Best Burritos Near Me in NYC


At Clinton Hill Taqueria, the flour tortillas shine as their star attraction. Try the quesabirria burrito for an experience packed with juicy adobada beef stew and caramelized cheese!

Zaragoza is a family-owned Mexican bodega serving massive burritos filled with beans and guacamole. Their carne enchilada and bistec options are incredibly satisfying.


Empellon is an award-winning Michelin-star restaurant serving authentic Mexican small bites and tacos, including popular items such as lobster tacos and surf and turf fajitas. Their multilevel dining area features a large bar and mezzanine-level seating; additionally, several private rooms are available for groups to book.

Empellon’s Chef Alex Stupak has become known for his expert culinary techniques, but this West Village eatery stands out as his boldest attempt at populism yet. Instead of simply replicating or translating Mexican cuisine, he constructs his imaginative rendition with high technical skills and an artistic eye melded into one dreamlike culinary experience.

Until recently, Stupak was best known as a pastry chef – an eccentric modernist with an offset spatula and an affinity for maltodextrin. But he is also renowned for making delectable tacos with braised beef in salsa verde: his Tepito tacos (braised beef with salsa verde) have become legendary. His unusual creations, like pork rinds with an unexpected taste or his salad of bitter Brussels sprouts dressed with pomegranate and spicy chiles de arbol, are among his signature dishes.

Empellon in Midtown may feel pretentious, but the food is outright delectable. Empellon’s impressive tortillas stand out: previously, owner Stupak used flour tortillas, which allowed his flavors to flourish, but now he uses corn-based ones, giving the fillings more structural support and providing greater depth of flavors.

Taco al pastor is the signature dish at this restaurant, featuring Yucatan-style heritage pork dressed with pineapple that has been spit-roasted. Also notable are their pork tacos and fish tacos, as well as delicious margaritas.

Tacombi is another top spot in New York for tasty tacos, known for fusing regional Mexican ingredients with New American cuisine. The chainlet’s menu offers various types of tacos, such as the famous al pastor tacos beer-battered baja crispy fish, not to mention their salsas!

Nene’s Deli Taqueria provides delicious cheap tacos on a budget for those in Eric Mini Market, including cheeseburger fundido and the birria pizza with meat, avocado, onion, and tons of cheese – great options to take with you when on the move!

Taqueria Diana

In the East Village of Manhattan, Taqueria Diana serves delicious burritos with fat guac and crispy yet flavorful nachos that draw crowds of SoCal expats like moths to flames. Even its diminutive size attracts an impressive following of SoCal ex-pats eagerly devouring its carne asada, al pastor, and pollo tacos, but what sets Taqueria Diana apart is its massive portion of nachos with fresh crispy chips free from movie-taste ‘nacho cheese.

Taqueria Diana offers delicious chipotle chicken burritos and al pastor nacho platters, which were terrific, though I thought the former could have used less salt. Their al-pastor nachos were equally enjoyable but could have been bigger. Overall, I highly recommend visiting Taqueria Diana when looking for tasty burritos in East Village!

The menu at Los Tios de Mexico is straightforward, providing plenty of choices to satisfy vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Tacos served on handmade corn tortillas feature ingredients like rice, beans, salsa, and guac, making it the ideal lunch or dinner choice at reasonable prices.

Another outstanding feature of this restaurant is its partnership with Postmates to offer delivery service. Enter your address on their website and choose a delivery time or window at checkout to ensure your food arrives when desired.

Taqueria Diana is an affordable spot that serves delicious Mexican food with an authentic taste and drinks and snacks. Their service is fast and friendly; they always have fresh tortillas available when I visit their location blocks from my office, perfect for stopping after work for a quick bite to eat!

Flip Sigi’s

Flip Sigi’s is an award-winning Filipino Taqueria in New York serving some of the finest burritos. Their fresh ingredients create some mouthwatering burritos. In addition to burritos, Flip Sigi’s also offers poke bowls and lumpia dishes, which you can have delivered right to your door by ordering online – service is fast and delicious – be it an Adobo OG, Cali Burrito, or Sinigang Fries.

Thanks to its vibrant colors and tin signs, Bushwick residents near the DeKalb L stop will find this small space hard to miss. But make time if you’re nearby; even to try their burritos is worth your while – I especially recommend their steak and mushroom tacos or pork chop mole burrito.

Get a delicious meal under $20 here – an extremely reasonable sum in this part of town. The atmosphere is excellent and staff friendly; they stay open late! It’s an easy spot to find.

Jackson Heights-based Mexican restaurant La Fondita began life as a street cart before expanding into a full restaurant and several mobile locations throughout NYC. While their menu may be more expansive than your average street taco truck, their authentic quality remains. La Fondita should be included on any list of must-try Latino cuisine experiences!

Denisse Lina Chavez of Denisse Lina Chavez’s cochinita pibil and her creamy enchiladas will have Brooklynites smiling in no time. At the same time, Michoacan carnitas burritos from this tiny Williamsburg eatery have caused quite the buzz among foodies and passerby alike.

This small Hamilton Heights storefront might only seat ten people, yet it remains one of the city’s most exciting burrito spots. Run by a husband-and-wife team with years of kitchen experience between them, Al Pastor offers succulent sweetness. At the same time, the crispy cubes of pork combine perfectly with juicy rendered fat to form an irresistibly delicious combination.


Anyone who’s spent much time in New York knows the city’s Mexican food scene can be hit or miss. Most transplants from Los Angeles will cite overpriced tacos and high-end concept restaurants serving bland versions of authentic Mexican cuisine as complaints. Still, a few hidden gems like Zaragoza offer delicious Poblano dishes beloved by locals.

Location: Just across the Jackie Gleason Bus Depot is this small taqueria serving authentic Mexican fare in Brooklyn. Offering pork carnitas and lengua tacos, among other dishes, is just the start; for an unforgettable dining experience, try their Birria, an irresistibly rich, spicy stew made with oxtail, chiles, and vegetables that pairs beautifully with cold beer or Jarritos soda!

This restaurant features a small dining area with just a few tables; most patrons order take-out. Service is quick and friendly, and food is reasonably priced; they even offer traditional Mexican snacks like churros and salsas! It’s well worth a visit, even if you don’t like ordering burritos today.

If you’re looking for a delicious burrito near me in NYC, an East Harlem Mexican restaurant may be your solution. Perfect for lunchtime with affordable prices (you can even get two entrees and a drink for $25!), the food may not be top-notch, but decent enough.

Electric Burrito opened its East Village branch last year, giving West Coast-style burritos with French fries their rightful place in New York. Try their California burrito for carne asada, pico de Gallo, and firm, salty fries. Additionally, try out their grilled steak or breakfast burrito for something different!

Hadley Schmitt loves this East Village Mexican eatery that serves wallet-friendly Mexican fare. Open since the early ’90s and founded by Pueblan immigrants Olivia Marin and Manuel Marmolejo, their menu boasts classics such as chicken enchiladas with chile guajillo sauce and their incredible breakfast burrito – not to be missed!