How to Make a Minnie Mouse Cake


Minnie Mouse-themed cakes make the perfect centerpiece to any celebration, featuring an easy buttercream silhouette of Minnie and an inspiration of her pink polka-dot dress in its bottom-tier design.

To create the iconic bow and ears look, use a pizza cutting wheel to cut long black borders. Pre-made red frosting may also work; just be sure to select an ideal shade!


Frosted buttercream cakes make the perfect birthday party choice when planning a Minnie Mouse-themed celebration, as they are easy to create and look gorgeous when decorated. Add fondant bows for an adorable finishing touch! Crazy for Crust has made this beautiful Minnie Mouse cake, which will surely impress guests at your event.

Your Minnie Mouse cake decorations don’t have to be complicated! Use different colors and designs for maximum impact! For an easy choice, try opting for pink and white polka dot decorations; Minnie’s white petticoat design on the bottom tier adds the final touches! Complete it all off by adorning with cute black ears and pink bows!

This Disney-themed birthday cake is ideal for any celebration. Featuring the number one and Minnie Mouse ears, this birthday cake allows you to add your message at the top.

To create the Minnie Mouse cake, you will require several tools and supplies. For the number, a number cutter or pizza cutting wheel may suffice, while you could also use a fondant extruder tool to form long black borders and use food coloring markers to mark tiny white dots.

For detailed cake decorations, if you use a piping bag and star tip. A circle decorating tip may also help with creating eyes and mouth features, as well as adding black polka dots for noses and tongues.

Jaklotz1 has designed an unforgettable two-tier cake featuring Minnie Mouse fans that is sure to become a show-stopper at any red, black, and white-themed celebration! The bottom tier is decorated to look like Minnie’s dress, while the top one boasts pink with white polka dot decorations for maximum impact! Plus, there’s even a delightful Minnie figurine topping off this delicious treat!

To create this Minnie Mouse cake, start with a 9-inch by 13-inch rectangular cake and use a pie tin to cut a small circle from one of its sides – this represents one of Minnie’s ears! Place this cutout onto your cake along with another small process that’s slightly smaller than its first.


Fondant is a sugary confection used to cover and decorate cakes. Its properties make it highly adaptable, from being easily colored with food dyes for intricate patterns to remaining fresh for days, even at room temperature. Fondant makes an attractive backdrop that complements cakes perfectly; it is popular among bakeries as an alternative to buttercream and used professionally on shows such as Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, and Food Network Challenge, among many more!

To create fondant, you will require powdered sugar, corn syrup, glycerine, shortening, and food coloring. For optimal results when making fondant, knead it until very smooth before using a stand mixer with a dough hook – hand mixers will not suffice in this regard. Many cake decorators also add flavoring extracts at this stage.

Add ingredients in their proper order in order to avoid lumps and bumps when mixing fondant. Make sure that color distribution is even and not too dark before adding additional shortening if necessary for more effortless flexibility of fondant. Please remove it from your mixer once the fondant has reached a thick, play dough-like consistency before setting it aside for storage.

Once your fondant is ready for kneading, be sure to coat both your hands and the working surface with a small amount of shortening so it won’t stick to itself or other characters during handling. Also, keep it covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out or hardening of its texture.

Start by rolling out a piece of white fondant until it measures 1/8 inch thick, using the bow template from your template sheet to cut a pink bow from it. Next, using your face template, cut out light beige fondant for the face as well as two black pieces – one each for the nose and mouth – from light beige fondant. Use water to attach both pieces onto Minnie Mouse’s head using adhesive tape; secure all eyes and mouth, too, for best results!

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache is an easy and luxurious frosting or filling to use on any cake, perfect as an accent glaze or to fill the center of it. Made with dark chocolate and heavy cream as its basis, rum can add depth of flavor while giving an eye-catching sheen – ideal for Minnie Mouse cake designs and other themed cakes!

Start by coarsely chopping your chocolate and placing it in a heatproof bowl. Small pieces will melt more evenly with cream; chocolate chips may not do as well since they contain ingredients to maintain their shape, potentially hindering their melting properties in ganache. For optimal results, opt for high-quality baking chocolate for best results.

Warm the cream until just bubbling in a saucepan, taking care not to boil it over. Pour the hot cream onto the chocolate and allow it to stand for at least one minute after pouring; this allows the chocolate to absorb some of the heat from the cream for more consistent melting. Stir frequently until the ganache becomes glossy and smooth.

If you wish to add extracts or liqueurs to the ganache, do so after it has cooled completely; adding them before can cause it to seize up, harden, and appear separated.

Once your ganache has been set, it can be used immediately as either a glaze for your Minnie Mouse cake or as a filling for its center. Refrigerated versions will keep for up to one week; remember to reheat and stir before each use.

Reheating is easy: place the container of ganache in a bowl filled with hot water (whisking vigorously so the ganache does not touch) and whisk vigorously for several minutes, until soft again, and use as you would any frosting or filling product.


This two-tier cake is sure to bring joy and delight to the Minnie Mouse lover in your life! The top tier features chocolate Minnie Mouse ears and a bow, while the bottom layer can be customized by choosing either white polka dots, mouse ears silhouette, or any custom birthday message (add a $5 fee if applicable). A custom birthday message may also be added upon request!

Tools used in making this cake include a number cutter for marking the front of the top tier, a pizza cutting wheel to cut long black fondant strips border, a fine-tipped decorating brush, and American white food coloring to keep mini bows on the bottom level with tiny white polka dots; this 6’+10′ serves 32.

Please place your order 4+ weeks ahead; shipping may incur an additional charge; call for details.