The Bucks Could Use Some Toughness in the Backcourt


The Bucks have been linked with several players that could help strengthen their lineup for a playoff push. Hill and Nwora are valuable, but more shooting depth and defensive versatility on the wings would strengthen their lineup further.

The Bucks’ chances of victory lie with their Big Three coming together and winning. But how can this happen?

1. Trade George Hill

George Hill is exactly the type of veteran backup every team needs on its bench. A career 34% 3-point shooter and toughness man, Hill could add depth and toughness to Milwaukee’s backcourt alongside Bledsoe and Brogdon against smaller second units. Additionally, coach Mike Budenholzer could utilize him as an extra body to cover injured players like John Henson or Dellavedova if either becomes unavailable, ensuring Milwaukee maintains playoff hopes this season.

However, Milwaukee should trade Hill to clear room on their roster for a significant free agent signing next summer – Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant may be options that they pursue; adding another star player like Giannis Antetokounmpo will help increase Milwaukee’s chances of making a deep run into postseason playoffs.

Bucks fans can rejoice that Hill’s contract will soon expire and acquire him without breaking their budget. Due to his outstanding contract of $19 Million next season, they could get him off their books in exchange for Burks, Ibaka, and two first-round draft picks.

It is an advantageous move for the Bucks that will immediately improve their depth, increase their chances of signing top free agents next summer, and help open up cap space to add another star short-term contract in 2022. While Hill may cost too much financially, Burks provides quality backup on both ends of the court that fits right in with what they need from a backup point guard and potential wing player.

2. Trade Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez would allow the Bucks to give Giannis more space on the court while adding an elite defender and promising young shooter who can help open up cap space for other moves down the road.

No one knows if or when the Nets will trade Lopez, but he stands out among modern starting centers available for trade. At 35 and injury-prone, Lopez may not be seen as a valuable player but he still provides reliable playmaking abilities and experience to keep opponents at bay. Furthermore, Lopez remains team-oriented despite being involved in trade rumors throughout his career and can quickly be sold.

Contract matters most when considering potential suitors for Krys. He’s owed $22 million over two seasons – which may not seem unreasonable for an established center but is an obstacle. Teams can accept up to 125 percent of a player’s salary when trading players, allowing some leverage at the trade deadline.

If the Bucks find a team willing to offer something in the range of a mid-to-late first-round pick in return for Lopez, then I believe it could make sense for them to move him – though such a move won’t come easy, given their current attempts at optimizing young assets.

Several teams may be interested in signing Lopez, though any trade would require a significant return haul. One such team might be the Mavericks, which could pair him with Cody Zeller and a lottery-protected first-round pick.

3. Trade Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday was instrumental to Milwaukee’s success this season thanks to an all-in trade they made with New Orleans to acquire him, which ultimately paid dividends with an NBA Championship victory. Holiday was the ideal two-way player to complement Giannis Antetokounmpo by providing another ball-handling threat and consistent shooting. At the same time, his aggressive defense helped clog lanes for opposing superstar wings while giving Milwaukee one of its premier second units.

The trade also added significant value, securing two unprotected first-round picks from 2025 and 2027 (24th overall) for the Bucks and rights to swap first-round selections during these years – an impressive return for someone only available briefly.

From their perspective, this trade marked an outstanding return for someone who hadn’t found his footing with them and who had been linked with trade rumors. Though not the most glamorous deal in NBA history, its impact could not be overstated.

This deal was risky on the Bucks’ end as Horst is expected to sell some of his young assets during this summer’s trade deadline. Additionally, their hard cap space may only stretch so far; filling their roster out so it can compete for championship contention in 2020-21 will require careful player identification and some luck from ring-chaser markets.

4. Trade Alec Burks

Alec Burks of the Pistons has averaged nearly 11 points per game this season and boasts an exceptional shooting percentage from three (45% on 4.4 attempts), making him one of the league’s most efficient shooters. His contract is exceptionally team-friendly, making him an excellent addition to a roster desperate for veteran presence and leadership like Burks. Coach Casey and general manager Troy Weaver have been committed to adding veteran presence and leadership during this rebuild to keep their young players competitive while experiencing inevitable growing pains.

The Mavs could benefit from having another shot-creator on their roster to help Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Christian Wood carry their offensive load more efficiently. Adding Burks into their rotation would make them much more challenging to match up against.

He’s been an essential contributor to the Pistons, but they would likely benefit more from exploring other options now. Saddiq Bey has spent most of this season on the bench and averages only 9.3 points per game, while Nerlens Noel has displayed promising signs as an emerging talent.

Jon Horst of the Milwaukee Bucks may not trade away any of his Big Three this season; their success has depended mainly on finding championship synergy together this season. Unfortunately, Milwaukee’s roster contains several spare parts which limit Horst’s options before the Feb 9 trade deadline and don’t amount to enough quality players that would help turn things around for his team. Here are a few possible trades which would work for Milwaukee.

5. Trade Jordan Nwora

The Bucks still possess several obvious weaknesses despite Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the team. Most importantly, they must add more two-way depth in both backcourt and wing positions.

Re-signing Rodney Hood or Semi Ojeleye may be sufficient while trading for someone with more offensive talent might also help the Bucks improve. An ideal target would be someone like Burks – someone with improved scoring ability who still provides solid defense and creates opportunities for teammates while providing quality defense and team play.

Nwora has proven himself an invaluable addition off the bench for Indiana. At 6’8″, Nwora can score from outside and has an above-average three-point percentage, providing greater versatility for Indiana when facing bigger opponents. He would add even further versatility to their second unit and help matchup better against bigger teams.

Nwora joined Indianapolis this season as part of the blockbuster Jae Crowder trade and has quickly become an integral component of their playoff run. His offensive and defensive presence can provide them with extra energy in late games when needed.

The Bucks might face some complications with the salaries involved, but this might be their best move. If Nwora can stay healthy and continue playing well, they may become serious contenders come playoff time – worth trading away their unprotected 2029 first-round selection for someone who may or may not return next season; and perhaps getting assets from either team in return.