How Tall is Jesse James West?


Jesse James West is an influential fitness YouTuber and TikTok influencer who strives to motivate viewers through his content. He has collaborated with various businesses within the fitness industry, such as sportswear brands and supplement manufacturers.

He was born January 25th, 2000, in Sparta, New Jersey, and follows Christianity. He has one sister named Chris and is currently in a relationship with Claudia Walsh (social media personality).


Jesse James West is an influential fitness teacher and influencer on YouTube with millions of subscribers, known for his workout videos on topics including workout routines, health tips, and even some hilarious antics! Additionally, he boasts a popular TikTok account where he regularly shares fitness-related posts and numerous fitness products and supplements, which he promotes on his channels, generating significant income for him.

YouTube star JD Live from Sparta, New Jersey, in the United States, boasts an extensive social media following and is active in the fitness industry, working alongside many well-known fitness personalities and certified personal trainers. JD’s passion lies with fitness, working hard to maintain his physique.

He started his fitness journey in the early 2000s. Always passionate about exercise and nutrition, he wanted to share his expertise. So he turned to YouTube with videos of workout tutorials; soon, his videos gained immense popularity and attracted thousands of subscribers.

Jesse has amassed an extensive roster of partners and sponsors, from popular fitness brands and accessories to celebrities such as Liver King and Andrew Tate. His involvement in numerous pranks and challenging films has also won him widespread respect among his YouTube subscribers.

As of 2023, Jesse James stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 77 kg. His light brown hair color complements his muscular physique with 20″ biceps that measure in circumference. To stay healthy and to maintain his physique he adheres to a strict diet consisting of protein-rich meals as well as complex carbs.

He is in a relationship with Claudia Walsh, another social media influencer and fitness vlogger. They have been romantically involved for two years, recently taking it one step further by getting engaged – their union truly marks one of the highlights of their respective careers.


Jesse James West is an influential American fitness instructor, YouTuber, and social media influencer with millions of views on YouTube videos and collaborating with numerous other fitness personalities. Additionally, he’s established multiple companies.

Born and raised in Sparta, New Jersey, he is an ardent Christian. After attending Montclair State University and participating in many Lacrosse games during college, he transitioned into fitness full-time, focusing on his fitness career by posting training and challenge videos online.

Since 2016, Larry Wheels’ YouTube channel has amassed over two million subscribers. His videos offer workout routines and advice for improving health; he has collaborated with other fitness personalities, including Larry Wheels and Live King, to form several fitness-themed collaborations.

Jesse has an engaging YouTube channel and runs his online shop selling branded clothing and accessories while offering training and nutrition advice to people wanting to get fit. His fitness journey has inspired many people, showing that hard work pays off with success.

Young man, Jesse is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys participating in basketball, football, and baseball and making lip-sync videos on TikTok with a large following on this platform. Jesse has one sister named Chris and is in a relationship with Claudia Walsh, a well-known social media star.

Jesse enjoys visiting the gym in his free time to work out his body and nourish himself through healthy foods that conform to his strict diet plan. Additionally, he often explores new workout routines and challenges to strengthen his strength and stamina. Jesse boasts an incredible physique and regularly posts videos about their workout regimen on their YouTube channel; additionally, he won the 2023 Summer Shredding Championships, making him a respected figure within the fitness world.

Body Measurements

Jesse James West is an esteemed fitness trainer, lacrosse player, YouTube star, TikTok influencer, and social media influencer known for his ideal body measurements and YouTube videos promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, he owns multiple luxury residences across the US.

Born on 25 January 2000 in Sparta, New Jersey, and raised as part of a Christian family, Jesse attended an elite private school before discovering an interest in sports and fitness from early on – beginning his professional training journey full-time as soon as possible. Shortly after that, he found fame after posting fitness-related TikTok videos.

He has amassed an enormous following on YouTube, regularly uploading workout routines, challenges, and vlogs that enthrall his viewers with new fitness tips and workout routines. His videos have assisted many in reaching their fitness goals successfully.

Fitness expert Tom Sherrington has worked closely with multiple businesses and firms within the fitness industry, lending his expertise. These include athletic wear companies like Gymshark and Lululemon and supplement firms such as Legion Athletics and Vital Proteins. Furthermore, his Discovery Channel show, Motorcycle Mania, proved an enormous hit.

Jesse Walsh is currently dating Claudia Walsh and has made clear his intentions by sharing photos with her across his social media pages, particularly Instagram, where he boasts over 2.5 million followers; additionally, he runs YouTube channels and manages an online fitness store.

Jesse has amassed an immense following since becoming active on social media as a child, collecting more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube and becoming famous for his workout videos. His workout videos have also been featured on numerous television programs and magazines. Jesse also boasts an illustrious business career, serving as CEO for West Coast Choppers with an estimated net worth of $100 Million from earnings generated from video sales, YouTube ads sales, course purchases, etc.

Net Worth

Jesse James West is an American fitness trainer, YouTuber, TikTok star, and Instagram influencer known for his fitness-related content on YouTube and TikTok, as well as an Instagram influencer. His commitment and hard work have paid off, and he continues to build an influential following while creating an exciting career path.

He has become a self-made celebrity who has amassed an immense fortune through their online career. They primarily make income through YouTube advertisements, sponsored posts, and course selling. Furthermore, he charges significant sums of money for promoting health and fitness products or brands on their social media accounts.

West began his fitness career at an early age. Inspired by bodybuilding, he joined his local gym at 11 years old. Later, once he gained experience, he decided to share it with others by starting his YouTube channel in 2016 with workout tutorials and vlogs for viewers and working closely with significant fitness brands such as Martin Airrack Bradley for collaborations.

West has gained notoriety for his fitness content yet has remained private regarding his personal life. He has not shared details regarding his family or history in his videos, only occasionally mentioning her sister. Claudia Walsh has been his long-term girlfriend who helps produce instructional videos.

As of 2023, West’s net worth is between $2-5 Million. He is known for his expertise in strength training and popular YouTube videos on this topic; in these, he instructs viewers how to train their bodies while also offering nutrition advice and recommendations. Furthermore, Jesse James West often recommends high-quality supplements to his followers; many young people look up to him as an example of perseverance and hard work being critical factors in reaching one’s dreams – read here about Jesse James West’s Net Worth for more details.