking, they even make great storage solutions! Made in New England with oil-finished pine-and-maple frames featuring food-grade vinyl covering mesh for easy rinsing under either garden hose or faucet! Our Garden Hods come ready-made from New England, too – featuring oil-finished pine-and-maple frames designed oil-finished pine-and-maple frames that feature food-grade vinyl-coated frames, allowing two pecks (or 16 quarts) of vegetables at once and are easily printable.

Versatility makes them ideal for many purposes around the home, from carrying picnic items to storing remotes and remote controls or as an unusual storage solution for hats, mitts, and other sundries. You can stack three together for fast space-saving storage in a pantry, mudroom, or garage environment.

Pike’s Original Maine Garden Vegetable Hod is available in two sizes, accommodating up to 2 pecks (16 quarts). Constructed using Yankee ingenuity and designed to last, these food-grade baskets are great for rinsing vegetables in your garden or kitchen and storing various fruits, toys, and supplies in your shed or mudroom.


Mod Hod is a modern take on traditional harvesting hods, designed to wash, rinse, and store fresh-from-the-garden produce in one convenient tool. With a smooth perforated interior designed to protect prized veggies and fold-out legs for quick drip drying off of the ground before being brought indoors, our exclusive Mod Hod allows you to harvest quickly. Plus, you can stack multiple Mod Hods for efficient storage options in the kitchen, pantry, mudroom, or shed environments!

Maine Hods are designed with weather-resistant pine ends, birch dowels, and a steam-bent oak handle to withstand even the harshest environments. The durable food-grade mesh allows dirt to drain away while their wooden frames hold up to two pecks (six quarts) of fruits and vegetables for harvesting. Hods can also be used beyond harvesting, such as carrying picnic supplies or organizing your mudroom and storing tools. They’re great additions for storage or stowing guest hand towels in bathrooms!

Our garden hods are built to withstand years of use in your yard and garden. Crafted with durable wood and wire mesh construction, their curved handles offer easy gripping. Additionally, air can circulate throughout the basket to help dry produce faster while prolonging its freshness – these versatile harvesting baskets are essential tools for any kitchen gardener!