How to Find Reputable Asphalt Companies


It is essential to investigate a company’s reputation to find one that will meet your expectations. When selecting an asphalt provider, look for one with expertise in paving services that utilize superior materials and offer exceptional customer service. Find the best Asphalt Paving Santa Ana.

Profitability in the paving business rests heavily on both labor costs and equipment prices, along with petroleum product costs. Trent Nielsen of Nielsen Blacktopping & Concrete in Kasota, Minnesota, cautions that setting up an asphalt plant is no easy task and should only be undertaken with considerable fortitude.

Job Outlook

With the recent recession rocking job markets worldwide, many job seekers are reconsidering their career options. Many may discover professional asphalt repair as an ideal choice: This hands-on career allows workers to stay active outdoors while providing them with an income source—plus, it makes for an excellent alternative to sitting inside an office cubicle all day.

As cities and towns expand their infrastructure, demand for asphalt paving continues to surge, creating work for skilled construction workers such as asphalt pavers. Not only do contractors require workers who can operate heavy equipment effectively and communicate well, but asphalt pavers must also have good manual labor skills and the ability to operate and communicate with machinery effectively.

Pavement construction and maintenance is a long-term industry, offering workers a chance to earn an attractive annual salary over time. Additionally, this career path provides meaningful work that supports local development initiatives.

Engaging in local career days is one of the best ways to gain exposure to the asphalt industry and showcase employment opportunities within it. AsphaltPro features an executive director from one state asphalt pavement association who discusses how they recruit candidates each month. Jim Purcell from the New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association will participate in a career fair with Mercer County at the end of November, where he will present all types of positions available within his industry and provide financial and training support assistance to career fair attendees.

Education and training requirements

When hiring an asphalt company, you must examine their education and training requirements. Information such as certifications, qualifications, and licenses should be easily available on their website; check references or reviews online to get an idea of their level of professionalism.

Professional associations such as AI, NCAT, and NICET provide asphalt inspector certification. State DOTs may also impose requirements on industry professionals, but these certifications don’t necessarily indicate any particular degree or background knowledge in asphalt materials and paving practices.

Paving Professional Workshop (PPW) aims to increase asphalt plant efficiency and productivity. The course can either be held live in a classroom or as a web-based course, allowing users to learn at their own pace online. At the completion of each course, participants receive a comprehensive manual that contains current industry processes and procedures, as well as training in production/plant controls, compaction/paving techniques, quality control/quality assurance in the field, and pavement maintenance practices.

Another effective method for finding an asphalt company is asking friends and neighbors for referrals. Real estate agents also often have lists of trusted paving contractors stored away in their address books – this will save time and money when searching for someone to work on your driveway or parking lot.


Asphalt may offer you an exciting career opportunity with good pay and health benefits, making an impactful contribution to the community while making money! Asphalt workers enjoy seeing first-hand how their hard work pays off by maintaining roads for transportation or parking lot needs in local businesses and families – in turn, providing satisfaction as they witness the results of their labor!

While asphalt paving might seem like manual labor, its reality is much broader. You could become a quality control engineer, heavy equipment operator, or foreman—each position requiring training and experience but offering lucrative salaries. Gray & Son prides itself on providing employees with opportunities to grow within their organizations.

Asphalt paving companies offer competitive pay and other benefits, including health insurance and retirement opportunities. These benefits can help you take care of your family and provide peace of mind, knowing your future is secure. Plus, working locally offers excellent opportunities for raising children!

Work environment

Asphalt paving is a highly secure construction industry that provides ample job security. Roads and parking lots will always need building, providing asphalt paving companies with jobs for years. Asphalt paving companies make great employment options for those with a passion for learning how to lay asphalt pavement. There are various positions within this field, such as overseeing the production of liquid aggregates that form pavement mixes, truck drivers who transport raw materials, and workers using machinery to lay it.

Are You Seeking a Career in the Asphalt Paving Industry? Prospective asphalt paving employees should conduct extensive research before making their final choice. When searching for an employer with experience and a solid track record, it’s essential that they read customer reviews and any negative responses received from previous clients and monitor how each company responds.

If you are seeking employment in the asphalt industry, it is essential to assess whether the company provides a safe and healthy work environment. Verify whether they have a comprehensive safety plan in place that adheres to local, state, and federal regulations regarding working conditions. Furthermore, check whether their employee pay rates are comparable – some asphalt paving firms offer competitive salaries while others do not.