Scorpion Stocks – Choosing the Right One For Your CZ Scorpion


Scorpion stocks can be invaluable accessories for rifle owners looking to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their firearms. While such upgrades do not typically increase their intrinsic value, collectors or those prioritizing completeness and condition could find great value in them.

Manticore Arms is an esteemed CZ Scorpion aftermarket supplier, producing handguards, safeties, brace/stock adapters, muzzle devices, and trigger parts, as well as offering bullpup kits specifically for this rifle.


CZ Scorpion owners can customize their firearms to meet their tastes with a variety of customization options available, from grips and trigger upgrades to grip replacements and modifications that improve functionality and performance. Before making changes to any modification, it’s essential to consider how they may impact its value as a stock option.

Custom finishes can add an individualistic touch to any CZ Scorpion EVO 3, adding both value and desirability to its owner’s gun collection. Hydro-dipping or Cerakote finishes can give this versatile firearm its own distinct identity that expresses its owner’s individuality and style. While they won’t alter its functionality or core performance, custom finishes may increase market value by creating something genuinely distinct that speaks volumes about who owns it.

This standard black finish offers a sleek and tactical appearance, appealing to those who appreciate form and function together. Additionally, its neutral hue serves as a blank canvas for personalizing with accessories or personal touches – such as accessories from accessories stores. Furthermore, its rugged construction guarantees that it can withstand tough use as well as environmental elements.

Tokyo Marui Scorpion AEP series machine pistols feature stocks with 20mm Picatinny rail mount spaces designed to accept various accessories, as well as QD swivel mounts, which make the length of pull adjustments easy. Furthermore, each stock features an easy-release lever that lets users fold it in three positions: fully extended position, half moon position, or wholly closed.

Apart from its stock, your pistol can be enhanced with additional accessories, including muzzle devices and sights. To enhance comfort and secure gripping experience, Magpul offers high-quality grips in various textures, finger grooves, and grip angles to meet the requirements of different shooters.

Telescoping braces are another popular accessory for the Scorpion that can extend its reach and improve accuracy, making it more suitable for home defense or competition shooting. Installing one is straightforward – mount it over the existing factory flash hider – but be mindful of NFA regulations before doing so!


A stock is an integral component of any firearm and should play an essential role in terms of stability, accuracy, and overall comfort during shooting. Selecting the ideal one can dramatically increase performance and make shooting your CZ Scorpion even more pleasurable – make sure it meets both intended use as well as personal preferences; comfortable ergonomic shouldering should be ensured along with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of shooting; also check local laws regarding firearm accessory regulations before purchasing one.

The CZ Scorpion pistol caliber carbine is renowned for its reliability, popularity, and dedicated fan base. While it performs admirably as a carbine, most enthusiasts opt for the pistol brace configuration, which reduces overall length to 26″. Furthermore, aftermarket accessories exist to enhance functionality and comfort with your Scorpion, such as slings, cleaning kits, or stocks; though these will not add significantly to its value or collectability, they are valued by individuals who value usability and function over aesthetics.

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A stock is an integral component of a CZ Scorpion rifle, as it influences comfort and performance. A fitting stock should provide a secure yet comfortable hold, while loose or too small stores could lead to instability. Furthermore, materials and build quality can affect durability and reliability, so when selecting one, one must consider their intended use before deciding on their stock.

The CZ Scorpion offers many customization options to shooters who wish to personalize their rifles. Accessories designed to enhance ergonomics and shooting comfort may be found, while others increase the firepower of your weapon. From collapsible stocks and AR-style adapters to collapsible stocks and AR-style adapters – each accessory may impact how you experience using your Scorpion rifle; becoming informed on their impact will enable you to make an informed choice as to which is the most appropriate for you.

Folding stocks can enhance the compactness of your pistol, making it easier to carry or store. They also enable quick response in emergencies; furthermore, their practicality helps strengthen the range of motion while decreasing stress associated with long shooting sessions.

This stock features an aluminum hinge and can be folded easily by following three simple steps. Compatible with all generations of CZ Scorpion rifles, it can be adjusted to meet the height requirements and length-of-pull needs while being lockable when in its fully collapsed state.

CZ Scorpion owners may also opt for an optional brace attachment. Easily adjustable to meet individual shooting preferences and needs, it provides support while shooting offhand or when on the ground and is compatible with optics.

Reptilia’s LINK for the CZ Scorpion offers an exciting new option that lets you attach a Magpul Zhukov folding stock directly to your pistol, complete with six parts of the 922(r) compliance kit. However, please keep in mind that doing so requires NFA approval.


Scorpion stocks are an essential component of any CZ pistol. They help improve accuracy, reduce recoil, and enhance comfort – but can be costly; therefore, setting a budget before making purchases is recommended. In this blog post, we will review different CZ Scorpion stocks available so you can select one best suited to your needs.

Though still relatively new to gun enthusiasts, the CZ Scorpion has quickly become a favorite. Law enforcement and military units often utilize Scorpions because of their superior performance, compact design, and powerful firepower, but their versatility doesn’t stop with firing capabilities; you can add extra features with accessories like new stocks.

The Scorpion EVO 3 is a select-fire semiautomatic pistol with a folding stock, intended as the spiritual successor of the legendary Skorpion vz. 61 gun beloved of Hollywood spooks, thugs, terrorists, and Eastern European villains alike. Its clean sheet design emphasizes compactness and simplicity – providing an excellent platform for adding different stock assemblies.

One of the most sought-after accessories for the Scorpion is its folding stock, which makes the weapon even more portable and allows concealment when necessary. Furthermore, outdoor shooters who need to balance shooting comfort with portability will find this an invaluable addition.

One option available to owners of the Scorpion rifle is a telescoping brace, which allows users to adjust their position without changing their grip. This accessory is constructive when positioning in tight spaces during target practice or other similar exercises. Note, however, that such accessories could convert the Scorpion rifle into an SBR; therefore, you must comply with local, state, and federal laws before using one of them.

Haga Defense B&T MBT Stock for the Scorpion is an affordable yet flexible option, featuring a push-button latch and storage compartment, making it suitable for either side of receiver use. Constructed from aluminum hinges, its stock can be locked open in either of two positions: fully extended or folded – though to protect its hinges, it is essential to unlock it prior to unfolding it.