Chivas Game Canceled


Fans expecting an exhibition match between Chivas and Club America may be disappointed to learn it was canceled, leaving ticketholders unsatisfied. Fans are demanding answers.

Rongen’s plans of changing Major League Soccer rules on Mexican players were foiled when it turned out the directions were unchanged, and Chivas will only be permitted to recruit 11 TIs next season.

El Super Clasico

Mexico’s two most beloved and successful teams – Club America and Chivas de Guadalajara – share one of the fiercest rivalries in world soccer, El Super Clasico. Club America takes on Chivas de Guadalajara each year for this iconic match-up, which pits bragging rights against each other and standings points in a match known for bragging rights as much as classes increase with wins for either club.

America and Chivas have both struggled this season, with Chivas occupying last place and America on the verge of being relegated from Liga MX into second-tier Liga MX. Furthermore, both teams desperately need wins this weekend to bolster their confidence after they were knocked out of Mexican Cup action earlier in the week by second-tier clubs. A win would give both squads much-needed positivity, as both have been reeling since.

El Sper Clasico is one of the country’s most watched and must-watch matches, featuring some of the greatest players, such as former Mexico internationals Javier Hernandez and Luis Angel Rodrguez as former Mexico team members, making this matchup one of the longest-running rivalries ever seen between teams from either side – since over 70 years! Both sides have won several titles each and deemed this competition to be of immense national significance.

Even though both clubs are currently experiencing difficulties, their rivalry remains intensely fierce. This is partly due to their distinct approaches: Chivas is known as an “equipo del pueblo,” or team for the people, and continues to field only Mexican-born players; America, on the other hand, is widely known for being rich. They field some of the finest players from North and South America.

Matches from this tournament can be seen on Televisa’s Univision and TUDN platforms in the US and streamed on FuboTV, Sling TV, and DIRECTV NOW. In addition, CONCACAF Champions League matches can also be seen on FS1, FS2, Fox Sports Deportes, and Fox Soccer Plus channels.

Chivas Locas

Chivas Locas, the Guadalajara soccer team’s mascot, used to look like this. While goats may only recently be making headlines here in Los Angeles, in Guadalajara, they have long been part of life – appearing in dishes like birria and tacos and as team mascots.

Since a newspaper headline from 1948-49 described them as a downtrodden team who leaped like goats despite losing, this nickname became widely accepted among fans and city alike, ultimately becoming one of Mexico’s most beloved teams.

Chivas play their home matches at Estadio Akron, which opened its doors in 2010. This stadium stands out with its distinctive design; it features a grass mound to support the roof of the arena and offers suite renters, an underground parking lot, and a store, as well as restaurants and museums, within its walls.

Recently, the team has struggled, and last season was incredibly disappointing as they finished only 10th in Torneo Apertura 2021 and failed to qualify for the Russia World Cup, which took place later that year. Jorge Vergara died in 2019, while Amaury Vergara assumed the presidency of his club after him.

Despite their struggles, Chivas remains one of the most beloved clubs in Mexico. They are widely considered traditional and have played in Mexico’s first division for many years – they hold 13 championship titles! This club was first established as Union Football Club in 1906. However, their name was later altered after winning their inaugural professional championship in 1957, and they remain one of the oldest top-tier clubs within the Mexican league system today. Chivas has achieved great success both domestically and internationally. They even briefly held onto a Major League Soccer franchise under their old name of Chivas USA. At present, their record stands at 12 victories to 1 loss.

Chivas USA

Chivas USA is an American professional soccer team competing in Major League Soccer based in Los Angeles, California, and playing out of StubHub Center. Chivas was established as an expansion franchise in 2004 and went all the way to the MLS Cup final in its inaugural year but struggled in subsequent seasons, finishing outside of playoffs six times over ten years, averaging only 8,000 fans per game, far below the league minimum requirements of 10,000 fans per match; eventually, the company decided to force out the business of Chivas.

Chivas USA was mired in controversy and strange incidents during its final season, one of which involved pencils given out before games. Former Chivas USA goalkeeper Tim Melia reported that coach Jorge Chelis instructed players to break their pencils. Still, they refused and threatened that Chelis would cut off any players who did not comply. Many resigned over time.

After an indifferent 2013 season, speculation swirled that the owners might sell their franchise. Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber then made public that MLS would suspend operations of this team temporarily to allow new ownership time to develop it further.

Chivas brought in Nelson Rodriguez, an MLS executive with considerable managerial experience, who took stock of their situation upon arriving. He convened the team members into his office and asked what they needed to do their jobs better; one answer he received from them was fabric softener! That was indicative of their tenuous condition as an organization.

Chivas USA’s inability to attract Latino fans and overreliance on Mexican players led to its demise. Since then, Major League Soccer (MLS) has decided to introduce an expansion franchise in the Los Angeles market while many of Chivas’ star players continue their careers with other MLS clubs.

Luis Martir Jr.

Martir has quickly progressed from being part of the Chivas USA U-20 team to the Mexican national team in under two years, winning matches at Ajuchitan, Santa Fe, Tetela del Rio, Huetamo Tlalchapa Cuautlotitlan. In October alone, he participated in several victories for this squad.

However, he may find it challenging to maintain his spot on the national team. He also belongs to Chivas de Guadalajara’s academy team. One of their rules states that players must identify as Mexican and cannot play for another nation’s national team.

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