How to Cancel HBO Max


If you no longer wish to subscribe to HBO Max, various methods are available for canceling your subscription. Your choice will depend on how and where your initial account was set up.

Step one in managing subscriptions with your billing provider involves visiting their website, searching for the Subscriptions section, and clicking Manage.

How to cancel HBO Max on Amazon Prime

HBO Max is a well-loved streaming service with an impressive library of movies, TV shows, and other content to stream for streaming at home. However, the subscription can become costly over time, and sometimes people decide that they no longer want to subscribe; whether it’s the price point or just wanting something different, canceling is easy – here is our guide on withdrawing HBO Max on the website, iOS devices, Android phones Roku devices!

Step one is to log into your HBO account. Once logged in, click on the Profile icon (it should be at the top of the page) and then on “Billing Information,” which will take you to a purple-ish page with all your account details in one column and a “Manage Subscription” oblong button in another.

Click “Manage Subscription” and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your HBO Max subscription. Remember, if you subscribed through a third-party provider like Hulu, YouTube TV, AT&T, or Roku, you must contact them directly to cancel it.

Once you’ve canceled your HBO Max subscription, the app and library can still be used freely; if you’re unhappy with their service, it’s advisable to cancel before your next billing cycle starts, or else they will charge you again for the next month.

Note that cancellation steps and deadlines vary depending on who bills you for the service; to find out who this is, consult your bank statement or mobile TV provider. To make the process less cumbersome, log into your account at least a few days before your next billing cycle starts to give yourself enough time to find a service that better meets your needs – plus keep your device charged up so as not to miss any episodes of your favorite shows! Your account will also run smoothly when it’s time for a change! Good luck!

How to cancel HBO Max on Apple TV

If you signed up for HBO Max through iTunes, canceling it can be accomplished by going to App Store Subscriptions and View My Account. Log into your Apple ID if asked; once in, look for the “HBO Max” subscription in the list and select Manage. You should then be able to cancel and note its expiration date and receive both an on-screen confirmation and email notifications of this action being taken by Apple.

If you want to cancel HBO Max on a smartphone, open the app and tap its profile icon on the home page. This will open up its “Settings” menu – represented by a gear-shaped icon on the top-left. Here, you can select Billing Information as well as who provides your service provider before tapping “Cancel Subscription,” which will prompt an optional step in which they ask why their subscription should be canceled (for instance, “I no longer wish to watch Studio Ghibli any longer”). This step may or may not take place, depending on personal choice!

As it works on mobile apps, canceling HBO Max on a computer involves logging in using your credentials and visiting their website. Select your profile icon in the upper-right-hand corner and click Settings, followed by Billing Information, then Manage Subscription, before looking up your provider and following their instructions to cancel it.

HBO Max can be canceled through your cable provider’s website or by calling. Hulu also makes it possible to cancel HBO Max subscriptions; log in with your account details, click the profile icon in the upper-right corner, choose Settings, then Subscription, search for and find your HBO Max add-on, then click “X” to end the subscription.

If you cancel before your billing date, streaming should continue uninterrupted until your current paid cycle ends. If you want to keep using it afterward, reactivate it at your next billing date.

How to cancel HBO Max on Android

HBO Max is a streaming service offering movies and television shows from studios such as HBO, Warner Bros, and DC Comics. Available on multiple devices like computers, tablets, and phones, popular series, including those from HBO, Warner Bros, DC Comics, and more, are featured here. If you no longer wish to subscribe to this service, you can cancel anytime through their app, website, or directly with the cable provider. Please be aware that simply uninstalling/deleting the app does not necessarily cancel the subscription; don’t hesitate to contact them directly, as they must cancel prior.

To cancel HBO Max, the first step should be logging in and selecting the “Profile” icon on the homepage. From here, navigate to the Settings / Manage Subscription option, where you can cancel the subscription and specify when it ends – once canceled, you will no longer have access to HBO content.

If you signed up for HBO Max through Hulu Plus Live TV or YouTube TV, canceling is similar. Simply log in to your account on their website and navigate to Subscriptions > Manage Add-Ons or similar. Click this option and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel it.

Mac users looking to cancel HBO Max can follow these easy steps. First, open the HBO Max app and log in using your account details. Next, click on your profile icon, followed by the Settings icon, and finally, the Subscription option in the settings menu – here, scroll down until you find the “Cancel Subscription” button and cancel immediately before your next billing cycle occurs if desired; otherwise, another month will be charged accordingly.

How to cancel HBO Max on Roku

HBO Max is a streaming service offering movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other forms of content. If you no longer wish to use it, canceling your subscription can be done either through your Roku device or online – though if your billing cycle has already closed, you may continue streaming until then. To cancel, log on to the HBO Max website, then navigate to Profile > Billing Information before selecting Manage Subscription.

Cancelling HBO Max on Roku is relatively simple and only takes a few steps. First, sign in to your Roku account using any internet browser and enter your email address and password to access their website. Next, navigate to the “Profile” icon > Manage Subscription > Cancel Subscription and follow further prompts until confirmed cancellation occurs.

Once logged in to your account, click the “Profile” tab to review and manage your HBO Max subscription. You may be asked for additional feedback or provide information regarding your experience – this step is optional but should only be undertaken if it feels right to do so.

Once you click “Manage Subscription,” your current subscriptions will appear, with HBO Max as one. Select it, and click on “Cancel Subscription”; this will cancel it and close your account. After doing so, Roku will e-mail confirmation that your subscription has been successfully canceled.

If you’re still uncertain if canceling your subscription is right for you, keep this in mind: There are other services to test before committing. Also, remember that if you cancel within one or two days before your next bill due date, no charges will apply to that month’s subscription bill.