What Channel Is CBS On DIRECTV?


CBS is a popular television network known for producing entertainment of various genres. From legal dramas and comedies to formal courtroom dramas and hilarious sitcoms, there’s something here for everyone at CBS.

Due to a carriage dispute, AT&T DirecTV satellite and U-verse cable television services no longer carry CBS channels. However, it is still possible to watch them with another provider.

CBS All Access

CBS is one of the best channels available on television, as its programming caters to viewers of all ages. From sitcoms and reality TV to drama and sports broadcasts (such as NCAA March Madness and NFL games), this channel can be added to any plan without additional fees. DIRECTV offers CBS as part of its SELECT package for no additional charge.

CBS All Access is a streaming service that lets you watch CBS content across various devices. From Star Trek to The Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight, live news and events are streaming. While only available in select markets, the expansion will soon occur and expand to more cities.

DIRECTV offers four plans, each offering different channels. CBS can be found in each project, but its availability will depend on your area. A channel finder tool or call one of their representatives can be used to find out which track it’s on in your market.

DIRECTV’s SELECT package provides excellent value for your money with over 200 channels available – including popular services like CBS and ABC/FOX! Plus, they’re offering a limited-time deal on Gemini satellite receiver, giving access to streaming apps and watching HD live TV!

CBS can be watched via your DIRECTV streaming device or app; Pluto TV is also an ad-supported streaming service where pro sports are shown live and free, though you must subscribe to cable to gain access to more local events.

Sports fans can purchase CBS All Access for just $5.99 monthly to access local CBS channels in 206 markets ad-free viewing via streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and PlayStation 4.

CBS Sports Network

CBS is one of the most-watched television channels in America. Offering shows for people of all ages and sporting events as well as news coverage that provides updates on national and international happenings, it can be found across most cable/satellite TV providers – including DIRECTV – with many available even without subscription through antennae.

You will need a local affiliate in your region to watch CBS on DIRECTV. Channel numbers differ depending on where you reside; Los Angeles residents will find CBS on Channel 2. Bell Gardens, Hawthorne, and Long Beach also have CBS on channel 2.

CBS offers an impressive variety of entertainment shows that span all demographics. Their daytime programming keeps viewers engaged with Price is Right and soaps like All My Children and One Life to Live; news magazine programs 60 Minutes and 48 Hours have a strong presence; they also play a vital role in sports broadcasting with NFL, PGA Tour events and NCAA March Madness tournament coverage.

DIRECTV offers several plans with CBS programming, such as its Entertainment and Choice packages; its Ultimate and Premier plans also contain CBS Sports as an option. You can stream all your favorite CBS shows using the DIRECTV app from any location – you can record shows using its DVR and use voice control to switch programs!

CBS is an essential channel to include on any Directv service, as it’s widely available. To subscribe to it, contact their customer support team, who will assist in setting up your benefit, and visit their website to learn more about the products and services provided. DIRECTV prides itself on offering superior TV experiences, as evidenced by numerous awards won for innovative technology and excellent customer care; additionally, they offer new customers free trials of their services before making a final decision.

CBS News

CBS is a popular television channel in America, offering diverse programming genres ranging from formal courtroom dramas to comedies that make audiences laugh out loud. Alongside its extensive list of shows, the network hosts daily news broadcasts. It streams its coverage online via Reena Ninan and Elaine Quijano’s team, which can be watched across many devices.

Compared to its main rivals, CBS does not produce as many original shows; however, some hit series exist. It has earned a solid reputation for sports coverage and daytime shows/soap operas.

DirecTV plans typically include a CBS channel as part of their offerings, though channel numbers vary based on where you reside; please check with your local channel guide or call Directv to identify what the correct number for your location may be.

A subscription and receiver/antenna are necessary to view CBS on Directv. However, non-subscribers can watch through the CBS All Access streaming service available on specific TV devices, including Ultimate and Premier.

CBS has been in business since 1927 as a radio broadcast network. After television was introduced, its scope broadened further as news was no longer the primary focus. In 2014, they launched their over-the-top television service called CBS All Access, which offers subscribers free news programs, drama series, and sports programs.

The CBS channel number can differ depending on your region but is usually among the first ones on the dial. In California, for instance, you can watch CBS on channel 29 in Bakersfield and 47 in Fresno. Alternatively, channel 13 can be found in Sacramento, while channel 5 exists in Denver.

Directv is unique among cable and satellite providers because it offers free local CBS TV channels in most cities – giving you access to your favorite shows without additional costs. Furthermore, you can access the CBS news channel as part of your subscription package with Directv.

CBS Local

CBS is one of the most-watched cable channels, providing viewers with shows to suit viewers of all ages. Their comprehensive programming ranges from sitcoms and reality TV series, through news and sports updates, to news-and-sports updates on different streaming platforms like CBS All Access which recently earned rave reviews for its upcoming Star Trek series.

Other ways of watching CBS include local TV stations. Most cities and towns have local CBS affiliates you can tune into. An antenna may also help pick up digital broadcast signals; this method may work cheaper than paying for a cable subscription. AntennaWeb offers advice for finding suitable antennas if this approach appeals to you.

DIRECTV offers CBS as one of its available channels; however, the exact channel number varies based on your location. Most plans offer it, including the SELECT package of 155 channels and the ENTERTAINMENT plan with 150. You can stream CBS through either app or website access.

CBS is best-known for the Price Is Right and NCIS, both critically-acclaimed series with high production values. Furthermore, they boast a significant presence in soap operas, with The Young and Restless and One Life to Live being popular options. Furthermore, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours also contribute significantly towards making CBS an established news source.

CBS Local on DIRECTV provides programming suitable for children and adults of all ages and sporting fans (NFL and NCAA March Madness are featured), making adding it simple! Plus, customer service is superb when adding CBS to your DIRECTV lineup!

If you have difficulties accessing CBS locals on DIRECTV, visit your provider’s website or call customer support for help. Issues can be quickly and effectively resolved over the phone without additional fees, saving time and frustration as this approach usually works better than more complex resolution methods.