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When learning tabla, finding an effective mentor can make all the difference in terms of correct learning and faster retention of rhythm bowls (measures). Plus, having someone guide your progress and give feedback will also give you more of a feel for the music itself and improve coordination skills.

Traditional methods for learning tabla required finding an experienced guru and receiving one-on-one instruction; however, digital technologies now enable students to discover this beautiful instrument online.

Routes 2 Roots

Routes 2 Roots is a non-profit NGO dedicated to cultural exchange. They have been sharing Indian culture around the globe through their digital learning program, Virsa, and hosting international events and exhibitions to foster cultural awareness among ordinary people.

Recently, Routes 2 Roots hosted a cultural evening for a high-level business delegation from Pakistan visiting New Delhi. This event was free to attend and intended to foster peace between India and Pakistan through performances by artists and musicians from both nations; guests enjoyed watching and marveled at their talent! Routes 2 Roots NGO is now planning another show open to the general public.

Routes 2 Roots’ student exchange program fosters global understanding by pairing students from India and Pakistan for a year-long student exchange activity that culminates in select children visiting each other’s countries. Students exchange letters, postcards, collages, and audio/video recordings in order to gain more insight into one another’s cultures and traditions.

This unique project has been an overwhelming success in creating understanding between both countries. Already, an NGO has hosted events, exhibitions, and concerts with business delegates from both nations, as well as workshops on theatre and classical music.

Skylax Records have issued Terre Thaemlitz’s sprawling deconstructive house statement Routes Not Roots once more, following rave reviews in The Guardian and NPR. Though initially released in 2008, Routes Not Roots is currently receiving renewed interest due to an enthusiastic reception.

Hindustani classical singing, an Indian musical tradition dating back centuries, has long been revered and appreciated worldwide. Through its intricate melodies and poetic lyrics, its performances elicit emotions as well as spirituality; therefore, it remains highly valued worldwide.


Tabla is an engaging form of musical composition that blends rhythm and melody to produce beautiful sounds, making an instrument used for meditation as well as therapy. Additionally, tabla can help people become more active by improving balance and coordination, losing weight faster while simultaneously decreasing blood pressure, and improving heart health – creating an instrument that makes people feel calmer and relaxed overall.

iPass provides an accessible online course to teach the fundamentals of tabla and Hindustani Classical Music from home, providing video lessons and practice sessions designed for all ages. Ideal for students of any age, classes are designed to be enjoyable and interactive so they can take place any time, day or night – with qualified teachers available on iPassio, making learning tabla from home more accessible than ever!

Learning the tabla is a complex endeavor that requires patience. Starting from the basics and gradually progressing toward more complex techniques is crucial to your success. Furthermore, practicing regularly ensures you play with proper rhythm and achieve the desired results.

To become a good tabla player, one must understand all of its components – starting from its central drum (chat), which provides the beat, through smaller drums (shahi and maidan) on either side. Next comes holding and sitting correctly when playing it – as well as learning and practicing all syllables of tabla like Bols or Syllables of Bol. Once these have been mastered, then move on to more advanced tools such as Dadra Kaharwa Teen Taal Rupak Jhap Taal Ektaal or Chautaal, etc.

Learning to play the tabla is a life-long skill that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures, from kids to elders alike. Not only is playing fun, but learning can also build social skills while expanding musical appreciation across genres. Children may benefit from developing agility and rhythm as well as improving coordination and concentration – it may even serve as an enjoyable form of exercise to reduce stress!

Das Tabla School

Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument, and there are various methods for learning it. One option is taking lessons with a professional teacher; this will ensure a more thorough learning experience requiring much practice but eventually will pay off in spades. Online classes may also be cheaper and more convenient.

Grammy-awarding musician Sandeep Das is widely recognized as one of the world’s premier tabla virtuosos. Additionally, he’s an esteemed educator and public speaker, having performed on film sets, TV programs, international tours, and museum galleries around the globe. His compositions draw on both Indian culture and international touring experiences to craft timeless designs that span multiple genres and decades.

Das is the founder of HUM, an ensemble of world-class artists with the mission of furthering global understanding through musical performance and education. He has collaborated with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma and Paquito D’Rivera at venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to Royal Albert Hall, and he has collaborated with orchestras around the world.

He has created educational videos for students of all ages to assist them in understanding Indian classical music. Furthermore, he is passionate about passing down its legacy to future generations; to do this, he established a foundation that supports young musicians both in India and in America.

The first step of learning tabla is acquiring knowledge of Bols (syllables that form the basis of every tabla beat). Students must learn how to recite these syllables so they don’t forget them later on, after which they’ll be ready to begin playing elemental compositions in Teen Taal.

Sandeep Das, an award-winning composer and internationally acclaimed master of Indian drumming from New York City, holds a special place at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Das is best known as one-half of the Grammy Award-winning Silkroad Ensemble; together with cellist Mike Block he created an electrifying cross-genre duo featuring rhythmic tabla instruments alongside melodic violin tones.

Spardha School of Music

Spardha School of Music provides online music lessons that enable students to learn various musical instruments without ever leaving home. They offer flexible packages so students can attend as often as they’d like and also provide certification courses for those seeking careers in music.

These online music classes are accessible and cost-effective, providing students with easy access at any time of the day or night. Students have various options available to them, including prerecorded lessons and text-based lessons, as well as live classes taught by an experienced instructor, allowing them to hone their skills in real-world settings. Online lessons also tend to be easier for management purposes due to not needing transportation arrangements for attending class face-to-face.

This company provides an array of online music courses, from piano, guitar, flute, and electronic keyboard lessons to beginner and professional musicians alike. Classes are tailored for beginners through professionals, and private music lessons are offered to those interested in learning specific instruments.

Music is one of the world’s most beloved hobbies, offering relaxation, stress relief, and mood improvement. However, learning a new instrument can be challenging – so finding and sticking with an effective instructor is crucial to your musical journey.

Spardha products are designed to address specific challenges within the Music Education industry: providing customized curriculum tailored for different student personas; hiring and upskilling professional teachers effectively; offering personalized musical journeys tailored for specific students; and ultimately creating an innovative virtual classroom experience from anywhere on any device.

Spardha, located in Pune, India, is a privately held company focused on EdTech, Media, and entertainment that has raised $3.44M through five rounds of funding.