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Genre / Study. There are five general categories of online casinos.
Supports a wide variety of gaming platforms and genres. Examples: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, etc.
Covers only one type of console. A Nintendo Wii game that features only that company’s products is an example of a single-company game. For instance, Nintendo’s Single-Series games encompass a whole franchise. One (1) Legend of Zelda game exemplifies a “Single-Game.” Instance: Metroid Prime 2
The type of site you want is a personal opinion; all are equally effective. Multi-console sites, however, have the potential for a larger audience, but detractors point out that the market is already somewhat crowded.
Research. If you’re running a smaller gaming site (single firm, single series, single game), using a keyword research tool like the one available at SeoBook.com is a good idea because you’ll be catering to a more specific audience. If your site is the first of its kind, you should aim to stand out by offering something novel; for inspiration, peruse the Gimmicks section.

Acquire Expertise. You need to be a severe player to design a top-notch gaming website. You need to be ‘in the know,’ meaning you are familiar with gaming terminology, companies, games, and industry news to provide insightful commentary.

Name. Since the market is already so crowded, a brandable and memorable name is what you should aim for; for example, you could go with MP3Gaming.com, MP3Gamers.com, or even just MPGamers.com instead of MetroidPrime3Gaming.com (and, of course, you could buy all the variations and see which one performs best).

Time to Create a Gambling Website. There are optimal periods of the year to establish a gaming website, resulting in more initial interest and increased traffic.

Conventions devoted to video games: I’ve found that opening my gaming websites around E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has been particularly fruitful. A large audience will be seeking any E3 news and media, so make sure you provide it.
At Christmas, give the gift of entertainment; everyone enjoys playing games. The weeks before Christmas are consistently the most successful and heavily visited for online gaming businesses.
Content. What you provide as content is, of course, up to you. You can report the news, offer editorial commentary, critique popular culture, reveal secrets, or do all the above. Of course, the more content you launch with, the better, but if you’re trying to cover a lot of ground, at least launch with 5-10 reviews/articles so that your site looks established and readers can gauge whether or not they want to stick around.
Design. Since designs for video games tend to be bold, glossy, and high-tech, and this strategy appears to be successful, you should strive for the most blatant design possible while including a large amount of content on each page.

Software for Managing Content. If you don’t want to build anything from the ground up, check out some of these innovative CMS options.

Here’s a free one: http://www.ncastercms.com/.
Free at http://www.igamingcms.com/.
http://www.insanevisions.com/onecms.html – Free!
http://www.gamecms.com/ – Free!
[http://www.vgportal.com/] http://www.customcms.net/
I like VG Portal and CustomCMS best, but if you have the cash, you should try OneCMS from Insane Visions. The way I promote online gaming portals is as follows:

Connected Discussion Groups
Ranking Websites That Swap Links with Other Popular Websites
Digg. co
Revenue. Sign up for a program like ValueClick Media, which pays pretty, and you may start making some extra money with CPM strategies as you begin to receive visitors. Avoid CPM advertisements on gaming sites because of their low payout. Keeping people on your site is a better option. Individuals to Contact at the Media. The good news is that once your gaming website has a steady stream of visitors, you can start making connections with the media. Sign up at GamesPress.com to receive a comprehensive list of PR contacts working at various game publishers. Don’t immediately go for the notable names; instead, reach out to publishers recognized for supporting up-and-coming sites, like THQ, Vivendi, or Ubisoft. Now, if they have a press site, it’s simple; head there and sign up; otherwise, contact them via PR email and include language along these lines:
Inquiring about CONTACTNAMEHERE,

I own Site Name, which offers visitors first-rate content and valuable information.

Please include us on your press release distribution list; doing so will help us expand our news coverage. For the past X days/weeks/months, SITENAME has been seen by X number of people daily.

Many thanks,






After being included in their press release list and publishing their press releases for a while, you will be eligible to request free review copies of their games. Many businesses will automatically dispatch them after a predetermined number of days, so you might not even have to ask.

Reading the news every day. News and rumors can best be found in online forums, as the larger ones employ thousands of people who are constantly searching the internet for information and posting it when they find it. Therefore, take a look at the following:

You may stay abreast of all the current happenings by frequenting their forums.
Staffing Up. It’s not easy to find people willing to labor for free, but if you can build a sizable gaming forum, you might find a few people happy to post some news or reviews. The best strategy to recruit new employees is to offer them free games for honest reviews. Many individuals will gladly provide feedback if they get to try out a new game before anybody else. If your site becomes more popular, more people will want to work for it, so be patient.

Gimmicks. These are the tricks I use most frequently:

Userbars: People adore user bars, and they are used on many forums; thus, if you create several and then utilize basic HTML to make them a link, you will gain additional traffic and exposure. If the user deletes the link, your URL will still be in the photographs. [For some instances of user bars, see http://www.userbars.com.] Remakes of classic games will surely be a hit with your site’s visitors, so be sure to include some flash games linked to gaming.
Wallpapers: Including a section for wallpapers is never a bad idea, especially because some users may even upload their own.

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