Bulleit Old Fashioned RTD


Experience bar-quality cocktails without needing to use a shaker! Created by several celebrated and innovative bartenders to honor Bulleit’s roots in cocktail culture, this ready-to-drink RTD features sweet oak, nutmeg, and light toffee notes from Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey blended with orange bitters for an effortless cocktail experience at home.

Pair this delicious cheesecake with something tart or savory for the best possible pairing of bittersweet and smooth flavors.

What is an Old Fashioned?

Few cocktails are as iconic or well-recognized as the Old Fashioned in terms of cocktails, yet it remains timeless and well-loved by drinkers worldwide. A perfect way to show off your whiskey collection, the Old Fashioned can make for an ideal after-dinner sipper or something more substantial to complement a brisket dry rub – the Old Fashioned will surely impress.

Old Fashioneds get their name from the glass they’re traditionally served in, making this classic drink one of the oldest cocktails ever created and possibly first defined as such by 1806 definition of cocktails as including spirits, sugar, water, and bitters; an Old Fashioned features all four components!

Though its creator is unclear, Old Fashioneds have become one of the world’s favorite whiskey cocktails. Their timeless yet simple recipe combines sweet oak, nutmeg, and light toffee flavors with orange bitters for an irresistibly satisfying sip!

Although this classic cocktail stands on its own, you can personalize it to suit your palate in numerous ways. Use any bourbon you enjoy and experiment with various bitters – Angostura is the most widely known, while chocolate or Dale DeGroff’s pimento bitters might provide something new. Additionally, consider muddling citrus fruits such as lemon or lime instead of using the traditional orange peel for an exotic touch!

An Old Fashioned is all about selecting an excellent whiskey – whether high rye whiskey is recommended for maximum flavor and smoothness. Mix your Old Fashioned with different types of whisky, or add mezcal or rum for something different! Plus, making your clear ice can ensure optimal presentation without those pesky cracks spoiling its aesthetic appeal!

How to Make an Old Fashioned

A timeless classic cocktail, the old-fashioned is an easy whiskey drink composed of bourbon, sugar, water, and bitters – which may have been created in 1806. Since its creation, its popularity has only continued to increase.

While there are various methods for making an Old Fashioned cocktail, most agree the best way is using high-grade bourbon (such as Bulleit) and a large cube of clear ice. Clear ice has the benefit of melting slowly to maintain chillier temperatures for more extended and being easier to sip from and less likely to melt into a pool of water that dilutes your drink.

Step two involves placing a sugar cube doused with Angostura bitters into your whiskey glass and gently mashing or crushing it with a wooden muddler until its surface is coated in fragrant bitters aromas. Ensure not to do this too forcefully; otherwise; your drink could become murky with sedimentary sediments and sediment particles.

After mixing sugar and bitters, add a large cube of clear ice to a glass and pour bourbon over it. Give this drink a good stir to combine before garnishing it with either an orange wedge or maraschino cherry for an irresistibly refreshing treat!

Some may prefer stirring their old-fashioned rather than muddling; however, this results in a highly watered-down drink that quickly becomes out-of-balance. Selecting a high-quality bourbon such as Knob Creek, Woodford Reserve, or Booker’s is crucial for creating an outstanding beverage.

Add water for balance if necessary; however, this step typically isn’t needed when making an outstanding Old Fashioned cocktail. For an extra-smooth Old Fashioned cocktail experience, add one teaspoon of simple syrup for extra smoothness in the mix.

Add an elegant twist to this cocktail by running a fresh orange peel around the inside of the glass before serving, creating an aromatic orange fragrance and an exquisite first-sip experience. Or add cocoa powder for an incredibly decadent treat.

Bulleit Old Fashioned Ingredients

A classic old-fashioned cocktail made with bourbon, sugar, simple syrup, and bitters are known as the Bulleit old-fashioned. Bitters add an aromatic and complex complexity that cuts the sweetness of both ingredients; Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters are popular choices, but experimentation may help find your ideal combination.

If you want a smooth and satisfying old-fashioned experience, use high-quality bourbon in its preparation. Doing so will result in a drink with an enjoyable taste balanced between sweet and bitter notes and less sweetness than some lesser quality options such as vodka. If necessary, use other varieties of bourbon instead, or switch to neutral spirits such as vodka if needed.

Next, place a large cube of ice in your glass. This will chill and dilute the cocktail to achieve excellent balance before muddling all ingredients. Muddling helps bring out all the bitters and sugar flavors while making an old-fashioned more delicious than ever.

Once all the ingredients have been combined, you must garnish your cocktail with an orange peel before serving it. Fresh citrus adds an energizing citrusy aroma while complementing bourbon’s spice notes beautifully.

Bulleit old-fashioned comes in various variations, so experimentation is critical in finding your favorite. Try adding orange juice or substituting honey for sugar; other popular variations of this cocktail include brandy old-fashioned and blood orange old-fashioned.

If you don’t have time to mix your own old-fashioned, there is a more straightforward solution: pre-made bottles from liquor stores can help make things easy. Crafted by professional bartenders using Bulleit bourbon, sugar, and orange bitters, these drinks deliver smooth and flavorful cocktails with notes of sweet oak, nutmeg, and light toffee.

Bulleit Old Fashioned Recipe

Bulleit Bourbon adds a distinct spice to this classic cocktail, creating a well-balanced drink. Its bold flavors complement the sugar’s sweetness and bitterness of orange bitters for an exquisite beverage that calls for garnishing with fresh rosemary to highlight its herbal notes.

If you’re searching for an easy bourbon old-fashioned recipe, this one may be it! All it requires are some essential bar tools and ingredients for this classic cocktail to be ready. Perfectly enjoyable on its own or shared among friends. Additionally, pairing this beverage with food such as smoked meats and cheeses. Or pair it with sweet dark chocolate as an exquisite sweet and savory combo!

Start this recipe by adding one sugar cube and 2-3 dashes of bitters to a mixing glass and using a muddler to break up and release their flavors. If you prefer something less-sweet, skip this step by adding 1/4 to 1/2 oz of simple syrup.

After pouring in your Bulleit Bourbon, mix until well combined. Squeeze in some orange bitters for an added citrus kick! Finally, serve over ice with fresh rosemary sprigs or an orange peel twist as garnish.

Add an unexpected flair to this classic cocktail by creating a smoky simple syrup. Combine equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan, heat until the sugar has completely dissolved, cool, then add a few drops of liquid smoke for additional smoky notes that enhance any cocktail recipe.

Serve this cocktail over ice and garnish it with orange peel, lemon twist, or maraschino cherry to suit your desired aesthetic. The rich bourbon flavors in this drink pair well with many foods, from cured meats and cheeses to desserts like dark chocolate truffles. Its smokey bourbon characteristics can be balanced with spicy snacks such as buffalo wings or jalapeno poppers for optimal enjoyment!