Fixing Your Xbox in 3 Easy Steps


I’ve been a massive fan since the first Xbox consoles appeared on store shelves many years ago. Microsoft’s innovative spirit, it seems, will never cease to excite video game fans everywhere. However, because we live in imperfections, blunders, and failures, even human inventions may occasionally malfunction. I wrote this piece detailing what to do if your Xbox 360 stops working and offering three potential solutions.

Every year, we shell out a humongous sum on video game systems, which doesn’t even account for the cost of the games. As a result, we expect the products we pay good money for to perform reliably and effectively at all times. The Xbox 360 you buy can be broken when you get it. Sometimes it’s just the normal wear and tear from regular gamers holding the joystick for long periods until something violates. We can only watch in awe, though! When we say, “I spent nearly $300-$500 on

this,” the universe responds, “And this?” However, what transpired? Some of us can play the game and, depending on the person or customer, misuse the game, but we don’t know what went wrong or how to remedy what has happened. It’s like the guy who puts thousands of miles on his car but never changes the oil and can’t figure out why it breaks down when it comes. But you can figure it out, just like I did. I am not an expert in Xbox technology or engineering. My answers are not some novel scientific technique of my invention. Many of us, or at least I can speak for myself, have issues with “The Gaming Disc” used in Xbox consoles.

The first step is to check the disc for damage (such as cracks, slits, or scratches) before placing it in the console. Inspect the disc well after removing it from the case. This is because I noticed a tiny crack/slit in the middle of the disc after only a few minutes of pushing down and pulling up the disc from the inside of the protective cover. The game kept freezing up on me as I played. In the heat of an NBA 2K competition! And I kept making new attempts.

Furthermore, I was baffled as to why it kept freezing. So, I cleaned the disc well, blew off the dust, and stored it securely in its case/cover. So, one day I looked at the disc more closely under light and found a little slit had formed in the disc’s center from being taken out of and returned to its case/cover so many times. Each time, I took extra precautions. The discs are delicate, so handle them carefully when you place them in the case and then set the matter down gently. Never give your disc to anyone, incredibly careless persons.

This brings us to the second issue plaguing Xbox 360 players: “Game freezing even when nothing is wrong with the disc.” The newer Xbox 360, with its 250 GB hard drive, functions similarly to a desktop PC. Therefore, similar to when your computer freezes, and you have to restart it. To shut down an Xbox, press the touch-sensitive power button on the console’s front right (not the eject button on the left!). Then, for 15 seconds, disconnect the Xbox from the wall outlet or power strip. But before you plug it back in, grab the Xbox’s 250 GB hard disk from its side.

It can be found on the control panel on the right side of the console. The hard disk can be removed by a ribbon that is attached to it. It doesn’t take much effort to take out or put back in, and it doesn’t take up much space. Once it has been released, blow into and back into its casing. Carefully re-insert it into the console of the case. After that, reconnect the power cord to the wall plug or power strip. This method is often called “A Reboot or Refresher Step.” It’s good for the brain and the system.

The third issue that plagues many Xbox players is the “Inability to connect live to the internet.” First, a simple Wi-Fi connection through someone else’s network will not allow you to log in to Xbox Live without having a “Broadband Internet Provider” (such as America Online, Microsoft, Verizon, etc.). A high-speed internet service provider is required. Try the “Reboot/Refresher step” if you already have an internet service provider but cannot log in to Xbox Live. In addition, you may have the Xbox check your connection by going to “Connections” on the dashboard. Finally, if you’re like the rest of us and trying to connect via an internet modem, try turning it off for 15 seconds (if it has an on/off button) or removing it from the wall outlet for 15 seconds (if it hasn’t already been done) before plugging it back in. Have fun, gamers!

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