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Atrius Health is an independent healthcare organization serving eastern Massachusetts. An affiliate of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Dedham Medical Associates, and Granite Medical Group. Atrius has an innovative culture where leaders foster an atmosphere of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Atrius Health physicians generate 80% of their revenue via global payments or risk contracts and are actively exploring ways to reduce the in-basket burden and bring joy back into medicine.


MyChart, designed to enhance patient engagement and education, is an online health portal that enables patients to view their medical records, interact with their care team, and request services or access educational resources. As part of Epic’s EHR platform, MyChart’s features will vary between hospitals; St. Rita’s Hospital was one of the first globally to implement MyChart Bedside as an inpatient version in 2013.

Study sample participants found the ability to see laboratory results the most helpful feature. Scheduling/changing appointments came in second, with communication via e-mail being the third most desired feature.

MyChart also allows you to review past visits, including test results and an overview of what occurred during them. In addition, MyChart will enable you to access a list of medications with reminders for taking them, refilling prescriptions, and paying bills online.

MyChart uses Experian as an independent third-party service provider to verify your identity before accessing your account. No information from Experian will be shared with St. Peter’s or its staff members; an instant activation code can be requested.

MyChart provides easy and secure access via Touch ID, Face ID, numeric passcodes, or passwords. Furthermore, you may even link MyChart with another healthcare organization using Epic applications – though what data appears will depend on their policies. Moreover, this service is free. Again, download the MyChart App to your phone for convenient and safe access!

MyHealth Online

MyHealth Online is a state-of-the-art patient portal offering Signature Healthcare members secure access to their medical records. This free tool empowers them to actively participate in their health and communicate directly with physicians and staff members anytime, anywhere. Members can use the MyHealth Portal to access laboratory results, radiology exams, medication lists, visit history records, discharge reports, refill requests, billing statements, and payments.

MyHealth can also be downloaded as a mobile app, providing access to real-time health data. To download, head to your device’s app store and search “HealtheLife.”

Authorized users can also utilize myHealth Online to manage family members’ healthcare by first creating an account and registering. Once registered, authorized users can log in with their username and password to access all functionality of myHealth.

To sign up for MyHealth, head to its official website and click the MyHealthonline Login box. Enter your MyHealthonline Login ID and password before clicking “Connect.” If you are having difficulty signing in, try restarting your computer or switching browsers – Otherwise, reset your password using Forgot ID/Password recovery on their official site; otherwise, if issues continue, contact customer service immediately for help.

Pay As Guest

If you don’t already have an Atrius Health personal account and want to pay your bill online, our Pay As Guest feature makes paying accessible. Just enter your billing account number (found on the upper right side of your paper billing statement) and last name listed there before using a valid credit or debit card as payment method.

Once you create a personal account through MyHealth Online, you will be able to view portions of your medical records and pay balances online. In addition, MyHealth Online also makes it easy to schedule appointments with doctors, communicate with the office regarding non-urgent matters, send renewal requests for prescriptions remotely, and manage appointments with doctors.

Atrius Health’s mission is to deliver high-quality care at an economical price. They prioritize prevention through Population Health Management, managing the site of care (using high-value hospitals where applicable and community-based approaches), optimizing patient encounter costs, and optimizing total expenses as part of Optum, an industry-leading health services company.

Using Guest Pay features, you agree to our BILL Terms of Service and Payment Partners’ terms for any invoice payments initiated via Guest Pay. In particular, for ACH payments, you have signing authority and permission from your bank account, while for card payments, you hold all necessary cards used for making each payment.

Schedule an Appointment

Atrius Health offers tools and features that can assist in efficiently scheduling appointments. For instance, setting specific end times for meetings will help prevent over-scheduling. Furthermore, give yourself extra buffer time in your appointment bookings – for example, if your session will last thirty minutes, consider setting aside sixty minutes just in case any unexpected events arise! This way, you will always leave enough time in case any delays or events unexpected events occur during your meeting.

Atrius Health’s primary care practices have been certified as Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Homes by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Their practices are dedicated to controlling the total cost of care by employing Population Health Management (PHM) and offering timely care delivery through same-day or after-hours appointments.

Once an appointment has been scheduled, a notification is sent out. This typically includes date, time, and meeting location (or virtual call information). It may also contain an ICS file attachment, allowing it to be automatically imported into their calendar. Lastly, it may include a link leading to our check-in website.

Effective appointment management is of utmost importance for any business. Not only does it show your customers and clients that you are organized and professional, but it also ensures they receive the attention they need – this is especially crucial when scheduling medical appointments where people may feel anxious or nervous; having a smooth appointment process will ease these worries and lessen cancellation or missed appointment risk.

Mail Order Prescriptions

Mail-order pharmacies allow patients to conveniently order prescription medication via the mail rather than visiting a physical pharmacy, saving time and money while offering convenient calling online or over the phone. Mail-order pharmacies also make COVID-19 an easy option, providing easy ordering online or by telephone and often offering 90-day medicine supplies!

Mail-order pharmacies can be an excellent way for employers and health systems alike to improve employee satisfaction and retention, save time for employees, increase the number of patients receiving regular preventive care services and adhere to their medication regimen, reduce paperwork errors and data entry errors and save the organization time and effort by streamlining processes.

Atrius Health is a not-for-profit healthcare organization that offers primary care services for adults, children, and adolescents in suburban communities. Members can gain access to their health records online and communicate directly with doctors via email; additionally, it leads to clinical quality measures and electronic health record usage as an Accountable Care Organization that aligns payment with outcomes.

Atrius Health has an outstanding track record of understanding its patient populations and meeting their social, economic, and cultural needs. Their geographical region boasts diverse racial and ethnic makeup, with numerous primary languages spoken across their services region. Beyond traditional medical services offered at Atrius Health’s facilities, Atrius has implemented innovative models of care that address social determinants of health, such as home care services provided by embedded clinicians who specialize in home care/case management responsibilities; in addition, they take pride in adopting emerging technology such as Glooko for remote patient monitoring of diabetes monitoring services.