Easy Street Capital Financing Solutions


Easy Street Capital offers loan programs tailored specifically for the investment real estate business, whether rehabbing properties or buying cash-flowing rentals. Their in-house underwriters and servicers take great pride in making loans on time and hassle-free.

Easy Street is different: their loan product caters explicitly to this hybrid strategy.

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EasyRent is a rental management software designed to assist users with preparing agreements. It features a rental booking form that enables users to enter all the details for a contract and provides flexibility when negotiating with customers. Furthermore, EasyRent supports scanning up to three documents for every agreement; this solution allows users to manage rentals hourly, daily, or weekly.

The company offers its unique value proposition through the 9+3 model, which divides a standard 12-month lease into nine-month rentals to students and three-month short-term rentals at premium rates for holidaymakers. This innovative solution helps landlords increase rent yields while decreasing risks related to vacant properties.

Rental management software features many valuable functions, including an integrated reservation system with QuickBooks that helps travelers save time by eliminating manual data input of accounting details. Furthermore, this tool lets users add personalized messages for every rental booking.


EasyBuild is an automated and reproducible software compilation and installation tool for HPC systems, featuring highly configurable configuration files and environment variables for customization, dry runs, tracing of software installation procedures as they’re executed, and dynamic extension via plugins or hooks to provide functionality as required for building optimized container images.

EasyBuild will check if any modules installed via EasyBuild have already been loaded (it will complain but won’t fail). This is because working in a clean environment is ideal to avoid picking up library dependencies that should not have been downloaded in the first place. Eb-install-all takes some time to run through its steps; once complete, you should see an “eb_out.* file showing “Completed: Installation Ended Successfully.”

Once your temporary EasyBuild installation is up and running, it is time to use it. Although installation can happen anywhere, typically, it should be placed where it will serve as the prefix for software installations; on Mimi, this would typically be /scratch, but other locations, such as your home directory, could also work fine for local buildings.

EasyBuild’s construction ERP solution offers contractors and housebuilders an economical means to manage projects more effectively. System users can track project costs, invoices, cash receipts, and surveyor adjustments, allowing for informed decision-making while optimizing cash flow, improving performance, and managing project profitability and statutory compliance more easily.