How to Remove Theme in Xiaomi


Selecting a theme on an Android device is generally straightforward. It allows you to modify icons’ font sizes and choose specific colors for SMS text messages.

However, you may choose a theme that doesn’t meet your needs; should this occur, removing it could be necessary – here are some helpful hints on how to do that.

1. Go to Settings

Customizing the theme of your smartphone is a great way to personalize its appearance, from font and wallpaper selections all the way down to the home screen layout. But if you decide that your new theme doesn’t suit you or wish to switch back, simply head into Settings and change your mind!

Your Xiaomi phone offers two methods for opening its Settings app: tapping its icon or directly accessing it. Once in, select “Themes” to view a selection of themes you can apply to your Xiaomi device; to delete an article, tap its “Delete” option next to it; pieces will also be automatically removed when rebooting your Xiaomi device.

Xiaomi provides themes for free on its official website, so once you download your desired music, follow the installation instructions to install and apply it to your phone by pressing either “Apply” or “OK.” Furthermore, once used, a theme will automatically update itself to prevent you from losing any changes made during the application.

If the current theme on your Redmi 9 device doesn’t meet your standards, head to the Settings menu and choose “Theme.” This will restore basic icons and fonts while potentially speeding up your device if the theme is resource-intensive.

Finding and applying themes to your Xiaomi smartphone can be straightforward, yet changing it later can be more of a hassle. To quickly revert to the default theme, you can use your phone’s “Themes” application. This app contains various file options such as themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and fonts, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of your screen, resetting the home screen layout, icon folders, and text message default color settings – perfect for personalizing your Xiaomi phone!

2. Go to Themes

If you have been using a theme on your Xiaomi device, now may be an appropriate time to switch it up. Themes can modify everything from icons and font to background images – they provide an easy way to customize its appearance. But if you get tired of your new music and would instead change back, follow these steps to remove it from your Xiaomi phone.

Start by opening the themes app on your device, tapping the smiling icon at the bottom-right corner to access the themes menu, viewing available themes, downloading them, and deleting individual ones by tapping and holding them. Even after having deleted something, it can always be redownloaded by returning to its theme menu and tapping the ‘Download theme’ button again.

Themes can help personalize the appearance of your Xiaomi device, but you must understand their limitations. While changing the interface design, they may also impact app functionality as some third-party themes may have been created using languages other than English – making it harder for you to access your apps! To prevent any potential difficulties when installing themes, be sure first to ensure all language settings have been set appropriately before proceeding.

Mi Theme app gives your Xiaomi phone access to many different themes, accessible by tapping on its smiling icon in the bottom-right corner and selecting the themes menu. Here, you will be presented with many wallpapers and font options; there is also an extensive range of ringtones as well as opportunities for changing interface colors.

Xiaomi’s Theme App provides an easy way to change the appearance of your device, and backing up themes will save you from needing to download new articles later.

3. Go to Customization

Many people enjoy customizing their smartphones by installing themes and changing lock screen images, widgets, and more. Unfortunately, sometimes the changes don’t go quite according to plan, and you may want to return to the default theme. Xiaomi phones make it relatively straightforward; navigate to Settings and then Themes before changing them back through either app.

Themes are designed to allow you to customize the appearance and feel of your phone. Available in various styles and colors, pieces can be applied to any home screen or application on any phone running Android OS 5.0+ and beyond. Some articles come preinstalled, while others can be purchased through Google Play or downloaded directly. Furthermore, pieces can be further customized by selecting wallpapers, ringtones, or fonts that suit you best.

Change the theme on your Xiaomi Redmi easily and without hassle by going into the Settings menu and choosing “Themes.” From here, you can either select the default or create your theme – depending on which manufacturer supplied your device; this could include designs for home screen widgets as well as font styles or specific colors used for text messages.

Your Xiaomi phone may already have themes preinstalled for you to personalize it further, but you can add third-party applications that enhance its customization further. For example, using a custom launcher allows you to organize icons onto your home screen in folders or even change its color theme, or you may disable certain features to speed up the performance of your phone.

To customize the theme on your Xiaomi phone, first open up the Themes application and click “Themes.” Next, find a piece you like and select it by tapping “Apply.” For added customization options, click on “Customize” before applying it to your device.

Themes can make your Xiaomi phone truly your own by tailoring its appearance to your taste. From customizing the background and fonts, to improving performance and battery life – themes are an easy and fun way to personalize and personalize your device! However, be mindful that some themes may require too many resources from your system performance, making this option less than optimal.

4. Go to the Theme App

Personalizing your phone by applying themes can be one of the best ways to do it, changing everything from wallpaper and font style to icons. But if your current music no longer suits you or if you decide on switching ones altogether, knowing how to remove it is crucial in keeping things tidy on your device and avoiding issues with apps or features that require it.

Selecting the ideal theme for an Android mobile phone is not difficult at all, making changing its default theme simple and quick. Resetting its initial theme enables you to select icons, font size, and specific colors for SMS texts – giving it a fresh new look while making use of it easier than ever!

To do this, open your phone’s settings application. It is usually found on its home screen and provides various settings, including the lock screen, display, sound and vibration, notification home screen wallpaper, theme, password security, battery performance, additional settings, etc. To select themes, tap them to be taken through a prompt to pick your ideal one

Xiaomi Device Theme App allows users to personalize the look and feel of their phones by customizing icons, wallpapers, and fonts – it is free to download on both Android and iOS platforms!

Smartphone themes can be changed on an as-needed basis, from creating and sharing custom ones to making use of various preset designs available from manufacturers. There is an assortment of themes designed to meet a range of purposes – some require no technical expertise to install, while others might need an expert eye. You may even opt to customize both your home screen and widgets according to personal taste with custom themes.