How to Change Your AirDrop Name


Be it for privacy or convenience reasons, you may decide to change your airdrop name. Thankfully, this process is straightforward.

This article will walk you through the steps of using an iPhone, iPad and Mac to set up Apple IDs. Each process may vary slightly; nonetheless they all follow similar steps and procedures.

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AirDrop is an easy and seamless way to transfer files wirelessly between Apple devices. From photos from an iPhone to iPad or from documents on Mac to Apple Watch, Apple offers you the ability to easily recognize your device on both sides by customizing its AirDrop name across their entire product lineup – this process only takes a few steps!

Step one in changing your airdrop name on an iPhone is opening the Settings app and accessing “General,” then scrolling down and tapping “About,” where you’ll see your device name and can select or modify your current or type in new one as necessary. Make sure that it is easy for both yourself and others to read and pronounce once changed!

Change Your Device Name in Contacts App – Doing this will not only alter how you appear in AirDrop but will also impact any third-party apps or services using your name – for instance Safari will now use “Mister X” rather than your real name when autofilling web forms – perfect if there are professional or privacy considerations behind changing it!

On an iPad, you can change your AirDrop name in the Settings app by accessing “General,” then “About,” to access your device name which is used by AirDrop, iCloud and Personal Hotspot services. To change it simply click in the field and type a new name – also, editing can change its profile photo which displays alongside it.

To change the AirDrop name on a Mac, go to System Preferences and select Sharing. This will show your computer in the AirDrop list; to change its name simply click in the field and enter new text.

Once you’ve set your AirDrop name across all Apple devices, it should be easy for anyone to recognize them and transfer files between devices more seamlessly – not only will this enhance file transfer but it can be an excellent way to personalize each device further!


AirDrop is an easy way to transfer files between Apple devices. Unfortunately, however, sometimes it can be challenging identifying an exact device when receiving files due to multiple devices having the same name. If this is the case for you, changing your AirDrop name so that your device stands out is key for saving both time and hassle while making sure files reach their proper destination. Changing an iPad’s AirDrop name only takes a few steps – take a look!

To change your AirDrop name on an iPad, first open the Settings app and then General. Afterward, enter a new name for your device before tapping Save – this name will now be shown when sending files through AirDrop. For added recognition by others, consider also including a profile picture in addition to your AirDrop name.

If you own multiple Apple devices, it is a wise move to regularly change your AirDrop name in order to protect other users from inadvertently sending files to the wrong device and to keep track of which devices exist within your home or office. Changing an AirDrop name is an easy and time-saving process which only takes seconds!

On a Mac, changing your AirDrop name may differ slightly, yet remain straightforward. To begin, click on the Apple logo in the top left corner and then System Preferences; from there click Apple > About This Mac > Name field then type your new AirDrop name.

Once you’ve changed the AirDrop names on all of your Apple devices, file-sharing will become much smoother. Remember that it will be visible to other users; therefore, choose an easily remembered name. If there are issues with your AirDrop name, try turning off and back on your device; usually this will resolve any issues.


AirDrop is an amazing service for seamlessly sharing files between Apple devices. Unfortunately, it also displays your name on any device receiving files from you – this could pose an issue if privacy concerns dictate otherwise. Luckily, there’s an easy solution available on Macs, iPhones, and iPads – changing your AirDrop name requires only three steps!

First, ensure your Mac is running a version of macOS that supports AirDrop. After doing that, open System Preferences app and navigate to Sharing tab in System Preferences app – there you’ll see Computer Name field where you can customize its name accordingly – changing this will appear automatically on AirDrop display.

Once you’ve made changes to your AirDrop name on a Mac, they’ll instantly appear in iOS apps as well as Find My and any other listings of your device. In addition, changing your Apple ID name here will alter how it displays across services and applications.

If you are using your Mac in public places, changing its AirDrop name so others can easily recognize it may help make sending files much simpler in future. It isn’t difficult and will make for much smoother transfers between people sending files back and forth between you both.

Note that this will only change how AirDrop displays your computer name; other devices should still recognize your PC. Make sure that your wireless network is configured properly, as well as installing any necessary updates on all applications and operating systems to avoid issues related to file transfer or privacy. This will help avoid any potential headaches in terms of file storage or protection. Hopeful that this will help maximize your AirDrop experience, best wishes! CJ&Co is a creative agency with years of experience providing companies around the globe with marketing, design, and content solutions to increase brand recognition, generate leads, and expand business. Their unique approach fosters meaningful relationships between them and their clients to produce top-tier results.


AirDrop is an intuitive feature of Apple devices that enables file-sharing between them easily, but recognizing devices by their default name may be tricky. Therefore, to make things simpler it may be beneficial to change your Airdrop name in order for other devices to easily recognize your computer. This guide will show you step-by-step how you can change this setting on an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook computer.

Start by making sure that your device is running iOS 7 or later and connected to Wi-Fi, before opening the Settings app and tapping “General”. Here you’ll see your current name displayed beneath your profile picture – tap on “Edit”.

Once complete, tap “Save”. Your new name will now appear when sharing files via AirDrop or connecting your device to a personal hotspot or Wi-Fi network.

Some may believe they need to change their Apple ID name in order to change their AirDrop name; this is not true on iPhone and iPad. Instead, changing your AirDrop name will also update Bluetooth devices and personal hotspots accordingly – making this quick and straightforward process worth your while! Thanks again for reading our guide on changing your airdrop name!