Ten Best Practices for Lasting Weight Loss


Losing weight and maintaining a body with a low fat percentage takes time and effort, just like anything else. It takes time to lose weight, and a new way of thinking and living is necessary to maintain weight loss. If you can follow these suggestions, you will have a far higher chance of losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Exercising is a must if you want to lose weight.

Exercise can aid in weight loss, but only if you do it for at least 30 minutes daily, five days weekly. Don’t freak out if time is short! Newer research suggests that breaking up your workout into three 10-minute sessions daily is just as effective as one 30-minute session. Increasing the intensity will yield better results if you have 10-30 minutes to work out. You can burn the same number of calories by exercising at a reduced power for a more extended period (30-60 minutes).

Exercising is crucial, but not just any workout will do. Strength training helps you keep and build muscle, while cardiovascular exercise enables you to burn fat and get in shape. And before you even think about it, sure, lifting weights is beneficial for ladies.

Altering your workout routine frequently prevents your body from acclimating to any one way.

Avoid forcing your body into fat-protection mode at all costs.

Skipping meals or putting the body through an unsustainable diet can cause the protective mechanisms of fat storage to kick in. If this happens, no diet or exercise will help you lose weight.

Diets, for instance, typically result in initial weight loss followed by a plateau and eventual regain. The body has gone into fat-defense mode for two reasons: one, it hasn’t been eaten in a while, and two, it has no idea when it will be nourished again.

Rather than looking for a quick solution, focusing on the long term is essential. You can get rid of excess fat for good, rather than just momentarily, if you adopt a nutritious diet, exercise regularly, and take it slow.

Losing more than 2 pounds (or 0.5 kg) weekly is not advised.

If you’re losing weight rapidly, it’s probably water and muscle rather than fat.

Maintain Insulin Stability

Fasting (meal skipping), dieting, eating low-fat foods, or snacking on junk food can all cause an insulin surge. In addition, having only three meals per day will cause an increase in your insulin levels. Your blood sugar and metabolism will remain stable, and your energy levels will remain high if you eat five or six quick, nutritious meals daily.

Consume Proper Fats

Yes! Indeed, there are beneficial fats. Essential fatty acids, or essential fats, include omega-6 (linoleic acid) and omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid). Beans, nuts, and grains are all excellent sources of essential fats.

Olive oil is a fantastic substitute for vegetable oils as a source of monounsaturated fats. Reduce the fat in your diet to 10-15% of your daily calories, and avoid cutting out vital fats.

Fats cause more fat gain than other foods with the same caloric content.

5. Stick to Carbs With a Low Glycemic Index

Not all foods high in carbohydrates are the same. Since different foods have varying effects on our bodies, some are better than others at increasing blood sugar levels, and this ranking system is called the glycemic index.

Consuming foods with a low glycemic index (GI) can help prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes and to avoid weight regain after dieting.

Consume More Fiber

With the help of fiber, the body can convert food into energy rather than storing it as fat. It helps stabilize insulin by absorbing food and delaying the sugar absorption rate into the blood. The filling effects of fiber are a nice plus.

Schedule Your Workouts

By ingesting a smoothie or other nutritious food item before and after a workout, you can “bracket” your workout. Doing so helps improve insulin sensitivity and protects muscle mass. Consume something light, like fruit or a shake, at least half an hour before your workout and something heavy, like a protein shake, no more than half an hour after.

Record Your Thoughts

You can either use a blank notebook to construct your fitness journal or buy one already made. Create a schedule for the next four weeks of exercise here. When and how do you intend to carry out the planned aerobic and weight training activities?

The following two weeks of your diet can be planned out in this way with ease. Keep track of your weight and body mass index (BMI) every week, and snap a picture of yourself once a month. You won’t believe what happens.

You can gain insight into what you need to do and why you need to do it by keeping a journal of your daily food and exercise habits before you even begin your weight loss strategy.

9. Keep your sights on improving your health, not your weight.

You’ll be ahead if you prioritize your health over your appearance. The body conforms to the mind when one prioritizes wellness. Putting too much stock in the material world is a recipe for disappointment and frustration. This is due to the time constraints and mental and emotional strain you will place on yourself.

Making improvements to your mental and physical health over time is possible by incorporating lifestyle changes into your daily routine. Don’t focus on how different foods affect your weight, but on how each food might contribute to your overall health. Having a day off once a week to do anything you want is another excellent way to relieve stress.

Pick a day when you won’t feel guilty about indulging your cravings. I can almost hear your “Are you crazy??” I assure you that I am not. You won’t believe how well this operates. Knowing you can treat yourself to chocolate on your Free Day is a temporary consolation. As your eating habits shift and your awareness grows, you may discover that by Free Day, you no longer desire the once “banned” foods.

Ten. Surround Yourself With Help

Weight reduction is no different from any other endeavor because it is far more challenging without a helping hand. Ensure you have someone there for support, whether a partner, family, friends, or even people you meet at the gym or in aerobics courses. Sometimes you need to get something off your chest, receive a comforting hug, celebrate a significant accomplishment, or get more incentive. Having somebody you can lean on is essential.

Sports massage therapist Kimberley Potter writes on women’s health and fitness. Women’s Health & Fitness: A Resource for Information and Advice

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