The Inheritance Games Book Review


Avery Grambs is a high school junior living with her sister Libby and working as a waitress to make ends meet. Her plan: keep working hard without complaints from anyone else, and her job would get done.

But after an eccentric billionaire dies and leaves his fortune to her, she becomes embroiled in a dangerous family game.

Avery Grambs

Avery Grambs, a high school junior who recently lost her mother and lives with her step-sister Libby, dreams of traveling the world while earning money by playing video games – but her plans are soon dashed when she discovers she inherited billions in inheritance – the condition attached is that she must move to Texas and live at Hawthorne House for one year with Tobias Hawthorne’s family to uncover its mystery and uncover why Avery inherited billions in inheritance – while Tobias Hawthorne left puzzles that Avery must solve to unlock its secrets behind Avery’s fortune.

The Inheritance Games is an engaging young adult thriller. It follows Avery Kylie Grambs, an unassuming high school junior living in poverty. When she gets pulled into Tobias Hawthorne’s world of disinherited rich kids and must figure out why he chose her to inherit his fortune, Avery Kylie draws deeper into an intriguing mystery that draws on history and modern-day society.

She is surrounded by people who want to rob her money and claim it for themselves, including death threats in her locker at school. After considering all options available to her, she opts to keep only part of the inheritance, leaving the rest in a charitable trust with plans to help other people before turning eighteen.

Avery becomes embroiled in relationships with Tobias Hawthorne’s handsome grandsons: Grayson believes she’s an attempt at deception. At the same time, charming daredevil Jameson hopes she will join his inheritance games as their partner. With every riddle or puzzle Avery solves, she learns more about his mysterious family.

No matter the challenges she must confront, Avery remains true to herself: an intelligent and self-reliant teenager with a sharp tongue who excels at solving puzzles and playing games like chess.

The Inheritance Games is an engaging book series filled with complex mysteries and romantic relationships, perfect for teens and adults. The plot has plenty of surprises while its characters remain likable; however, some readers might find its mystery less compelling.

Tobias Hawthorne

Jennifer Lynn Barnes wrote The Inheritance Games as a young adult mystery/thriller published in 2020. Avery Grambs learns she was included in billionaire Tobias Hawthorne’s will and must live at Hawthorne House for one year to inherit his fortune, during which time she meets Tobias’ four grandsons; they become angry over why Tobias chose her, and Avery begins deciphering the clues he left behind.

The novel is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats and also features a romance between Avery and Jameson, one of Tobias’ sons. Avery’s family may seem chaotic, with relationships often straining under pressure, yet reading about their exploits makes reading enjoyable!

Tobias Hawthorne is an eccentric billionaire philanthropist whose vast empire encompasses multiple charities. A bit strange himself, Tobias loves adding rooms to his Big Fancy House that he calls “the maze,” often solving puzzles or games with it as well. Tobias created this empire so his grandchildren would grow up as self-reliant individuals.

Avery’s life is turned on its head when she discovers she has been included in a billionaire’s will. Immediately, she moves into Tobias Hawthorne’s mansion with the Hawthorne family and begins unraveling clues left behind by Tobias. Still, as she learns more about them, she believes there may be more hidden within this inheritance than meets the eye.

As the story continues, Avery becomes embroiled in an intricate web of manipulation and deceit, only to realize her family is much more damaged than she initially anticipated. While hurt by family actions is normal, when those close turn violent against others, it can turn to hatred–something Avery experiences firsthand when Grayson, one of her intended heirs, becomes violent towards Avery.

Avery must fight to maintain her dignity against increasing scheming and backstabbing from both within the family and outside forces looking to take away her inheritance. Avery must also decipher Tobias’ coded messages and riddles to understand why their family has fractured.

The Hawthorne family

Avery Kylie Grambs, an 18-year-old teenager, comes to inherit billionaire Tobias Hawthorne’s entire estate, much to the surprise and displeasure of her family. As soon as this becomes a reality, Avery Kylie finds herself thrust into a game between four Hawthorne grandsons for control over it – each looking for their piece. Jennifer Lynn Barnes offers up Inheritance Games as a thrilling mystery series with romantic elements for readers to enjoy.

An unexpected inheritance introduces Avery to an entirely new world of privilege and gives her a desire to give back; however, she finds it hard to know where or how best to deliver. After much soul-searching, she decides to start Same Forwards or Backwards as her foundation of choice, donating 96% of her assets and income directly to a charity chosen by Avery herself. Grayson will assist in helping Avery navigate through this complex world of philanthropy.

Once Avery learns that Tobias may have fathered an unknown child with her mother, things become even more complicated. Her paternal half-sister Libby denies she is biologically related to Avery; Toby doesn’t care either! When Drake learns of Avery’s inheritance plans – he plans to spend it all while making threats against Libby and even trying to murder her! But her security guard brother Eli and half-brother Greyson step in to save the day.

As Avery discovers more evidence of Tobias’ missing child, she also unearths clues from his will referring to True North and compass bearings – leading her to find out where Tobias spent his final years: Colorado mountain cabin. When approached by a local reporter asking for an interview, she agrees to let them visit it so she can recount its story.

However, as the story develops, Avery becomes suspicious that there may be a serial killer lurking about. Her suspicions are confirmed when another murder occurs – this time more brutal than before.

The mystery

Inheritance Games is an incredible YA mystery with lots of suspense and just a hint of romance, following Avery Grambs as she discovers she has unexpectedly inherited billionaire Tobias Hawthorne’s estate (much to the displeasure of his family). I highly recommend reading this book! Also highly addictive is Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ Debutantes duology series of books.

Once Avery inherits Tobias Hawthorne’s estate, her life is turned on its head. She must live with the family he left her and solve one final riddle to discover why he chose her rather than one of his daughters or grandsons – this novel will keep readers riveted from beginning to end!

While Avery attempts to unravel her family’s secrets, she discovers a small pile of papers in her locker at school that feature articles featuring her from newspapers, some with hostile and violent comments attached. Avery’s bodyguard informs her that these are likely from The List, identifying people who pose security threats against Avery.

Once she discovers these remarks, Avery realizes someone is after her fortune. While she does not yet know who it is or exactly why they want it so badly, she knows she must play inheritance games to secure it for herself and keep her wealth safe. Navigating her complicated family dynamic, intricate riddles, and the world of the wealthy won’t be easy, but Avery remains hopeful that victory is within reach.