How to Change About Me on Roblox


Roblox is a widely popular online game platform that lets users customize themselves from head to toe. Due to this popularity, some major brands have even created experiences on Roblox for their audiences.

Roblox allows users to change their display name by using an edit icon located next to their username, however this process will cost 100 Robux.

About Me page

Roblox offers its players an About Me page that allows them to add details about themselves on the platform. This feature makes your profile stand out among its other users and you can edit this information in just a few steps – first login into your account; once done click on the image icon at the left side of your homepage and select “Avatar”.

On the next screen, you must create an avatar that best represents who you are. Roblox offers many choices for avatars such as clothing and accessories to better express who you are; you can even purchase new Emotes that show how your character feels or poses. Once finished customizing their look, click “Save” button to save their changes and complete their transformations.

To change your about me on Roblox, you will require the latest version of the Roblox app on both Android and iOS devices. After logging in, tap on the image icon on the left of your home screen, choose Avatars from the drop-down list, select one and customize its Emotes, position adjustments or zooming capabilities as you please.

Roblox offers another way of updating your profile: the app settings menu. This can be reached by tapping on the roblox icon on your mobile phone’s home screen and opening up the app; once open, simply navigate to “Profile” tab to access your personal settings.

Once you have modified your About Me page, the app allows you to report other users or games for abuse. This feature sends a message directly to Roblox support team who then investigate the situation further if needed; should any rule violations occur their account may be suspended or banned accordingly.

Change your name

Roblox allows users to express themselves however they please by customizing their avatar and choosing an eye-catching name that represents them in an entertaining way. Switching names on Roblox website is easy and fast; however, your new one may take time before becoming active in-game. Furthermore, you can modify your personal blurb for other players viewing your profile page in-game.

To change your username, first log into your account and click on the gear icon at the top of the screen to access your settings page. On the left you’ll see a link to your account details; click this and scroll down until you reach “Display Name”. Here, use pencil icon to edit it – only requirement being it must contain between three and 20 characters long, no vulgar or hateful material and unique to your account.

To change your username, you will first require an email address associated with your account if one doesn’t already exist. After creating an email address and changing it accordingly, follow these steps to change your display name – once done you can resume playing Roblox!

If your account contains plenty of Robux, they can be used to purchase a new nickname quickly – though please keep in mind it may take several days until your new moniker will appear to all players in-game. Alternatively, an unlimited supply of Robux allows instant purchases.

Roblox stands out among online gaming platforms by permitting free name changes that comply with community guidelines; however, you are only allowed one name change every seven days; any more dramatic altercations requires payment of 1000 Robux; this expense should be carefully considered when selecting your new display name.

Change your email address

If you recently changed your email address on Roblox, it’s essential that it works. Otherwise, it could prevent accessing your account – in such instances reach out to Roblox Support team for help with the matter.

Roblox makes changing an email address easy! Simply navigate to the Settings menu, click “Account Info”, and then “Edit Profile”. However, in order to change it successfully you will require a valid email address as well as information that allows you to click the “Edit” button and enter a new one before verifying it with a password.

Even without an email address, it’s still possible to sign in using a username and password. In order to do this, however, it’s necessary for you to know both – easily retrieved if you’ve previously made purchases through Roblox; alternatively you may search the site to locate your username.

Roblox allows users to change their profile name. This feature can help create an avatar or be more individualistic; choose from among a limited list of names and even update your birthdate! Please keep in mind that swearing is prohibited on Roblox so if necessary use a censored name.

No matter which name you select for yourself, it is wise to keep both your username and password confidential at all times. Sharing this information could lead to unwarranted activity within your account settings as well as changes that compromise its integrity. To protect yourself further from potential threats to your information security, enable two-factor authentication for your email account.

Roblox accounts that are no longer active aren’t automatically deleted, but you may request for them to be taken down if there has been a violation of Terms of Service or Community rules, or have been inactive for over two years. In certain instances, legal proceedings may prompt Roblox to delete an account as well.

Change your password

If you own an account on Roblox and need to change your password, the app on Android or iPhone makes the process simple. Just select the “Forget Username or Password” link on the login page and follow its on-screen instructions – providing either your email address or phone number will verify who you are before clicking “Verify.” If any issues arise with accessing your password or providing it correctly then contact Customer Support with details on what your issue is.

Roblox recommends creating a password that meets its guidelines for strength and complexity – a minimum of eight characters featuring uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols – when creating new passwords for accounts on their platform. In addition, ensure your new password doesn’t associate itself with any other accounts on your computer or device, otherwise someone could easily unlock those other accounts should they find yours hidden somewhere safe such as an encrypted folder or on paper notepads.

Roblox password changes can be completed via both online and mobile applications. To change it on mobile, all that’s needed to change it is having a current username and password for your account, log onto the mobile application with that account details, then enter in your new email address before creating and validating a new password and confirming it.

Roblox for mobile has many similarities to its desktop version, with some additional steps involved. First you must log in and open the menu; from here you can either sign in using your Xbox Gamertag or username; once this has been accomplished click on the settings icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen to change both name and password.

If you don’t remember either your password or username, don’t fret; Roblox website allows for recovery even without these pieces of information. They will ask for billing details in order to prove ownership and access. Please be patient as this process could take a few days before access is given back into your account – be patient!