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Best Buy is changing its workforce, store fleet, and sales strategy to place more emphasis on online commerce. They are laying off thousands of employees while simultaneously training others for digital roles; additionally, they are testing stores with smaller sales floors to accommodate more online orders.

Redesign of a learning network to give retail employees quick access to 90-second product videos; the completion rate has increased since the implementation of the new system by 94%.


Best Buy is dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment for its employees. They use virtual learning environments like Blended to prepare employees for holiday seasons, enhanced technologies to aid distribution and reinforcement, and inclusive recruitment to form a workforce that represents its diverse customer base.

The training team employed bite-sized learning to make it easier for retail associates and call center workers to fit learning into their busy schedules. It also developed eLearning courses that helped employees better understand the behaviors and idiosyncrasies of customers on the autism spectrum. This course received high employee ratings.

Best Buy leaders from both field and corporate collaborated on developing an eLearning module on engaging better with customers with disabilities, one of the highest-rated modules on Learning Network.

Gravity is a mobile app designed to give employees access to 90-second product videos to help customers more efficiently, says Beck-O’Sullivan. Last year alone, it was used 5.6 million times. Learning portals allow employees to create their eLearning content, while wikis enable collaboration among team members. Furthermore, the company hosts an online community where employees can ask questions and find answers related to the products and services offered. At our company, mentoring and professional growth opportunities abound, including participation in an Employee Resource Group (ERG). These support networks are organized based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability status.


Best Buy Learning Network is an online platform designed to assist multinational consumer electronics retailer employees in taking training courses and understanding company policies. Logging on is simple – employees use their user ID and password, which differ from their personal email addresses; that way, they can access the Learning Network without fear of invading privacy or risking losing employment opportunities. In addition, employees receive discounts on products and services.

Learning networks are also crucial to the company, helping promote its business to customers. Their goal is to expand the range of items it sells; one method involves hiring professional salespeople known as in-home advisors (IHAs). After testing IHAs for some time now, the company plans on expanding this service nationwide.

Best Buy has increased its efforts to compete with Amazon by offering customers similar in-home tech consultation services. Best Buy’s Geek Squad assists shoppers with technology inquiries in stores and at home. At the same time, the shop-in-shop program gives companies like Microsoft and Samsung real estate within Best Buy. It provides sales associates from their supplier-hired sales associates with information on what products they’re selling.

As part of its effort to provide more significant support for employees with autism, the company collaborated with members of its autism-specific affinity group and the Autism Society of Minnesota in creating a comprehensive eLearning module. This training educates employees on recognizing and responding appropriately to individuals with autism so they feel welcome and included within the company environment.


The Best Buy Learning Network is a training program specifically for employees of Best Buy. This training lets employees become acquainted with company policies while improving their work skills. Employees can log onto the Learning network with their user ID to access all available information and courses from Best Buy.

The Learning Network is an employee resource library with videos, podcasts, and blogs to assist them with performing their jobs efficiently. Available across desktop, mobile devices, and tablets alike. Furthermore, mentoring programs help to ensure Best Buy remains one of the leading consumer electronics retailers.

Best Buy has increased their focus on customer service to stay ahead of its competition, offering services like Geek Squad that assist customers with technology problems in stores or at home, shop-in-shop program that gives suppliers like Microsoft and Samsung space in Best Buy stores for employees of these firms to answer customer inquiries, Geek Squad Academy which encourages students to pursue careers in technology by developing fun projects using accessible tech, as well as offering shop-in-shop programs where these suppliers’ employees are available to answer questions from customers in-person, shop-in-shop programs offered in stores by Microsoft and Samsung to store employees who assist customers when asked.

The Best Buy Learning Network Login is a secure portal designed to allow Best Buy employees to log in and take advantage of various benefits, including access to an enhanced training platform enabling employees to handle a wide array of courses and earn certifications. Logging in is quick and straightforward: enter your user ID, click “Next,” follow instructions until prompted for the type of login you prefer, and provide any credentials like password, etc.

Once you enter your User ID, you will be taken directly to a page to log in to the Best Buy Learning Network. Before you begin this process, ensure you have an email address validating with Google or Gmail and fill in all required information before clicking “Login.”


Best Buy Learning Network’s suppliers provide the company with products, services, knowledge, and technical support. In addition, these suppliers equip employees with all of the tools they need to do their jobs – such as training courses and consulting support – as well as customer service management on its e-commerce website and customer care management for Best Buy’s global initiatives such as its Teen Tech Centers or community involvement initiatives.

Best Buy Learning Network was founded in 1966 as an American multinational consumer electronics retailer headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. Specializing in computer and technology products, Best Buy’s Geek Squad program provides customers with technical help for repairs at stores or at home; additionally, it offers shop-in-shop programs, which give vendors such as Microsoft and Samsung access to its stores via shop-in-shop programs.

Best Buy has enhanced the online shopping experience by expanding product content, unifying messaging across platforms, and creating landing pages aggregating items consumers have shown interest in. This has allowed them to control inventory depletion better and boost conversion rates online.