The RRA Entry Stock


Rock River Arms (RRA) was the pioneer in the production of entry stock. Subsequently, several other manufacturers, including Double Star and Leapers, also reproduced it; however, RRA remains its primary manufacturer.

RRA’s Elite Operator, Entry Operator, and Tactical Operator models all include an entry-length buffer tube. Additionally, the Elite comes equipped with a custom handguard featuring standard quad rails at its forward half and smooth oval aluminum at its rear half – ideal for tactical operations.

Product Description

Joy Engineering Group (JE) Group has been hard at work creating a prototype to bring back this timeless design of an RRA entry stock rifle with 5.56 NATO chambers, featuring its distinctive flat top receiver, 16″ chrome moly 1:9 twist barrel, and an in-stock storage tube – features which have made its popularity apparent in recent years.

These rifles may still be suitable for casual shooters, but much better options exist at similar costs. Over-gassed rifles tend to cause premature parts wear, fouling, and an increased recoil impulse. Furthermore, these models do not make use of HPT/MPI barrel steel or taper pins, park under their FSB, stake their extractor/insert/springs properly, or utilize commercial-sized rec exts with lighter buffers – all factors which negatively affect overall quality and shooter experience.

If you are looking for an AR-15 with quality components, I suggest choosing one of these alternatives to the RRA entry stock.

Product Features

Rock River Arms first unveiled their Entry stock in 2010 as a mil-spec reproduction of an A2-style A2 stock with shorter dimensions. Other manufacturers, such as Leapers and Double Star, also reproduced this design; however, all were later discontinued due to a lack of sales. These aftermarket productions are often over-gassed, which results in faster wear on parts, fouling issues, and an increase in recoil impulse.

These guns tend to overheat quickly, leading to the early failure of both the gas piston and upper receiver components. Furthermore, commercial receiver extensions tend to use an elliptical spacer which rides on a smaller buffer tube than on A2. This results in even further overheating issues with these weapons. RRA’s new Elite Operator, Entry, and Sully models feature an anti-rotation tab to stop this movement of their stocks and keep their use stable. This ensures a perfect shooting experience every time out. These three models each feature flat-top receivers and 16″ chrome moly 1:9″ twist barrels chambered for 5.56 NATO chambers, fitted with their Tactical Muzzle Brake. Standard M4 plastic handguards can be found on these rifles, while for their Elite models they come equipped with half-quad free float handguards with quad rails in the front and an oval foregrip in the back for added security and comfort.

Product Specifications

Rock River Arms first released the RRA Entry Stock as an aftermarket reproduction in 2010 in response to low sales for A2 rifle buttstocks; its purpose was to combine their durability with those of shorter carbine-style stocks. Other companies, such as Leapers and Double Star, produced similar models; unfortunately, all were later discontinued due to low sales. Many garage-based shops attempted cutting A2 stocks into similar configurations without success.

RRA Entry Stock is currently offered in three models: Elite Operator, Entry Operator, and Tactical Operator. Each comes equipped with a flat-top receiver and 16-inch chrome moly 1:9″ twist barrel coupled with the RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake for reliability. Both the Elite and Tactical Operator models include six-position CAR-style buttstocks featuring watertight storage compartments as well as multiple sling attachment points. Entry Operator and Tactical Operator use standard M4 handguards, while the Elite has an exclusive Half-Quad Free Float Handguard equipped with standard quad rails on either end with a smooth oval handguard for extra accuracy.

The RRA Entry Stock can be attached to any AR-15 with either an A2 rifle buffer tube or shorter tubes such as ARFX-E or AR-UL-E; Magpul CTR buffer tubes also work. Unfortunately, function testing revealed that its anti-rotation tab inserted into either the lower receiver or receiver extension (buffer tube) may be slightly undersized, potentially leading to rotation in some instances.

Product Reviews

Rock River Entry Stock is an affordable AR-15 rifle option and a highly acclaimed manufacturer known for creating quality firearms at an unbeatably low cost. Their products feature quality parts backed by an extended warranty. Furthermore, this company is known to produce cutting-edge AR-15 accessories that often receive rave reviews from professional shooters.

There are various rear-entry stocks on the market, but all share similar characteristics. These features include a flat-top receiver, chrome-moly 16-inch barrel, 5.56 NATO chambers, and standard AR-15 bolt carrier and lower assembly. RRA rifles are known for their incredible accuracy, but some users have reported issues ranging from minor to severe ones that they believe may have resulted from user errors or poor workmanship during manufacturing processes.

Many of these issues stem from inferior parts or assembly. Rifles, in particular, are notorious for over-gassing, leading to excessive wear on components and fouling problems, while some factory RRA rifles have feed ramps that become dislodged, failing reliable feeding.

RRA is notoriously known for cutting corners to produce cheaper guns, which may work for some users but should be taken with caution given other options on the market that offer more excellent reliability and are closer to spec. Furthermore, for the same money, you could purchase a better gun from companies like DPMS or LMT.