Travelers Superstition in Diablo 4


Travelers around the globe rely on various superstitions to aid them during their journey. From avoiding Friday the 13th to cleaning their house before traveling, these rituals help ensure a safe and successful trip.

The Traveler’s Superstition quest in Diablo 4 is an easy side Quest that requires only saying hello to a statue and receiving its rewards – Gold, XP, and Hawezar Renown in an unseen hidden chest!

1. The Hastily Scrawled Note

Start The Traveler’s Superstition side quest by interacting with a Hastily Scrawled Note near a statue and shipwreck in Hawezar’s Rotspill Delta area, reading its text: “Pay your respects to her, and she will accompany your journey safely. Disregard her, and you may suffer the fate of these poor fools!”

After responding to the note, players must stand before a statue to complete their quest. After using Hello Emote on the default wheel (E on keyboards/UP on D-pad) to “pay their respects,” an Unlocked Chest will appear directly behind the statue, and opening it will complete Traveler’s Superstition Side-Quest while giving players gold, items, and experience rewards.

Traveler’s Superstition is one of the quickest side quests in the game and can be completed within seconds. However, players should be wary when approaching its statue as it contains dark secrets that may pose a danger – including ghostly figures who have suffered tragic fates.

Visitors who wish to learn more about the statue should head over to Fossil Island in Act 5 and visit the Museum of Superstitions near the House on the Hill waypoint featuring paintings and sculptures that tell its tale. This museum can also provide more insight into its story via the Traveler’s Superstitions statue.

The statue itself contains several cultural artifacts that can be found around it, such as jewelry and an essential key for Traveler’s Superstitions side-quests: it includes an unlock key for its Hidden Chest at the statue itself. If you wish to explore more of its history, the nearby ruins of Zin-al-Khalifa provide additional insights, including an ornate temple and buildings that once made up part of this ancient city.

2. The Statue

Traveler’s Superstition is one of the many side quests available to players in Diablo 4. This challenging but accessible riddle-like quest can be found in the Rotspill Delta of Hawezar region and started by interacting with a Hastily Scrawled Note near an abandoned ship, which states that players should pay respects to a statue near it to receive rewards; failing to do so will incur curses instead. Interestingly, this side quest doesn’t require battles – just emoting in front of said statue!

Emoting requires players to stand before a statue and select Hello from the wheel emote selection list. Doing this will complete the side quest and open up a chest containing Gold, XP, and +20 Hawezar Renown, an ideal reward for such an easy side quest completion!

This side quest recalls an episode from Seinfeld called “The Statue.” Here, Nobel Prize-winning professor Alex suspects his wife Rhonda of infidelity after she unveiled a statue depicting her with exposed genitals. After consulting former advertising man-turned-psychiatrist Harry, Alex uses clues left by Harry to track down who may have modeled for the figure; interrogates household employees he thinks are involved; questions an employee only for them to accuse him instead; finally follows clues to Florence where he confronts her with evidence against Rhonda that her sculptor is infidelity he followed leads.

Even though Diablo 4’s side quest may seem silly, it remains an enjoyable way to gain experience and rewards quickly. Players should take note when they come across this particular side quest to reap its benefits rapidly – especially considering that many other Hawezar sidequests only award small amounts of experience and gold for relatively little work done; more sidequests completed will increase player renown in Hawezar zones.

3. The Riddle

If you have ever visited Hawezar’s Rotspill Delta, chances are you have seen a mysterious statue amidst its wreckage representing “her,” the source of an old riddle and part of this traveler’s superstition.

Though difficult, Riddle is an accessible side quest that can be completed within minutes. Emote before the statue to unlock an instant reward and find a hidden chest. However, be wary as numerous enemies may present that must first be defeated before solving this riddle.

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4. The Emote

Diablo 4 offers many side quests that challenge players with riddles they must solve, often providing an experience for only minutes of work and offering gear or crafting materials in return. Some riddle-based side quests even require specific emotes to complete them; Traveler’s Superstition in the Hawezar zone of the Rotspill Delta region requires using a “Hello” emote in front of the statue.

Once players reach the shipwreck and read an ominous note, they will notice a statue of a woman nearby. According to this message, players must respect this statue so she will not harm them; otherwise, they risk becoming cursed. You can access her by opening your Emote Wheel and selecting Hello as the Emote to access this statue; using it will open a chest instantly while fulfilling this side quest; otherwise, visit Customization Mode and drag her emote into an empty slot in your wheel for easy inclusion!

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Traveler’s Superstition is an engaging, short side quest that provides ample experience and valuable items with minimal investment of time and effort. It makes a perfect filler mission between main story missions while exploring more areas in Hawezar. Completing it yields 20 renown points for Hawezar and health potions to help achieve higher tiers of renown.