Dental IT Companies For Dental Practices


Many dental practices experience technology issues that negatively affect daily operations and leave patient records exposed, necessitating expert IT guidance that can increase efficiency while protecting data security. The Interesting Info about sdit.

Dental IT companies can provide several advantages over independent IT specialists. Their vendor relationships allow for discounted hardware and software purchase deals; moreover, they possess knowledge about the rapidly developing tech landscape within dentistry.

DPC Technology

DPC Technology provides IT support for a dental laboratory, offering data backup, cybersecurity, hardware/software maintenance, and remote/on-site support services. Their client has found them extremely helpful and knowledgeable; they respond to inquiries quickly and complete projects on schedule. They also help the lab streamline operations and save money by decreasing downtime.

DPC offers its clients a fixed-fee IT model that aligns their interests with those of DPC. For an annual fee, DPC manages, monitors, and supports servers, hardware, software security, and backup, providing 24/7 monitoring and proactive IT support and being their single point of contact.

DPC Technology boasts an exceptional IT infrastructure to support your business needs. They offer 24/7 availability, and their technicians are highly skilled at keeping networks safe and updated. They can also help you find equipment so that you can focus on running core activities for your organization. Plus, their friendly customer service staff are always eager to lend a helping hand!


SurfCT is a dental technology company that specializes in designing and developing cutting-edge systems for doctors and dentists. Their systems aim to streamline business operations, increase patient engagement, and offer peace of mind for healthcare providers. Their partnership with Weave, an industry-leading communication tool for service businesses, will enable SurfCT to help small business owners strengthen their procedures while remaining agile and adaptive to an unpredictable world.

Though dentistry and IT may seem far apart, Paul Vigario and his team are experts at marrying design and technology in ways that elevate doctors’ visions. Their ground-up technology for over 12,000 dental offices speaks for itself—they know what it means to build a system with purpose. Read the Best info about sdit.

Surf CT stands apart from its competition by taking the time to learn about its clients and their needs in order to create life-changing systems that meet them perfectly. Their attention to client care has led them to build such an impressive client list worldwide and lead them into demand as a provider of these services.

Medix Dental IT

Medix Dental IT was established in 2003 as a Midwest-based technology integration and support provider, serving dental practices throughout their area. Specializing in computer integration, cybersecurity, data backup, and HIPAA compliance, as well as managed services like VoIP solutions and managed services, Medix Dental IT offers complete solutions that reduce IT hassles while increasing profitability and patient satisfaction for its clients.

Cyber attacks are ever-evolving, making it nearly impossible to stop them completely. With proper security measures in place, however, dental practices can reduce risks and protect patients’ privacy by mitigating risks with firewalls, endpoint protection software, and virus scanning software, among other things.

A practical cybersecurity assessment is an integral component of running any dental office. By identifying any vulnerabilities that might allow data breaches and ensuring HIPAA regulations compliance, as well as financial loss due to breaches, dental offices must conduct cybersecurity assessments regularly as part of their maintenance efforts, including testing their firewall effectiveness and conducting an overall risk evaluation.

Zenith Dental IT

Zenith Dental IT specializes in IT services tailored specifically for dental practices. Their remote backup solution allows clients to access their data anywhere around the world, giving them peace of mind that no matter what happens, they will always have the ability to run their practice without worry or downtime. This proactive approach minimizes downtime while freeing dental professionals up from technology-related concerns so they can focus on patient care rather than technological concerns.

Dental practices that want to expand without incurring excessive upfront IT investments will find the solutions provided by Cloud Dental Management particularly suitable. Plus, their cloud services comply with HIPAA regulations for enhanced data security.

When selecting an IT services provider for your dental practice or DSO, they must possess an excellent industry reputation. Take time to learn about how they interact with their clients and the feedback from other practices and DSOs—ideally, select a provider with several authentic five-star reviews as an indication. Also, I will explore their service request processes and processes for resolving technical problems. Have the Best information about sdit.

Darkhorse Tech

Darkhorse Tech, located in Ithaca, New York, is an IT provider focused on dental practices. It offers industry-leading support services like data management and HIPAA compliance to dental practices every day, as well as business entrepreneurship training and public relations solutions.

Reuben Kamp is the son of a general dentist in Ithaca and has been exposed to dentistry ever since he was young. Today, Reuben and his company help more than 90 dental start-up practices each year with IT configuration and implementation services.

In addition to working with dental practices, the company specializes in creating digital networks for businesses of any kind, from legal to finance to food and beverage to manufacturing. With more than 750 customers spread out across 48 states and a team composed of highly skilled IT professionals based out of 3300 Vickery Rd Ste A in Syracuse, NY 13212, its headquarters can be found here.

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