The Best Pork Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Location: Near Rabindra Sarobar Stadium on the main road near Rabindra Sarobar Stadium This old-school eatery serves arguably the best chilly pork in town and delicious cooked grilled bacon dishes.

Since Kalman Cold Storage closed in 2019, many Kolkatans rely on Whole Hog Deli for morning cold cuts and brunch sausages.

A1 Haji Meat Shop

A1 Haji Meat Shop in Kolkata offers delicious food that’s sure to please. Their meat is always fresh and delectable; their kababs are legendary! There’s also an array of other tasty offerings sure to satisfy every craving!

This restaurant’s cozy ambiance and friendly service have won it high customer ratings; located close to Dum Dum metro station and Patipukur railway station, its customers have given this restaurant high marks.

Suppose you need a quick meal in the city. In that case, this restaurant offers an assortment of food and beverages with fast service – and can even deliver directly to you within minutes of placing an online order!

This eatery is a favorite in the city’s heart, attracting many locals and tourists alike. Their menu offers delicious rolls, tikkiyas, Chinese dishes, fresh produce, affordable prices, and mouthwatering tengri kebabs to please every palate imaginable. Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm (one downside being no in-store seating available).

Bengal Meat Shop

Bengal Meat Shop in Beadon Street offers non-vegetarian cuisine at prices under Rs 50 per dish, but no reviews have yet been written for it – feel free to submit one by clicking below!

Bengal Meat Shop is a family business that provides all sorts of meat products at unbeatably reasonable prices, delicious spices, and ingredients to enhance any meal. Furthermore, its affordable yet reliable services make this shop ideal for locals searching for pork, beef, or chicken products.

Additionally, it’s conveniently situated close to an array of famous landmarks and shopping centers – JSR HWRH can be reached at 5.78 Km, Howrah Bridge is 2.74 KM away, and Science City is 6.49Km out.

GUJRAT PROVISION STORE is located within walking distance from Bengal Meat Shop, as well as businesses such as PC Chandra Jewellers Hatibagan, Rupa Exclusive Store Hatibagan, and Frankross Pharmacy Hatibagan; Maa Kali Stores; SK Food Stores Bhuban; Subhodh Wood Carving by Subhodh Wood Carvers Subhodh Wood Carving K N Ghosh Electricals among many more nearby establishments. Hatibagan Metro Station and Jatin Das Park Metro Station are nearby, while Padmapukur Railway Station can also be found within 0.66 km of this location.

Munna Meat Shop

Munna Meat Shop offers protein-rich meat at its finest. Their extensive stock includes lamb shanks to mutton brain, quail, turkey, emu, and rooster, as well as cold cuts and sausages that you can purchase here.

Sweet, sinewy, and tender: there’s no better way to describe good meat’s exquisite flavors and texture than this list of adjectives! But it’s more than taste that matters when it comes to choosing quality meat products; Kolkata boasts numerous excellent pork shops that provide top-quality cuts at reasonable prices – using these tips, you should be able to locate the ideal shops in Kolkata that satisfy your cravings and boost sales with quality leads from trusted sources! Download this 71 Chicken & Mutton Shops list as of August 11, 2023, with email and phone numbers so your marketing, analytics, and sales teams can use it!


Here, you will find clean, healthy, and cost-effective meat. One of the top places in Kolkata to buy it. Here, you will discover any essence you want – from delicious bite-size cuts to bulk purchases for commercial purposes – but please be aware not to consume liver and brain.

Haringhata Store in Kolkata is a government-run establishment offering meat, poultry, and dairy products from WBLDC farms in various locations like Mall Road K b Sarani or near Pushpa Medical Hall in Dum Dum. Furthermore, this store also provides fried and grilled snacks – making this store an excellent place for stockpiling chicken, pork, mutton, koel, and turkey!

These outlets stand out from other stores by offering fresh and unusual meat options, from lean pork to sausages and seekh kebabs – you’ll find all exotic tropical meat here! Additionally, you can buy locally reared chicken and mutton at great discounts while saving money!

Many are concerned about bird flu from eating poultry, yet according to WHO, it is safe for consumption as long as it has been adequately cooked. Heat-sensitive viruses like bird flu can be neutralized by cooking at ordinary temperatures; Haringhata Store is one of the best places for purchasing this type of meat.

Our store is 20/1 Mahendra Banerjee Road in Behala, Jagorani, and Parnasree Palli in West Bengal 700060 India, approximately 1.54 kilometers away from Majerhat railway station. Rated with 3.5 stars on Facebook, its employees are incredibly welcoming, making this an excellent workplace!

Kohinoor Meat Shop

Carnivores know the sheer joy of eating meat is irrefutable; its sweet, sinewy, and succulent texture leaves us craving more every time we bite into something juicy or tender. But where you source your meat matters as much; the quality (and variety!) of what you eat can make or break a meal. Therefore, carnivores must know about the best meat shops near them to find just the proper cut for their next dish.

If mutton is your passion, look no further than Bengal Meat Shop. With an established track record for providing high-quality meat like lamb shanks, mutton shoulders, and even frozen buffalo meat, this shop’s extensive selection of cold cuts is what sets this shop apart.

Kohinoor Meat Shop offers an excellent option for pork lovers in Kolkata. Their shop is known for its large selection of cold cuts, including turkey, quail, pig, and emu, and an impressive array of mutton cuts, making them one of the premier mutton shops.

Topsia in Kolkata-South, offering a carpet area of 290 square feet, is an ideal spot for clinics, stationery stores, or mobile shops with good visibility from main roads.

With lockdown restrictions being eased, mutton prices should see a dramatic decline. According to traders, prices could drop under Rs 700 once state borders open again next month.