How to Recharge Airtel Card With Serial Number


Are you in search of ways to reload your Airtel card? Look no further; this article will offer three strategies that will show how.

USSD codes offer Nigeria’s digital world a welcome respite: fast, efficient, and tailored specifically to its citizens.

How to Recharge

Airtel card recharge can be completed quickly by following a few straightforward steps. Your full name, address, and date of birth, along with a serial number for the damaged card, must also be provided, as well as a valid mobile phone number. Your card will then be charged back into your account; after receiving a text message confirming the transaction, use its balance for making calls or buying data bundles!

MyMTN App: Load Your Overscratched Card Now Alternatively, the MyMTN app is another useful MTN self-service tool that makes managing your MTN account simpler. Plus, it is entirely free to download and simple to use!

Use a USSD code to load airtime onto your Airtel card at an ATM quickly. This method is both fast and convenient, enabling you to add airtime for yourself or others rapidly. While not available to all customers, this solution provides another means of loading airtime for yourself or others without access to credit or debit cards. Customers looking for assistance may visit the official company website or call customer care for help locating this USSD code for their card.

Recharge card pins must have 16 digits; anything less is invalid. You can check your balance by dialing *123#, but remember that the PIN is not intended to be your account password and should never be shared with anyone. Furthermore, using one password across multiple accounts should be avoided for increased security purposes.

Know the serial number on a recharge card to identify its user and prevent fraud. Moreover, do not reveal it to unknown individuals until you are sure they won’t harm you in any way.

MTN recharge cards contain seventeen (17)-digit serial numbers, which allow users to determine when they were last used. You can use this serial number as an indication of when the recharge card was first utilized.


Airtel is one of Nigeria’s premier telecommunication companies, established as Econet in 2001. Over time, it has undergone various incarnations and changes, as Zain Nigeria, Celtel Nigeria, Vodacom, and Bharti Airtel called upon it for service before finally being fully acquired by Bharti Airtel in 2010. Airtel services stand out from the competition by offering features such as check balance and data bundle subscription services that make using its services simple and enjoyable – just among many.

Utilizing USSD codes is an effective way of accessing essential account details quickly and conveniently. A USSD session between your mobile phone and the service provider’s USSD application displays menu items and takes user inputs; knowing how to use such codes allows you to take full advantage of all services offered by your telecommunication provider.

Airtel recharge codes come in various forms to accommodate multiple plans. One such code allows users to purchase an airtime package, giving you credit to use for making calls or text messaging; you can also use this code to subscribe to a data plan.

Airtel recharge codes for data bundles differ significantly from regular airtime packages in terms of rules. Specific data bundle codes require minimum purchases while others are free for existing customers – you must understand these distinctions so you can select the optimal option.

Another applicable Airtel recharge code is for their 20X bonus offer. This code gives you double of your airtime while offering an array of other features and is easy to use, working across devices – you can even use this code online when recharging prepaid cards!

Recharging your Airtel prepaid card is an integral part of mobile phone use; without it, you won’t be able to purchase data or make calls. This guide will show you how to quickly recharge it, keeping an eye on how much is left so that you won’t run out of funds before time!

Online Recharge

Airtel provides an online platform that makes recharging your phone quick, simple, and secure. Use it to top up your account or send airtime to friends and family – or take advantage of Airtel Thanks or Airtel website’s attractive rewards and promotions – once logged in, you can select an amount you would like to transfer before choosing a payment method and receiving confirmation that your top-up was successful.

As well as using one of the above-listed methods, you can also recharge your phone using credit cards or bank accounts. With credit cards, log into your Airtel account and follow on-screen instructions to add funds to your phone; alternatively, use an app such as BOSS Revolution from home to recharge it quickly and conveniently.

Share and Sell service provides another option for recharging an Airtel card without spending all your cash at once – it is free, making this an excellent way to stay connected with loved ones. Ask someone close to you to transfer airtime onto your phone, enter the PIN on it, and voila – your balance is instantly replenished – perfect for people without access to large sums of cash yet need to make calls!

When using an Airtel recharge card, be sure to enter the correct PIN. A PIN is a 16-digit serial number that must only ever be entered once; incorrect or incomplete PINs won’t work and could result in charges being added to your account. You can find your PIN by looking at the back of the card or asking the vendor.

Recharging an Airtel phone using USSD codes is quick and straightforward, helping ensure that you keep your line active with minimal recharge charges to avoid disconnection charges or fees. There are various methods of recharge available online, through mobile apps, or physical cards. Online and mobile app options provide convenience, availability, and quick processing times; physical cards may be purchased from stores or retailers and offer availability and discounts; bank USSD codes provide speed and security; however, if any issues arise when using these methods, try troubleshooting by making sure there are sufficient funds in your bank account or digital wallet, moving to an area with better network coverage, or reaching out to customer service for help.

ATM Recharge

An ATM provides the most straightforward and quickest method of recharging an Airtel card. The service is fast and free; provide your card number and the desired balance amount before submitting them for processing; after submitting, you will receive a confirmation message. This method can be incredibly convenient for travelers without access to physical bank branches.

Mobile applications offer another convenient method for loading up your Airtel account: cashback offers and promo codes can all be quickly taken advantage of through them, while they also allow users to check balances and alter plans within seconds. But before opting for this route, take care to consider some essential points.

One issue may be that the mobile app cannot recognize your card; this could be because of similarity in digits or an expired card. To rectify this situation, ensure your PIN has been entered correctly; if this fails to resolve it for you, reach out to the customer support team.

Or you could try purchasing an Airtel card through an ATM – this method offers more convenience and provides six times more value for your money! All that is necessary to use this method is valid photo identification and either a debit or credit card; then, enter the card number and pin before your balance will appear in your account.

Thirdly, another way to recharge your Airtel card is through third-party services like BOSS Revolution’s website. This offers an alternative to Airtel’s USSD code while supporting more mobile carriers – log into your Airtel account, select your page of choice, and follow the onscreen instructions to complete your transaction.

Other methods available for topping up an Airtel account in Nigeria include online banking, credit and debit cards, and mobile apps to recharge phones.