How to Change Battery in Key Fob


Your key fob sends signals to your car that allow you to lock, unlock and start it. However, its operation requires batteries which can eventually run down.

Find replacement batteries at general stores, hardware stores and auto parts chains for $10 or less. They’re also widely available online from many retailers.

Removing the Fob

A key fob is an electronic handheld device used to lock and unlock vehicles as well as transmitting a signal to their computer, allowing for remote starting capabilities (just one of its many hidden uses!). It is powered by batteries; when they die out the key fob may cease functioning; however it’s easy enough to replace its power source so as to restore normal functionality of this useful gadget.

As part of changing a battery, opening your fob is the first step. This can usually be accomplished using strong fingernails; alternatively, use a flat head screwdriver covered in tape to avoid damaging its plastic shell. Pry open several locations around your fob to prevent accidental breakages from occurring.

Once the fob is opened, you should see a green rectangle that contains both the circuit board and battery. Carefully unplug your old battery before replacing it with one of similar type and size – be sure to take note of battery name and size during shopping so you know it will fit properly!

Most key fob batteries are CR2032s and can usually be found at grocery stores or big-box retailers, although it would be wise to consult your owner’s manual as there may be specific brands needed for your model.

Once the battery has been replaced, place the circuit board back over it so its name is visible, snap both parts together, ensure everything is covered, then test your key fob to see if everything is functioning as intended. If not, contact a Toyota dealership nearby as our service professionals may need to check further into its functioning or may recommend another way of replacing it if need be.

Inserting the New Battery

Not having access to your car after trying to unlock it with the key fob can be very irritating. Sometimes this happens because the battery in it has died; luckily there is an easy fix!

If you aren’t sure which battery your car requires, first refer to its owner’s manual or search online for its model number. Once found, purchase one with comparable size and brand. Finally, follow these steps on how to change out its key fob battery.

Before beginning, use a screwdriver or similar instrument to carefully pry apart both sides of your key fob, taking care not to damage any components within. If you’re having difficulty, try inserting thin items such as paperclips into any small slots in which your key fits into its case. Once open, take a photo or make note of how the battery is situated so it can be placed again without issue – most key fobs use button cell batteries like those found on coins which are available through brands like Duracell and Energizer.

Once the old battery has been taken out, use caution when installing the new one. Carefully slide the new battery into its holder or clip, making sure that its orientation is correct before pressing or snapping back together the halves of your fob.

Once reassembled, it is time to test out your key fob and ensure its lock/unlock and start buttons are working as expected. If not, replace the battery accordingly; otherwise if everything seems fine – that means your fob is working as intended! If any further issues arise with your key fob contact Yong’s Toyota so one of our service specialists can look over it immediately – we’ll have your car driving again quickly!

Reassembling the Fob

Modern cars feature key fobs or remotes that use wireless signals to control various functions within them, including battery power consumption. Over time, these batteries may become depleted and eventually need replacing so your car starts functioning again. There are simple steps you can follow to replace them quickly so your car begins running smoothly once more.

Most key fobs contain buttons you press to unlock or open your vehicle or trunk, which activate a chip and antenna to transmit frequency. But they cannot work without power provided by batteries installed within their plastic casing – should your batteries run low, or you lose one, replacement is simple and you’ll soon be driving again.

As your first step, the first step should be finding the appropriate battery. Your owner’s manual or online research should provide this information; once you have located this type of battery for your model and year of a fob you should find an opening in which you can install it into and snap together its two pieces.

By using a flat screwdriver or even your fingernail, pry apart both sides of the fob’s seam from its base to its middle using both tools. Care should be taken not to damage either its interior or exterior if this process results in any irreparable harm – as doing so could render your fob useless and require replacement altogether.

Next, use an edge of a key to wedge its top into the gap at the center of the exposed top of a key fob and apply pressure, twisting to apply tension until pressure has been applied by twisting back out again – this should separate into two pieces – front and back.

Locate the battery, usually silver and coin-shaped with plus and minus signs embossed on it. Carefully slot a new battery into its slot in the same orientation as before – once done, put together both pieces of your fob and test all buttons near your car to see if everything still functions as intended.

Testing the Fob

Key fobs provide many useful functions, from unlocking doors and trunks, opening trunk or liftgates and starting the car to accessing an access control system remotely. Unfortunately, their batteries wear out over time, meaning you must replace it yourself at some point – which fortunately doesn’t need to be an arduous process or expense! Changing out battery is relatively inexpensive and simple process.

Key fobs typically feature small buttons that transmit radio waves directly into a vehicle’s receiver, activating an antennae chip to unlock doors and trunk, open liftgate or tailgates and sometimes even start engines.

Change the battery in your key fob can be straightforward, though you will need to learn how to open your key fob in order to do it. Prying may be required; but sometimes small flat screwdrivers work just as well. Once the inner key blade has been detached (which looks similar to a silver coin), simply replace with new button cell battery before snapping it back together again.

Before buying a battery for your key fob, be sure to read its manual or speak with a Toyota dealer regarding what type of battery is necessary. In addition, take note of its shape and markings so you can purchase an exact replacement that matches up properly – popular brands include Panasonic, Energizer and Duracell batteries.

Once you’ve installed the new battery, it is wise to test the key fob before replacing it into its location. Press its buttons to ensure they function as intended before gently snapping together its two halves.

An unexpectedly dead key fob can be an enormously frustrating inconvenience, but you don’t have to let it ruin your day. Replacing its battery can be quick and affordable solution you can complete yourself within minutes – visit Blain’s Farm & Fleet automotive department for button cell batteries as well as instructions on how to switch out fob batteries in your car.