Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund


Franklin Templeton is a mutual fund company known for their many different kinds of funds, especially bond investments under the Franklin and Templeton brands.

INDmoney offers an easy and accessible way for investors to invest in Franklin mutual funds with its SIP facility, enabling regular investments at regular intervals.

Equity Fund Manager

Franklin Templeton Investment Management Company of New York was established by Rupert H. Johnson in 1947 while operating a retail brokerage firm out of downtown Manhattan. Rupert named the firm after American polymath Benjamin Franklin who advocated fiscal prudence. Since its creation, the assets under management at Franklin Templeton have skyrocketed to over US$40 billion while it owns and operates several mutual funds.

Franklin Templeton provides investors with a selection of products for investing, such as equity mutual funds and bond funds that offer short- and long-term returns. Investors can invest through systematic investment plans (SIPs) or one-off lump sum payments; their experienced fund managers can guide investors through all aspects of stock market investing.

Franklin Templeton offers one of the most acclaimed equity funds; Franklin India Focused Equity Fund. Ajay Argal, who has over 25 years of experience managing Indian equities as part of Barings Hong Kong and Aditya Birla Mutual Fund’s staff, oversees this scheme as Fund Manager. Ajay has an eye for market trends and can quickly identify high-potential shares while looking for discounted, undervalued stocks which lower risk factors.

Franklin Templeton Hybrid Funds are another popular offering from this company. These hybrid mutual funds invest in equity and debt instruments to maximize capital appreciation while providing steady income through debt mutual funds, providing diversification benefits with long-term returns. This product may be particularly suitable for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios while increasing long-term returns.

Franklin Templeton funds employ a mean price method for determining their net asset values (NAVs), using an average of bid and ask prices. NAV calculations take place daily at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time or, in cases of national holidays or weekends closure, on the next business day.

Fixed Income Fund Manager

Franklin Templeton offers more than equity management. They also specialize in fixed-income and money market funds, offering domestic and international bond funds under their Franklin Templeton brand and mutual series and fiduciary mutual fund products under these names. Franklin Templeton can even manage funds on behalf of high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Franklin Templeton Investment Team emphasizes research and value investing. Their active management approach and disciplined investment process help investors achieve long-term success. Furthermore, their goal is to deliver excellent customer service that ensures seamless client experiences.

Selecting the appropriate Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund Scheme is crucial to your financial success. Consider your risk tolerance and investment goals when selecting your mutual fund type; additionally, consider investing in tax-advantaged ELSS mutual funds, as these will increase returns significantly.

A SIP is an effective way to begin investing. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows you to buy mutual fund shares at regular intervals without incurring transaction costs, strengthening your portfolio over time and helping keep your plan on track even in volatile markets.

Franklin Templeton Asst Mgmt(IND)Pvt Ltd of India offers investment management and advisory services. Their active and index-based equity, debt, balanced, and bond funds, as well as private client investment advisory services and customized investment solutions, are provided for high-net-worth individuals and institutions.

Rahul Goswami serves as Head of the Fixed Income Group at Franklin Templeton and oversees all the company’s locally managed and distributed debt schemes. With 24 years of experience managing government and corporate bonds and tracking critical economic events, he worked as CIO at ICICI Prudential Asset Management before joining Franklin Templeton.

Global Fund Manager

Franklin Templeton, established in 1947, is an American global investment firm with offices around the globe. Offering mutual funds and other investments through its global network of financial advisors, its goal is to assist people in the world in reaching essential milestones in their lives; its funds provide solutions tailored to meeting retirement planning goals, college savings needs, and income generation needs, among others. Franklin Templeton offers global asset management as well as wealth services.

Investors can invest in the company’s funds by opening an account with a registered broker or financial adviser and selecting from a selection of funds available, setting up regular purchase programs, or automatically reinvesting dividends and capital gains into their nest egg. Some funds cater to individual investors, while others cater more to institutional clients.

Franklin Templeton boasts an established presence in the US with over 40 offices nationwide, an international footprint with expert fund managers, and an expansive global company. Franklin Templeton was named for founder Benjamin Franklin who exemplified thrift and prudent financial practices during his life and career – characteristics this investment firm shares today.

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund AMCs in India have become some of the best performers, managing over Rs. 8000 crore as of December 2016. Their extensive range of mutual fund schemes covers tax-saving plans and growth funds; plus, they boast an experienced team of fund managers in Indian market conditions.

Franklin Templeton Global Solutions Funds plc will begin using the midpoint between bid and ask prices for fixed-income securities and their last traded price to calculate their Net Asset Value (NAV), effective August 28, 2020. This change comes about due to an agreement between Franklin Templeton MF and Karvy Stockbrokers Private Limited – Karvy Stockbrokers provides its distribution platform in India – to make this transition.

The INDmoney online portal provides easy and efficient access to Franklin Templeton funds, offering SIP and lump sum investments. Users can easily compare Franklin Templeton MF schemes before selecting one best suited to meet their financial goals.

Multi-Asset Fund Manager

Franklin Templeton offers multi-asset funds emphasizing risk-adjusted returns that provide investors income and diversification. These funds invest in traditional equity and fixed-income strategies and alternative investments like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and financial derivatives; their portfolio managers also shift risk exposures on behalf of investors to take advantage of opportunities or manage short-term risks.

Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions was established in 1948, and since then, it has become one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies, with approximately $105 billion under management as of August 31, 2020. Their bench of multi-asset experts offers global top-down analysis on asset classes and regions while connecting bottom-up insights from international investment teams within Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions.

Franklin Templeton funds provide investors access to diverse online investments, from pure equity or bond funds. These hybrid funds combine equity and debt instruments for greater returns, to hybrid funds, which combine equity and debt instruments for maximum capital appreciation over the long term. These funds typically offer more excellent stability than pure equity or bond funds while offering the potential for capital appreciation over time.

Mr. Shyamsunder is a Senior Research Analyst for Franklin Templeton and responsible for investigating oil & gas, automobile, and auto ancillaries industries. With over ten years of experience and CFA charter membership, he was previously associated with ICICI Securities and Credit Analysis & Research Ltd.

Several strategic acquisitions spurred growth at the company. In 1992, Templeton Galbraith & Hansberger Ltd. firm provided them access to an expanded selection of international equity funds; two years later, they acquired QS Investors, known for its cutting-edge quantitative factor-based equity allocation research.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) offer the most accessible and affordable way to invest in Franklin Templeton funds. This allows investors to invest small amounts regularly over time – as low as Rs 500 monthly! They make investing accessible for even casual investors.