The Way of Meditation, Good Deeds, and the Visible Aspect of Meditation


Moral action does no damage. This means refraining from sexual misconduct, such as engaging in intimacy with people who would hurt others or themselves if they were unable to handle the emotional fallout, speaking the truth instead of lying, and refraining from intoxicants like drugs or alcohol in favor of maintaining mental clarity. It also means not taking what is not freely given. These behaviors are frequently explained, defended, and excused. They will, nonetheless, have adverse effects on your life in the future because they are motivated by greed and hatred.

Although doing good is difficult, when you see the results, you are happy you did it. When you see the outcomes of harmful activities, although simple and satisfying, you regret what you did.

When there is the proper intention, always present when there is the correct view, there will be the right action. Speech and behavior have karmic repercussions later in this life and subsequent lives because they are intention-driven. Your stream of causation, which continually produces outcomes that match your actions, is fed by the acts you take. Therefore, having the proper perspective and aim is essential to achieve your goals and finding happiness. If you are half asleep, this will never occur. You need to focus entirely on what you are doing. You cannot take the right action if you are not mindful and present. Any action taken with the proper intention in any situation is considered the right action. You will inevitably have the right choice and achieve the ethical consequences if you are attentive to the action as you are performing it.

On the other hand, a lack of attentiveness practically ensures unfavorable outcomes. You typically have thoughts, wishes, memories, worries, and fears. You may be opposing and resenting when working or driving through traffic. This is due to your perception that your skills are being spent on a meaningless endeavor that does not reflect your genuine value. In your opinion, they are not being utilized to their full potential, and you are too significant for this to occur. You may, for instance, listen to music to take your mind off of this and make yourself feel important again. You are constantly reliving the past or daydreaming about the future, feeding the ego’s need for attention by being everywhere but where you are at any moment.

The world’s most important resource is life itself, and if it is not utilized, something will inevitably seize the chance to abuse it for its ends. Energy flows constantly by nature, and it will wash away if you don’t keep up. These negative states will prevail if you are unwilling to take responsibility for your actions and take charge of your life. They gain power when you refuse to defend yourself more and more. They will use your life force to grow stronger over time as you become weaker and less able to make the most of your life.

Nearly all of your life disappears in large pieces, but the detrimental effects do not. You shouldn’t be shocked if more bad things happen to you than good because their owner is constantly reaping the consequences of their actions.

Losing your integrity is not a noble or dignified act. When you act out of self-interest because you believe you are essential, you get the opposite of what you wanted. Your sense of worth is eroding over time. While deluding yourself into thinking you are sustaining your price, negative mental states are stealing it to feed their vigor rather than yours. You have been successfully reduced to servitude without being aware of it. They have merely pretended to give you their seeming sparkle and status as a reward for following them to make you feel more significant. This gives you the impression that you are the center of attention. Contrarily, as they grow stronger and more potent, you feel more important when they utilize you because you believe you are being chosen explicitly by something powerful. You feel better and are less aware that you are using your life force to pay for this dubious privilege the more controlled you are. You lose all of your chances to succeed. Therefore, this is not a good deal for you! Gluttony has twisted you into aiming for work and prestige with exceptional value. Since they only have conditional meaning and are consequently ever-changing, they are superficial and of no genuine value. Then, you must seek a new position and activity that are in fashion. There is no rest since you never acquire anything of enduring value, but you never give up trying because of your naive optimism in continuing to look for a deal. All of this is fake glitter.

You’ve got it entirely backward: your performance, not the type of activity, determines your standing. More is obtained by investing more. By doing so, you focus on improving yourself rather than allowing yourself to be duped into doing the opposite. You get the most out of your life from it. Your good mental states are now becoming increasingly vital, offering a continual stream of pleasant outcomes and new opportunities to do better. It’s the gift that never stops giving.

When you engage in mindfulness practice, this naturally occurs. When you practice mindfulness, you automatically agree with the correct viewpoint because you are focused on what you are doing and not some fantasy. You intend to pick the proper course of action because you have the right perspective. Being mindful of your actions prevents you from losing significant amounts of opportunity and self-worth because you will behave rather than with resistance or reluctance, which will benefit you. The necessity and utility of an endeavor are its proper justification. Being mindful helps you stay focused on these advantages. Your natural tendency to let go of negativity produces favorable outcomes.

Your mind will become disorganized if you are feeling negative about anything since the effect of negative ideas is to disorganize the mind. They keep you in captivity by blocking the restoration of your integrity. You won’t think clearly and will probably strive to get through this painful period to move on quickly. If you don’t take a little more time in this situation, it won’t be feasible for you to reclaim your integrity and mindfulness.

You will feel some resistance or resentment if you are doing something because it is expected of you or because doing otherwise would upset someone. As a result, you will suffer harm twice. By practicing mindfulness, you may behave fully committed and let go of the negative states that are roving around in your mind. This immediately rewards you with its ability to relax and ease. Whatever you are doing, your worth and dignity are restored.

In essence, taking the appropriate action is making a constructive, thoughtful decision. Because mindfulness requires letting go of everything else to be present, it instantly turns negative mental emotions off. The mind can only concentrate on one focused point at a time, which is a straightforward explanation. Being conscious of activity causes the reason to be in that activity, and because mindfulness is a positive action, the mind will always be positive. This is still true even if you are aware of your negative ideas. The unfavorable opinions are diminished or vanish entirely if your mindfulness is strong. Mindfulness gets more robust and more straightforward to use with practice.

The antithesis of suppression is mindfulness, which involves letting go of a bad state to accomplish something better. Adverse conditions become stronger with suppression while weakening with mindfulness because of the increased energy repression gives them.

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