Best Buy in Honolulu


Best Buy specializes in electronics and has established a significant market presence in North America and internationally. Their market presence allows them to enjoy large market shares in both countries while the possibility of profit gains in other areas remains open.

1016 Best Buy employees have reported their company is an ideal place to work. Employees gave leadership at Best Buy an A rating and appreciated working alongside their colleagues.

Shopping Experience

Best Buy Honolulu, conveniently situated at 478 Alakawa Street in Honolulu’s heart, provides a convenient shopping experience with its latest electronic gadgets and home entertainment systems. Access is straightforward – only 1 minute from Dillingham Boulevard/Kokea Street, 3 minutes from Exit 20B of Lunalilo Freeway/North King Street, or 8 minutes from Interstate H1/Exit 4 of Moanalua Freeway!

Magnolia provides premium home entertainment products from brands like Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, and Definitive Technology – with custom design and installation services. The Apple Store boasts an expansive selection of Mac computers, accessories, iPhones, and iPads for those searching for cutting-edge tech devices. At the same time, Windows Store provides all kinds of laptops and tablets suitable for work and play.

Best Buy made an ambitious foray into China in 2006 when they purchased a majority stake in Five Star Appliance, which operated branded stores within China. Their goal was to expand their presence within the Chinese market and take advantage of strengths like an expanding middle class and proximity to electronics manufacturers; unfortunately, this strategy ultimately failed when Chinese customers proved incredibly price-sensitive and unwilling or unable to pay premium prices for American products.

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Customer Service

Best Buy of Waimalu provides exceptional customer service that surpasses any competitor. They make credible vendors look bad. Their phone service is run like a circus, with people who know less about products than sales staff following scripts; no responsibility is taken for problems as blame is spread around, including shippers and customers alike.

Our store can be easily reached by public transit. Just a short drive from Dillingham Boulevard, Kokea Street, or I H1 Exit 19A (Queen Liliuokalani Freeway), Pearlridge Station, or Kaonohi St are within easy access for our store.

Value for Money

Best Buy is an electronics store chain known for offering an expansive selection of products at highly competitive prices and special promotions and offers throughout the year. Additionally, its credit card rewards program provides various perks to its customers, and its stores are easy to locate and fully stocked with cutting-edge products.

Established in 1966 as Sound of Music, Best Buy changed to its current name in 1981 when CEO Richard Joly was appointed. Before becoming CEO, he served as Chief Financial Officer.

After a slow start, Best Buy flourished significantly during the 1990s and became North America’s leading consumer electronics retailer by 1997. Since then, however, its stock has experienced steep drops, 29% in 2013, due to a combination of factors including smartphone market saturation and price-cutting competitors; these were compounded with Amazon becoming more prominent as an online shopping option; shares bounced back strongly by 2016 after reporting stronger-than-expected quarterly profit results.