What is the Name of Turtle on Finding Nemo?


Finding Nemo is a thrilling underwater adventure starring Marlin, Dory, and a variety of fish from Marlin’s school as they embark on an extraordinary voyage in search of Nemo. Based on real marine life, this film brings them all to life.

Crush, an eye-catching sea turtle with surfer dude characteristics, is teaching his son Squirt how to ride EAC currents.

Crush, an iconic green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), can be found in tropical waters worldwide.


Crush the sea turtle is one of the stand-out characters from Disney’s hit Finding Nemo movie, winning audiences’ hearts with his laid-back personality and surfer dude talk. Crush also returns to Finding Dory, helping Marlin locate Nemo’s father, and Marlin and Dory find their long-lost parents.

Marlin and Crush share an endearing father-son relationship, leaving viewers to wonder who Crush’s dad turtle might be. Leaving his identity unknown adds charm while keeping viewers focused on the relationship between these characters.

Crush is integral in teaching Dory to navigate the currents and ocean. He encourages her to take risks and follow her instincts, reminding her that life won’t always be easy but that searching out what brings joy is essential.

During the film, Crush mentions his age of 150, an impressive figure considering most sea turtles only live up to 100. Crush makes clear he does not feel his age at all.

Crush mentions in the movie that his daughter Izzy asked what his middle name was; to honor her memory, he chose Izzy as its middle name and made several other references throughout the film about Izzy, such as when saying they are “going with the flow.”

Crush is essential in Finding Dory as Marlin and Dory search for her long-lost family. An actual renaissance turtle with deep spiritual roots who can anticipate potential issues before they emerge, Crush is an invaluable mentor who has inspired many children with his caring lessons.


Finding Nemo and Finding Dory fans will delight in meeting Crush’s delightful son, Squirt. A leisurely turtle who enjoys surfing the East Australian Current, children can talk with Squirt about his friends and favorite foods; his movie pals Dory, Marlin, and Hank the Octopus-turned-Septopus also appear to chat with Squirt!

Pixar animators carefully studied Green Sea Turtles to accurately represent them in Finding Nemo and its 2016 sequel. Squirt’s character was drawn from this species found throughout tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide so that his movements and behaviors could be accurately represented on-screen. Squirt is an enthusiastic young turtle who bursts with enthusiasm upon every adventure; his carefree personality makes him one of the beloved characters in both films.

Answer to: Who is Squirt from Finding Nemo? Answer: According to Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, Squirt is male. He’s Crush’s adorable son from Finding Nemo who shares his relaxed disposition and always willingly lends a helping hand – just like his dad Crush did.

Squirt first appears playing hide-and-seek with Dory across the East Australian Current before giving Marlin and Dory directions on how to exit it. Later, he is spotted at school alongside Nemo and Mr. Ray’s students, where Squirt is voiced by Nicholas Bird (Brad Bird’s son who directed The Incredibles and Ratatouille), making Squirt an adorable character sure to win children and adults over!

Mr. Flounder

Pixar’s Finding Nemo features many memorable characters, from Marlin and Dory to Flounder, the turtle who helps Marlin on his journey. Though his role may not be as pivotal as others in the film, his presence still leaves an impressionful impact. Language learning hub Preply researched what Flounder is called in different countries; their investigation yielded shocking findings!

Crush is an unexpected friend and mentor to Marlin, Nemo’s father. Crush speaks like a surfer with an optimistic view of life, has a knack for helping people, and often gives advice. Crush also has a son named Squirt, whom he usually calls “Jellyman” or “Little Blue.”

According to the movie’s official website, Crush is a Green Sea Turtle from the North Atlantic Ocean, an herbivorous species which don’t consume Marlin and Dory for food; rather they eat plants as well as aquatic creatures like anemones, jellyfish, coral, and mollusks as food sources.

Flounder is a yellow fish resembling a convict tang, yet he doesn’t correspond with any living animal. Created by Stanton as part of an inspiration-gathering exercise after visiting numerous fish tanks at dentist’s offices, he serves as an imaginary character representing such experiences.

Flounder resembles Ursula from Disney’s 1989 classic The Little Mermaid, another major inspiration behind Finding Nemo. Some fans have even likened him to Prince Eric; in comparison to his sister, however, Flounder remains a loyal and friendly companion; attending Ariel and Eric’s wedding together is also something Flounder does at her side.

Blue Whale

Blue whales are one of the world’s largest animals, reaching over 100 feet long and weighing an estimated 200,000-300,000 pounds. Commonly found in open ocean waters worldwide, blue whales are well known for their slow cruising speed to feed on Krill from Euphausiacea order. They typically spend summer feeding near Polar regions before migrating south during winter for feeding purposes.

Finding Nemo is a wildly popular Disney Pixar film that has won audiences worldwide. Boasting an outstanding 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an unforgettable storyline, Finding Nemo promises to delight all ages of audience members alike.

Though Finding Nemo features only three main characters–a clownfish, an anemone, and a blue tang–many viewers still question other marine life seen in the film. Here are a few popular Finding Nemo queries:

Crush is a chilled-out turtle who enjoys riding the ocean’s currents. His laidback attitude and casual conversation make him similar to a surfer guy; as Marlin and Dory travel towards Sydney Harbor to search Nemo, Crush proves invaluable as an ally. Even giving them nicknames such as The Jellyman” and Little Blue.”

Andrew Stanton provided Crush’s voice as he wrote and directed this film for Pixar, alongside others like Toy Story and Cars. One of Pixar’s founding minds, Stanton, helped shape its creative direction into what it is today.


Coral was Marlin and Nemo’s wife and mother in Finding Nemo until she was killed by a barracuda near the film’s start. A kind and loving mother, Coral was voiced by Elizabeth Perkins (also featured in Big and The Flintstones).

Corals are invertebrate marine animals that form beautiful reef-building structures composed of calcium carbonate. Corals live in close relationships with tiny green algae living inside their cells called symbiotes; these organisms use photosynthesis to harvest energy from sunlight while providing food to their host coral.

Corals extend their tentacles out from their bodies when feeding, waving them in the current. Each tentacle contains thousands of stinging cells called cnidoblasts that can stun or kill small fish that pass by, as well as produce acid that harms predators of the coral and deters seaweed and competing organisms from invading.

Coral reefs derive most of their nutrition from their symbiotic algae but can also consume other forms of nourishment, such as foodstuffs. Some species, like those found on St. John, such as Boulder Star corals, can grow several inches yearly, providing support structures for many of its underwater reefs.

Coral reproduction can occur either asexually or sexually. Asexual reproduction produces genetically identical polyps, while sexual reproduction produces both male and female corals growing from fragments of existing colonies. Asexual reproduction helps establish new populations, while sexual reproduction increases genetic diversity by creating colonies far away from the parent organisms.