Best Link Level Stage in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


The Dokkan Battle of the Tree of Might Story Event has begun worldwide today and provides excellent Link Leveling Stages!

Players often struggle to identify which stages are optimal for increasing link levels. Each fight in a stamina-consuming step provides the potential for one of their Link Skill abilities to level up, giving players more chances of getting linked groups.

1. Challenge Section

There’s a new go-to stage in DBZ Dokkan Battle for leveling links, which may surprise you! While we previously believed 8-9 and 15-2 to be ideal auto-link leveling stages, new research data from Reddit user Sggifhxfkchkv and Discord user Goku17 has shown us that stages 7-10 offer higher chances of leveling up than any other. With six non-skippable fights that ensure success at leveling, Link up quickly compared to other locations!

Link Skills are powerful stat boosters that activate when two characters line up next to one another in your team lineup. Their effects and chances of starting can be increased by leveling them up; combat is one way of doing this, or you could try using boost items to level them up faster. Each use of boost items has a chance at leveling one character; repeat playing through stages with the same boost will give even better odds at leveling up linked characters!

But other aspects should be considered when identifying an ideal link level stage, including time spent completing steps with given chances and timing constraints. This factor becomes especially evident when battling on Super, as doing so provides twice the opportunities of leveling up Link Skills faster – usually making it worth spending extra effort to complete fast runs as often as possible; in a recent video by YouTuber D-Man, he highlights why challenge section is the optimal location to level up links.

2. Story Event

Link Skills in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle are potency stat boosts that can significantly amplify your team’s damage output, but leveling them up may not always be simple; depending on your squad and fighting manual or auto-map mode, different stages may prove more productive than others in increasing these bonuses.

Reddit user Sggifhxfkchkv has conducted research that indicates a new optimal stage for Link leveling has been found. His report shows that stage 7-10 is optimal because their unmissable battles offer higher chances of increasing Link Skill levels than other stages.

In addition to improved Link leveling rates, this stage provides more balanced difficulty between attacks and defenses – an attractive alternative to previously famous stages 8-9 and 15-2. It will likely remain available until the conclusion of the Raditz Story Event when it will probably be replaced with another option.

No matter the stage you select, remember to utilize the auto-map feature whenever possible, as this will save time and effort. Achieve maximum efficiency through stamina levels upkeep will increase your chances of successfully leveling up Link Skills; accordingly, stay abreast of how high it goes if that is your aim.

3. Area 8

Every fight allows Link to level up in any stage, which explains why locations featuring many fights with no skippable battles tend to be famous for leveling him up. Not just in sheer numbers, but non-skippable actions must also be present!

Due to a recent discovery by Reddit user Sggifhxfkchkv and Discord user Goku17, we now know the answer to “What is the best stage for auto-link leveling?”. Previously famous stages 8-9 and 15-2 have been dethroned by 29-3 as its new champion.

Use boost when farming for links AFK; its presence doubles your chance to level them up! However, given that its use limits the number of fights per stamina recharge. When doing AFK farming, use boost sparingly.

As for which battles to focus on, those in the center of the map are ideal, as these battles feature stronger enemies who may be susceptible to your most potent attacks. Also, make sure to utilize your clones wisely: they’ll save stamina while providing equal leveling results amongst members of your group, giving your clones maximum leveling potential and keeping your team performing optimally when fighting bosses – this way, maximizing your Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle experience.

4. Area 9

When two characters with the same Link Skill activate next to one another, their strength increases exponentially. Before activation can occur, however, Leveling must occur – there are numerous methods of doing this, but one of the more popular ways is “Link grinding.” This involves farming Link levels on stages that do not require stamina for entrance – often called farming Link levels in locations without stamina requirements (also called farming Link levels).

Various stages can help players grind Link levels, each with advantages and disadvantages. Some of the more popular choices for farming Link levels include Stages 8-9 and 15-2, as they contain many battles for ideal Link farming conditions.

These stages feature multiple battles with swift stamina refreshes, allowing you to level up Link Skills quickly and efficiently.

Raditz Story Event offers another good option for leveling up Link Skills: the third stage is considered the ideal venue to raise levels, featuring numerous saibamen battles.

Recently, a new auto link leveling stage known as 28-2 was discovered. Offering multiple guaranteed fights each turn, this auto-leveling stage quickly became one of the best auto-link leveling stages available within DBZ Dokkan Battle – possibly overtaking 7-10 and 8-9 as the premier leveling option.

5. Area 10

To level up Link Skills quickly and easily, the ideal stage would feature many forced battles that increase the chance of raising Link Levels with each fight and as your character levels up – with non-skippable battles having the highest stakes.

There’s often much discussion regarding which stage is ideal for this purpose, with various players favoring locations that require significant stamina, such as 8-9 or 15-2, as some might believe these need more energy to increase link levels evenly across their link chain. Others feel, however, that such stages don’t work as effectively because their stamina usage varies significantly between links.

Using a boost increases the odds of leveling up faster, doubling your stamina cost. Therefore, use it sparingly and only use it if it will help speed up your link quickly.

Time can also play a factor when leveling up links, with too much time at any stage decreasing your odds of progressing in leveling them up. Therefore, you must select locations where it will be easy to level up links quickly.

Dokkan Battle’s most recent update changed how Link Leveling works. Before, Dokkan would only level up your current character who was engaged in combat at that moment; now, Development Okkan will automatically level up any linked character who was fighting at that moment – making leveling faster and more efficient! This development marks an improvement as leveling Link Skills becomes much faster and more effective.