Dunwoody College of Technology


Dunwoody College of Technology is a small private technical school established in 1914. It offers its students hands-on instruction that develops practical skills while instilling values such as work ethic and punctuality.

Your best chance at Dunwoody College of Technology lies in receiving strong teacher recommendations and applying before the deadline. In addition, try attending an open house.

Located in Minneapolis

Dunwoody College of Technology is a private technical school in Minneapolis, Minnesota that offers an impressive array of programs in various fields – such as engineering, robotics, design, and architecture. Students at this private technical institution can earn certificates, associate’s, or bachelor’s degrees across several specializations, with hands-on learning being its hallmark for more than 100 years now!

Small classes allow students to form relationships with both instructors and classmates. At the same time, their close ties with industry professionals provide access to standard industry practices and innovations through field trips, internships, and guest speakers. Furthermore, labs, studios, and shops at the school feature tools, equipment, and software used by industries that employ its graduates.

Dunwoody College of Technology not only offers an impressive variety of academics, but it also offers student services like tutoring and career counseling. Furthermore, its financial aid department helps with scholarships and grants, while its student life activities provide ample socialization and cultural interaction opportunities.

The campus of this college is situated in an urban environment and offers on-campus housing to its students. Admission requirements to this institution include having obtained either a high school diploma or GED certificate, an application form, and attending an interview; acceptance to this college comes from all around the world, and tuition costs per year are estimated to be $22,938 for in-state residents and $22,998 for out-of-state residents.

Established in 1914, Dunwoody College is a unique private, non-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. Its approach to hands-on, applied learning embraces The Dunwoody Difference, challenging students to arrive to college determined and graduate destined. Offering certificates, associate’s, and bachelor’s degrees across over 40 engineering, robotics, and design majors.

The college also provides students with unique academic experiences, such as the foundry experience. This project allows students to create aluminum wrenches using 3D printing and sand casting processes – an unforgettable hands-on learning opportunity that helps develop essential teamwork and work ethic skills in real-world situations. Furthermore, the college encourages its students to engage with their communities via student clubs and support services, such as women’s resource centers and childcare facilities.

Offers several-month certificates

Dunwoody College of Technology is a private school offering several-month certificates in automotive design and engineering. This college provides hands-on learning for those interested in entering these industries quickly with higher salaries; their curriculum prioritizes practical training over theory. Furthermore, their small student body and highly qualified faculty create an ideal learning environment.

The school strives to give its students the ability to live fulfilling lives while contributing to society through their professional skills and technical knowledge. Students learn to work safely, efficiently, and effectively through classroom instruction, lab activities, real-world applications, and programs designed to develop interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities.

Students at C.U.F. can select from over 40 certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degrees in automotive technology, business and management, computer technology, construction sciences engineering, and radiologic technology. Furthermore, this school provides numerous online courses. Classes meet on a semester system, and most students enroll part-time.

This school boasts an exceptionally high graduation rate, meaning most graduates find employment after graduation. Tuition and fees are also reasonable, making this school one of the best choices in Texas for students. Their financial aid department is beneficial in offering scholarships and grants for their students.

Our program adheres to industry standards, preparing graduates to use all standard welding methods such as oxygen-fuel and cutting, shielded metal arc, and gas metal tungsten arc welding. With many industries using welding processes for various tasks, this career field can prove extraordinarily fulfilling and lucrative.

Dunwoody College of Technology boasts an average yearly wage for welders at $53,000. It offers an internship program to high school students, enabling over 2,000 individuals to pursue careers as master electricians or contractors.

Offers several-year degrees

Dunwoody College of Technology provides a broad selection of two- and four-year degrees designed to meet employer demands and prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields. Furthermore, students gain an excellent education in arts and sciences as part of its applied approach, which has been at the heart of Dunwoody’s mission since 1914.

Dunwoody College of Technology in 2021 had 2,764 full-time undergraduate programs enrolling 2,764 students; of these, 85% were male, and 15% were female. Of the student body’s makeup was, 72.4% White; 11.1% Hispanic or Latino; 6.7% Asian; 4.5% Black or African American; 0.5% Native American; and 1.2% Two or Multiple Races, and 0.7% from other races attended as well as some from over five different nations with South Korea being most frequently represented among them.

Dunwoody College of Technology graduates earn an average annual salary of 27% above the national average, earning them more than 55k each year upon graduation. The institution is located in Minneapolis and offers certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs that address high-demand industries like IT. Instructors at this non-profit are passionate about their fields and help guide students towards success professionally.

As one of Minnesota’s premier engineering major colleges, entering this school requires an excellent GPA and test scores. Students in the Twin Cities area often opt for this institution, making it one of the premier engineering significant colleges. Applicants should strive for a minimum 2.83 GPA out of 4 to gain admission. When applying, students should also submit letters of recommendation from teachers as part of their application.

Over recent years, the college has recognized its responsibility to be more innovative and responsive to industry changes. Recently, they expanded their offerings by including two online and nationally available bachelor’s degree programs that will begin being offered for completion starting fall 2021.

Dunwoody College classes are kept small to give each student ample individual attention from their professors, especially newcomers to the field who may require additional tools for success.

Offers several-year certificates

Dunwoody College of Technology (DCT), located in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a private technical school that enrolls 1,358 students and boasts an enrollment ratio of 6:1. Approximately 21.0% of its student body are minorities.

DCT was established in 1914 with an innovative focus on hands-on, applied learning, earning it a leading industry reputation for student success. DCT provides certificate, associate degree, and bachelor’s completion programs in several majors, such as automotive engineering, computer science, design & architecture, construction sciences manufacturing radiologic technology.

DCT also offers its students many academic and non-academic facilities and services, such as a library, housing, study abroad/exchange programs, and online courses. Furthermore, there are clubs/activities which provide social opportunities.

The College offers several scholarships and grants to help cover tuition costs for its students, with some available specifically to those meeting specific criteria such as meeting minimum grade point average thresholds or representing particular groups such as women or those with disabilities. Furthermore, career counseling services assist graduates in finding employment after graduation.

DCT stands out from the competition by having an enviable student-to-faculty ratio, much lower than the national average of 15:1, meaning students receive personalized attention from teachers compared to when considering colleges or universities for admission. This should be taken into consideration when making decisions on where to study next.

Dunwoody College of Technology achieved a freshman retention rate of 68% in 2021 – slightly above the national average of 68%.

DCT is searching for a new President to replace Rich Wagner, who will retire at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year. A successful candidate should possess strong knowledge in applied technical education and demonstrated leadership and collaboration abilities; applicants should submit their resume/CV and a cover letter to apply.