How Many of Me?


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How Many of Me is an online platform that allows users to enter any name they want and receive statistics regarding how many people in the US share that name and information regarding popularity in different countries worldwide. One of the first of this type of service, How Many of Me, has become widely popular since user err_mate used its stats as reaction image memes on Reddit in 2019. A free alternative called Behind the Name dives deeper into its origin and history while providing more insights about specific variants.


Flanker searches for mobile elements (MGEs) in contiguous sequences assembled using assembly tools such as TETyper or MEFinder and produces two output files; predicted MGEs with quality metrics are written to a CSV file while their nucleotide sequence is written out to a FASTA file. Flankers can significantly outpace these tools when analyzing 500 and 5000 base pairs upstream flanks of the line.

However, unlike TETyper, Flanker lacked structural resolution and could not classify Tn4401 flanks for one isolate.