Garden Fork Project Zomboid – Farming in Project Zomboid


Project Zomboid is an enjoyable but challenging survival game with some of the most demanding mechanics – such as hunger and thirst.

Canned food may help, but farming is the ultimate solution for providing your character with enough sustenance. This guide will show you how to get started farming in Project Zomboid.

How to use

Project Zomboid is a PC game that provides an unforgettable experience, thanks to its open world and horror survival elements. Players can either solo play the game or team up with friends over multiplayer; either way, to survive through the zombie apocalypse, they need food sources, including farming, as one reliable means. You can cultivate various crops, but all require water to grow successfully.

While the game’s rain system can provide players with some water, it isn’t enough to sustain plant life. Therefore, players will have to tend to their plants personally. Although this can be time-consuming and repetitive, the effort will pay off in the end! To start right, it’s advisable to use essential tools such as shovels and seed bags and find places on their roof that receive ample sunlight to plant crops.

Once the roof is ready, the player should plant and water seeds before watering. They should also ensure the soil drains appropriately; using a small garden fork if it becomes rocky or compacted will allow digging through quickly. This tool can also come in handy in raised beds or border gardens!

Note that the higher your Farming level is, the more information will be displayed when inspecting crops – such as their current hydration levels, growth stage, diseases, or infections that might exist – helping players avoid any issues when taking care of their plants.

Garden fork is one of the top weapons available to players, being uncraftable spear-type weapon that can be used as a one-handed weapon at reduced impact and durability costs. While its damage level compares to machete and katana swords, its durability and range exceed both these options – plus, it can even be attached directly to the player’s back for quick access and weight reduction.

What to grow

Garden Fork Project Zomboid provides your survivor with access to an assortment of crops as food sources that will sustain them over time, which also can be combined with other items in crafting for cooking purposes – making these crops a fantastic way to ensure they don’t go hungry after wandering for hours looking for sustenance.

Before beginning farming, however, you’ll require specific equipment and supplies. A trowel and shovel are essential in agriculture; you can find these in garages, crates, sheds, work shelves, or some more giant warehouses worldwide. Furthermore, seeds for planting your produce can be found throughout the game in various containers.

Plant your crops on the ground or on roofs of buildings to help safeguard against diseases and zombies. Water containers are essential in providing enough hydration to your plants; finally, you will need somewhere to dig a furrow by right-clicking on any dirt tile and selecting “Dig.” Each species requires specific seeds to grow successfully, with unique germination and growth rate timetables.


Food is essential to your survival in Project Zomboid, and nothing beats the fresh taste of produce grown right on your homestead. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about farming in Project Zomboid, from finding seeds to learning the tools needed for success and maintaining a healthy garden.

At first, you’ll need several supplies: dirt, shovel, and seeds are essential to beginning. Next step? Identify an area on your property with ample sunlight and prepare the neighborhood by moving dirt into it and plowing the ground – then plant away!

Every crop requires different seeds and has other growing times, so ensure you know what you’re doing before planting. Once you have your sources, you can dig a furrow using your garden fork on dirt to ensure the plants don’t become vulnerable to zombies or intruders trampling them over.

Once your seeds are planted, you must give them some attention by watering them regularly. Just as humans need water for survival and growth, plants also require water. Project Zomboid offers various methods of gathering this resource: collecting rainwater in buckets by leaving them out in your greenhouse or using its rain collector to collect from nearby rivers or lakes can all add up!

If you don’t have time or patience to wait for rainstorms, another way is manually watering your plants by hand with a watering can. Although this method takes longer, it provides the most reliable means of ensuring crops receive adequate hydration. You could also use cooking pots or saucepans; although these won’t provide nutritional benefits, they offer a practical alternative when purified water supplies become limited. Watering cans hold 25 units, while buckets store up to 40.


Project Zomboid is one of the most intricate and detailed survival games ever designed, challenging players to stay alive for multiple days through farming activities. Farming allows players to remain fed without leaving home too often while simultaneously relieving stress with an exercise they find soothing.

Start right; you will require some seeds. You can collect these in various ways, with drawers or closets of houses being the most accessible place to look; warehouses also usually stock them, as do zombies killed for sport if that method fails you.

Once your crops have been planted, you must water them to ensure proper growth. Water in Project Zomboid may contain contaminants that are dangerous if consumed directly; however, they won’t harm plants when used to water them properly, making this an invaluable way of managing crops when purified sources become unavailable or the rain stops falling.

As soon as your crop reaches phase 6, it’s ready to be harvested by right-clicking it and tapping “Harvest Now.” Not only will you receive some food, but more importantly, you’ll gain seeds to sow more crops – though it may take time before your farm produces food automatically!

Hunger and thirst can be among the most challenging survival mechanics in Project Zomboid, while injuries may also present an obstacle. Therefore, if possible, try creating a small farm and cultivating food. It will not only extend your lifespan and reduce stress levels but also make things more fun in the long run!