Range Finder Binoculars


Many hunters and target shooters require a rangefinder and traditional binoculars for accurate target ranging. Range finder binoculars help find objects or targets in the foreground that may obscure your view of an otherwise visible target.

Meopta’s Optika LR 10×42 binocular with rangefinder capabilities is impressive, capable of reaching 2600 yards at range and boasting superb optical performance and applied ballistics capabilities.

Range finding

Add range finder binoculars to a hunting pack and remove the guesswork from long-range shooting with both bow and rifles. Most rangefinder binoculars work by projecting an invisible laser beam onto targets, which measures how long it takes for light to return and provide a readout to users. While this method is usually accurate enough for distance measurements, its performance can diminish significantly when the target moves or reflects sunlight onto it, reducing rangefinder performance significantly.

One of the most significant features of rangefinder binoculars is their ability to accommodate inclination angles. This feature automatically adjusts the measured range to account for any changes in the rise of tendency, taking much of the guesswork out of making shots from any grade. You may even find sets that do all ballistic calculations automatically, saving time and effort!

Meopta’s MeoPro Optika LR rangefinder binoculars deliver impressive optical performance for their price, boasting outstanding image resolution and edge-to-edge clarity, with some reviewers ranking them #4 for their visual performance. In addition, these binoculars boast excellent color contrast with minimal Chromatic Aberration.

The Optika LR binoculars are an ideal option for bow and rifle hunters seeking high-tech devices without spending an arm and a leg. Their ranging capabilities reach 2000 yards on reflective targets – more than enough for a deer-sized game. Furthermore, these lightweight binoculars include night vision mode!

Athlon Cronus UHD rangefinder binoculars are another high-quality pair. Boasting a wide field of view and high magnification makes spotting animals from a far distance easier. Furthermore, their built-in GPS enables hunters to mark their location and track progress during a hunt – especially helpful if hunting in unfamiliar terrain! In addition, its digital compass helps navigate the landscape.


Magnification with range finder binoculars should be an essential consideration when purchasing them. As higher magnification increases detail resolution but decreases the field of view (FOV), selecting a pair that suits your specific needs can often mean higher costs (usually because more magnification results in increased lens sizes and decreased FOV).

If you’re shopping for ranging binoculars, look for those with 10x magnification and 42 mm objective lens diameter configurations – these provide easy handheld use while still producing clear images. Ideal for hunting, horse racing, and other sports, they are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport or store!

Opting for binoculars that offer a wide field of view (FOV) and can produce clear images even in low light is vital when searching for suitable choices on the market. You could also consider finding some with an infrared system to detect heat from targets and display distance on their screen.

Rangefinder binoculars are ideal for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who require accurate distance measurement from long-range targets. Their features make them the perfect companion, including digital readout and a straightforward menu system; some rangefinder binoculars even have built-in ballistic calculations, providing all the information you need for accurate shots.

Another crucial feature to look out for in rangefinder binoculars is their ability to zoom in on targets. Birders will appreciate this feature, which allows them to focus on specific objects more closely while seeing details clearly; hunters also enjoy it because it will enable them to scan animals and make quick decisions regarding their next moves.

No matter the species of prey you’re hunting, a rangefinder binocular can help ensure that you hit the target for an effective shot. One of the top rangefinder binoculars on the market, with outstanding optical performance and field of view features – not to mention its built-in ballistics calculator that takes gun and ammunition usage into account for accurate readings – is the Sig Sauer Kilo10K-ABS HD rangefinder binocular.

Field of view

One of the critical aspects to remember when searching for range finder binoculars is their field of view, which measures the area you can see while holding steady your binoculars at a given distance. A larger field of view makes spotting objects easier, especially those moving across landscapes – so select binoculars with sufficient viewing area according to your specific needs.

Clarity should also be an essential consideration when purchasing range finder binoculars, particularly when hunting, where clarity can make the difference between getting a great shot or missing it entirely. Our tests revealed that the Steiner Predator LRF binoculars excel in this regard; in particular, their edge-to-edge clarity made an impressionful statement about them, and they rank highly on our charts of tested binoculars at this price point.

Meopta’s Optika LR rangefinder binoculars are an outstanding value choice for archery hunters or anyone looking for quality binoculars at an affordable price. While not boasting all of the bells and whistles found on more expensive options, these Meopta binoculars still boast some stand-out features that set them apart in their class: a neutral color tone that sets them apart from similar models in this price range and exceptional optical performance.

Meopta Optika LR binoculars boast an exceptional zoom range and ergonomic design for easy use, as well as a long battery life and archery mode built-in. In addition, this unit offers a ballistic calculator and other useful features, making it the ideal option for archery hunters.

The Sig Kilo 6K rangefinder binocular offers many features at an incredibly reasonable cost. Its small, lightweight, and compact body – perfect for hunters wanting to lighten their pack without compromising performance – and innovative features such as wind speed/direction/arrow speed calculations make this an excellent option for archery hunters.

Eye relief

Range finder binoculars can be invaluable to hunters encountering many branches and twigs near their target animal. This equipment helps hunters quickly scan the area to ensure their bow or gun does not accidentally hit an obstacle such as barbed wire fences or tree trunks that could deflect an arrow shot by deflective devices such as barbed wire fences or tree trunks.

Some rangefinder binocular models feature an integrated reticle that displays fine lines with scale markings in the view. This can be digitally displayed or made out of beautiful fibers; they help calculate distance with an easy formula. Other rangefinder binoculars use silhouettes for faster ranging without complicated calculations to reach targets quickly.

Eye relief should also be an essential consideration when shopping for rangefinder binoculars. It refers to the distance from where the lens’ outer surface meets where an eye point forms – too little eye relief will make viewing images difficult; an ideal eye relief would be approximately 16 mm.

Rangefinder binoculars often come equipped with brightness adjustments that make viewing dim lighting or rainy conditions easier, neck straps and dioptric adjustments that let you customize them precisely to fit your eyes, size, and weight considerations so they’re easy to carry, as well as dioptric adjustments so they’re tailored specifically for your eyes.

Nikon LaserForce stands out as one of the finest rangefinder binoculars. This model boasts waterproof and fogproof construction for hunting in all weather conditions; it features an easy-to-read display and compact size, making it easy to transport or store.

Sig Kilo 10 ABS is another impressive rangefinder binocular boasting features like ballistic aiming solutions, density altitude direction, and more. Lightweight and comfortable eyepiece and neck strap make for an enjoyable viewing experience. While there may be optical issues, such as blue tint, its impressive feature set warrants consideration.