Pentair 154687 Complete Fitting Package Replacement Pool and Spa Filter


Air Bleeder/Tee Assembly

This package includes an air bleeder/tee assembly, adapter, o-ring, and washer to ensure proper functioning for Triton II pool and spa sand filter models TR140, TR50, TR60, and TR100 sand filters as well as System 3 string swimming and pool filter versions S7M120 S7M400 S8M150 S8M500 S7D75 and S8D110 string filters. It measures 3 inches in length by 1-1/2 inches in height by 1-3/4 inches in width.

If gray clouds start flowing from your return line following a backwash or cleaning of your pool filter suction, it could be time to upgrade or replace your internal bleeder valve. This air bleeder connects directly with a tube leading from the underside of the filter now into the return line for optimal functioning.

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The adapter is a critical element of our closure kit, helping prevent air from escaping your filter during installation and removal. It was designed explicitly for Triton II pool and spa sand filter models TR140, TR50, TR60, and TR100 filters as well as Pentair System 3 SMSD string swimming and spa filters and measures 3-1/2-inches long by 1-1/4″ tall by 1-1/2-inch width; visit us online for more details!


O-rings are minor yet essential components for pool and spa filters. Their purpose is to ensure that air bleeders and adapters are properly sealed together; without it, your system would no longer function correctly. With their inclusion as part of a closure kit, installation should be swift.

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Clean and clear water are critical elements to enjoying swimming or relaxing in your pool or spa, and with the Pentair 154687 Complete Fitting Package Replacement Pool and Spa Filter, you can quickly replace all necessary parts to get it up and running again quickly and effortlessly. This kit contains an air brake/tee assembly, adapter, O-rings, and nuts needed for successful installation.

This Closure Kit is specifically designed for Triton II pool and spa sand filters TR140, TR50, TR60, and TR100, as well as System 3 string swimming and club filter versions SM, SD, and SMD S7M120-SMD110 string swimming filters made with durable high-grade materials that last.

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The 154687 complete fitting package is suitable for Triton II pool and spa sand filter models TR140, TR60, and TR100, as well as System 3’s SM, SD, and SMD string swimming and spa filter series S7M120 through S8D110 string swimming filters; it includes Air Bleeder/Tee Assembly, Adapter O-Ring Nut Assembly.

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