How to Change Reddit Username


Reddit is an expansive message board consisting of millions of smaller boards called “subreddits,” each dedicated to a specific subject matter. Users can add “flair” next to their username to show which subreddit they belong to.

Signing up for Reddit means choosing a username which will remain fixed (unless you sign in through Google or Apple, which generate a random name for you). In time, however, this name may change so it reflects who you are better.

How to Change Your Reddit Username

Your Reddit username is how the site recognizes you. At account creation, this name will serve to identify all of your posts and interactions on Reddit; though it can be changed at any time – but only up to a limited number of times each year.

Your Reddit username will only ever change once if it was generated automatically from Google or Apple accounts, or if you signed up for a new account and given the ability to choose another username within 30 days of creating one; once that period passes, however, it’s final and you must remain with what was originally chosen until deactivating and creating another one.

Reddit is a community that values free speech and it would be difficult to enforce a requirement that every user select an acceptable username when discussing sensitive subjects like politics or religion. Furthermore, with its strict anti-spam policy and extreme user protection features such as privacy features it would be virtually impossible for Reddit administrators to verify identities of millions of people frequently changing their usernames on Reddit.

To change your Reddit username, log into your account and navigate to your profile page. Locate the “Change Username” link in the top-right corner, enter your new username into the box provided, and click “Change Username” to submit and confirm it.

If you are having difficulty changing your Reddit username for whatever reason, deactivate and create a brand-new one instead. With your new Reddit account you can use it to connect with communities more appropriate to you personally and professionally.

Reddit allows users to customize their display names, which appear next to their username on profiles. It’s an effective way of personalizing their Reddit accounts and avoiding embarrassing posting mistakes on the platform.

Changing Your Reddit Display Name

Reddit is a popular social networking platform where users can meet and discuss shared interests. A user’s identity on Reddit is represented by both their username and their display name; both appear on their profile as well as in comments and posts they make. To change your Reddit display name quickly and easily, log into either website or app, click profile icon at top right corner, click edit next to current name then “Update.”

Once you’ve selected your new Reddit display name, simply wait a few seconds for your changes to take effect and a “Your changes were saved” notice to appear before continuing using your Reddit account with its new identity.

Reddit usernames cannot always be changed; for instance, if you used your email address as your username when creating your account, this cannot be altered later. Furthermore, using sign in with Google or Apple means your username will be autogenerated and non-selectable; thus if you cannot change your Reddit username successfully then deactivating and recreating will likely be your best solution.

Reddit usernames require two key components – display name and user ID. A display name serves as identification on the platform but doesn’t always have a unique identity – meaning it can change frequently as opposed to permanent user names that serve as unique identifiers of an account.

To change your Reddit display name, visit either the website or mobile app and log in with your username and password. After doing so, click “Profile”, “Edit Profile”, and “Display name” before scrolling down your profile to enter your new desired display name (3 to 23 characters maximum; red text indicates this).

Changing Your Reddit Email Address

Reddit is one of the largest communities on the internet, boasting more than 52 million active users and offering users the chance to create personal profiles accessible from any device. Your Reddit profile allows you to share links, photos and other forms of media as well as interact with fellow members in discussing various topics. If you would like to change your username on Reddit there are a few easy steps you can follow –

Step one is logging in with your Reddit account through any web browser, then clicking on your name in the top-right corner and choosing “Settings.”

Step Two – Enter Your New Email Address Step three is entering your new email address into the appropriate field and clicking “Save” to save any changes you made.

Once you’ve entered your new email address, the next step should be verifying it by clicking on the verification link sent directly to you via email. This step ensures no third parties gain access to your account.

Your new email address allows you to log into Reddit with ease. Upon doing so, you’ll receive a welcome message and list of recently viewed content, along with recent comments.

If you would like to change your Reddit username, this can only be accomplished if your account was initially created using either Google or Apple ID and is still within 30 days of signing up. Otherwise, the only other way is to delete and re-create with a different email address.

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Changing Your Reddit Password

Reddit is an online community where users discuss virtually every imaginable topic – from cat videos to breaking news updates – on an almost endless variety of subjects. When users join Reddit for the first time, they may receive an unadvertised generic username such as UnhappyRound436 or IntroductionSecret7; however, Reddit allows users to change it once within 30 days; once this time limit expires, however, no further modifications can be made.

To change your Reddit username, first login into your account. Next, click on your profile icon located at the top right corner of your screen; a pop-up will then ask if you wish to alter your username; if this is what you desire then enter it in the box provided and click Continue; your new name will automatically be generated; alternatively you may also add nicknames if desired.

Once your username has been changed, to confirm this change you must log back in with both name and password to that account to complete it. It should be noted that changing only your username does not alter your email address – for more information on resetting email follow the steps outlined in How to Reset Your Reddit Password.

Reddit does not permit much room for error with their username change policy; however, you can create another account and use that one instead if your current one doesn’t suit. Note however that any existing karma won’t transfer over.

Reddit usernames are stored in a database, making changes cumbersome. Since Reddit uses NoSQL platform that does not support join clauses, to update one table would require Reddit updating all tables that include that user. As Reddit boasts millions of accounts it would take too much work and effort for that change to take effect effectively.