Travelers Table Menu in Montrose


Thy and Matt Mitchell’s Travelers Table Menu is located in Montrose and features fast-casual cuisine from around the globe. It celebrates cultures through fast-food service.

The restaurant provides lunch during the weekdays, dinner on weekend evenings, and brunch on weekends. A limited selection of mains like branzino, Jamaican jerk pork, and prime bone-in ribeye is complimented by salads and sides for the complete dining experience.

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Traveler’s Table offers an unforgettable dining experience that combines delicious cuisine and educational programming. Over five courses, gourmet combinations will be prepared while learning about Mexican history and culture through tasting. Furthermore, an expert-led tequila tasting and cacao worship were part of Mayan rituals; finally, the meal is paired with international wines and local tequilas – creating an experience unlike any other!

Traveler’s Table Restaurant in Montrose offers global cuisine at its most casual. Founded by writer Matthew Mitchell as an outlet to experience international flavors through food, its menu combines classic recipes like butter chicken with innovative versions created especially for this establishment.

As starters, guests can choose from an assortment of tostadas served on a bed of avocado puree, Calabasas, and salsa featuring honey, chili ancho, and achiote; slow-cooked orange-infused turkey tacos or wild rabbit sope are delicious meaty options; for an unexpectedly meaty experience try slow-cooking orange-infused turkey tacos or wild rabbit sope. As main courses, travelers can savor a 700-year-old soup recipe made of frijol and onion served over fire-heated river rocks; pork vindaloo and beef cheek ravioli are among many offerings on this menu.

After their meal, guests can indulge in a decadent dessert featuring five varieties of chocolate. Additionally, this restaurant provides an impressive selection of international wines and mezcals to pair with this delectable dessert – the experience makes for the ideal way to travel while experiencing fine dining!

If you are interested in experiencing this unique restaurant, call ahead and inquire if space is available. The staff can help select dishes to meet both your tastes and budget; they also customize dinners according to individual requests, including vegetarian- or gluten-free menu options as desired. This restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily, with brunch services planned shortly.


Traveler’s Table, located at 520 Westheimer and opened this month as the former Aqui space, promises to offer a culinary tour worldwide. Owner Matthew Mitchell – an author and journalist with extensive travel experience – has turned his passion for culinary exploration into a laidback restaurant seating 140 inside plus 32 on its patio; its interior boasts global textiles, oversized palms, and vintage travel souvenirs to complete this immersive dining experience.

Chef Omar Pereny from A La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group created an innovative menu focusing on classic international dishes, from soft shell crab pad Thai and yellow curry khao soi bowls from the Far East, Jamaican jerk pork and North African leg of lamb stuffed into burger buns, as well as Chinese five-spice duck, butter chicken, as well as an impressive global veggie board showcasing various veggie preparations.

Sweet endings to their meal include Mexican hot chocolate and cajeta (goat milk caramel). Plus, enjoy cocktails or wines from an extensive global offering list! Additionally, diners have often reported finding the staff friendly and welcoming. Don’t miss out on this experience! Travelers Table offers convenient online table reservations; choose the date, time, and party size when booking and proceed through payment to secure it before receiving an email confirmation and visiting the restaurant to enjoy a wonderful meal with your family.


Traveler’s Table, opened by Matthew Mitchell in the space formerly occupied by Aqui, offers Montrose dining a fresh new approach. Their menu boasts international dishes with contemporary influences, an extensive wine and beer selection, and delicious coffee beverages such as espresso or Thai Iced Tea – something Aqui’s menu couldn’t provide!

The Traveler’s Table menu is organized around regions, offering dishes from around the globe. Regional entrees include soft shell crab pad Thai and yellow curry khao soi bowls from Southeast Asia; Indian-Middle Eastern dishes, such as smoked yogurt-marinated butter chicken with pork vindaloo; American cuisine, such as burgers and shrimp and grits complete its selection.

Traveler’s Table is a cozy and intimate dining spot offering three separate dining rooms: the main space features an uncluttered design with several small tables, while two of its other dining rooms showcase vintage travel souvenirs and oversized palms as decor.

Experience Thai culture through delicious cuisine! Their friendly staff and reasonable prices make for an enjoyable dining experience, offering espresso drinks, Thai Iced Tea, and Mango Lassi. Additionally, they serve an assortment of tasty bread puddings and chocolate cakes!

Traveler’s Table’s approach may be admirable, but Houston-area diners already have ample exposure to various cuisines since at least the early 1980s. Neighborhoods with restaurants specializing in different international cuisines provide great choices, making Traveler’s Table unlikely to produce significantly more flavorful recipes than its traditional versions.

Thai culture places great emphasis on subtlety when it comes to ingestion while at the same time displaying their food. This can be seen through their cuisine, which often emphasizes visual appeal and culinary skill; restaurants in Thailand will often use various condiments and garnishes to enhance the presentation of each dish served.


Foodies and travelers, look no further. A new restaurant recently opened at 520 Westheimer and features global fare from travel-inspired owner Matthew Mitchell, with its bohemian vibe inside and a patio full of palm trees and plants reminiscent of Aqui. Gin Design Group provided the revamp for this space formerly occupied by Aqui.

The menu at The Ivy Restaurant is extensive and inventive, featuring traditional dishes at an upscale price point. Their mission is to capture the flavor and spirit of different countries by offering innovative takes on familiar dishes – like their signature Argentinian Provelata shared appetizer with seared, smoked provolone cheese, oregano chimichurri, and honey drizzles! Words are divided into appetizers, salads & pasta, and main courses.

When ordering in an Italian restaurant, it’s essential to understand their language. Here are a few basic phrases to get you started: an aperitivo is a drink served before beginning to eat that helps stimulate your appetite; antipasto refers to an appetizer that typically consists of salad, charcuterie, or cheese platter; primo piatto refers to the first course, such as stew or soup like tortellini en brodo or pasta dish like risotto; while dolci refers to desserts such as torte meaning cakes or tarts as well as gelato, Italy’s preferred ice cream brand or semifreddo which partially frozen desserts.